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Comment Why do we care that Facebook is doing this? (Score 2) 93

Freespace optical communication has been around for a long, long time. It's a problematic system to use in an atmosphere, since anything and everything can degrade the throughput. So, now we get to use a system the is horribly degraded whenever it's foggy, rains, or birds are flying around? No thank you.

Other systems have shown to achieve 10GB/s, so their test of 2GB/s isn't that revolutionary.

Let's stop the clickbait of *random famous company does something that other people have done before*.

Comment Article Contradicts Study (Score 5, Insightful) 381

This article is a load of crap that contradicts the study's conclusion:

"those subjects maintaining greater weight loss at 6 years also experienced greater concurrent metabolic slowing." ...

"Metabolic adaptation persists over time and is likely a proportional, but incomplete, response to contemporaneous efforts to reduce body weight."

What they're saying is that the body will adapt to the change in calorie intake such that the person can maintain the weight loss. The NYT article makes wild and incompatible conclusions based on this very simple and narrow study.

Comment Re:wow (Score 5, Insightful) 185 strikes me as almost surreal that they are floating the idea that consumers should 'trust them' in their ability to produce this technology safely and bug-free.

Please feel free to name any tech company that can produce bug-free systems. I'll wait.

I would be more worried about getting into a car made by a tech company that is used to a constant cycle of development and patching. A car running software by Adobe or Oracle? You couldn't pay me to drive in that. Even the majority of complaints against recent Ford cars is due to bad software for their Sync system... written by Microsoft. What if every bug in software written by Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. got the media attention of an auto industry recall? We'd be inundated...

You have to remember that 1 recall = 1 bug in the auto industry. What other major industry (besides aerospace) has such a low instance of issues in their products that operate in horrendously harsh environments and temperature ranges are designed to last 10+ years?

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