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Submission + - Chinese Company Threatens to Sue Apple over iPhone 5 Patent (

AstroPhilosopher writes: Probably picking up on the latest in patent lawsuits, a Chinese company used leak photos of the upcoming iPhone 5 to create a knockoff. They then patented the design in China and have threatened to sue Apple for infringement should they attempt to sell the iPhone 5 in China.

Clearly a case of what goes around comes around.

Comment Re:The forgotten generation. (Score 1) 377

It bugs me the way older generations seem to expect young people to stay at home all day, and then think it strange when the go out and do these sort of things. This is a time when people are trying to make a name for themselves and decide who whey will become, people who want to be spineless, worthless stackers will sit at home and watch TV, but there are a lot of people who want more than that for themselves, and when this is the only real option they have, it's what they turn to.

Seriously? Watch TV or commit violent crimes are the only two options? I think there are a LOT of other things kids could be doing with their time.

Submission + - Best Buy to Let Insurance (

An anonymous reader writes: Looking for the best buy to let insurance on the market today? If you are, then there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind when doing so. Of course, it is important to do what you are doing

Submission + - Apple To Turn iPhone Into A Virtual Credit Card (

An anonymous reader writes: Reports are making rounds that Apple is planning to include NFC (Near Field Communication) in the upcoming release of iPad 2 and iPhone 5. NFC technology allows devices to communicate with each other, once they are in proximity “i.e.

Submission + - Why tasting victory makes us human

An anonymous reader writes: What sets humans and computers apart? According to this interview with Brian Christian — the 'most human human' who took part in the Turing Test in 2009, a key facet is our ability to taste the sweet taste of victory.

From the article: "Perhaps the fundamental difference is that while a human player would be disappointed to lose or overjoyed to win, software doesn't have that same drive."

Submission + - Hypocrite Retailers Blasted For HDMI Cable Con ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Australian tech upstart Kogan has stirred the HDMI hornet's nest by accusing UK retailers of duping customers into buying expensive cables for no reason.
It's a stinging attack on UK retailers in general but singles out Curry's and John Lewis for particular attention, offering to send anyone who buys a TV from either of the High Street giants a perfectly serviceable HDMI cable completely free of charge.
Kogan's campaign, entitled 'Cut the Cable Con', says shoppers are being 'tricked by High Street retailers into thinking they need to buy an expensive cable to get the most out of their new high definition TV."


Submission + - Sony refuses to pay for OtherOS removal again (

An anonymous reader writes: Remember the recent good news that Sony should (at least in Finland) pay for OtherOS removal (
While the decisions are merely recommendations, 80% of companies comply with them (, but it seems Sony wants to join the 20% that don't.


Submission + - Apple website hacked (

Hamsterdan writes: After idahc successfully discovered vulnerabilities on an Apple business website, a dump of more than two dozen usernames and hashed passwords appeared on Pastebin — though he claims the data was not posted by him. Access appears to have been gained via a flaw in a survey posted on the Apple Consultants network site that was being served from That server remains offline for the time being, presumably while Apple attempts to batten down the network hatches.

While idahc admits that the situation is “not yet serious,” the breach still means that Apple could find itself scrutinized by the same people who have recently gained entry into dozens of high-profile sites — from PBS and Citibank to just about every Sony site and service imaginable.


Submission + - Sabayon Linux 6 Review (

JimLynch writes: The last time I looked at Sabayon Linux it was up to version 5, this time around it’s version 6. Sabayon Linux is based on Gentoo and, as you may already know, Gentoo has not always been considered the easiest version of desktop Linux for non-technical users to install and use. Sabayon Linux does a pretty good job of making Gentoo available to those who simply want to install and use Gentoo without having to roll their own or otherwise deal with Gentoo’s potential headaches.

Comment Re:seems simple (Score 1) 432

I disagree. The difference is that everything for the iPad works on the iPad. Not everything for the Android works on every Android tablet. I went though this very thought process myself last year. I *wanted* to buy an Android tablet. They're cheaper and an open platform. In the end I went with an iPad because there was no single Android tablet at the time that would "just work". Not having to deal with compatibility headaches was worth the difference in price.

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