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Comment Agreed. I've moved on. (Score 2, Interesting) 250

I used to be a C/C++ dev, and wrote a lot of COM objects for the financial space back in the day. The ten different ways to cast something was becoming a pain to deal with.
I was tasked to evaluate .NET/C# for my company in about 2001, liked what I saw and moved over to C# with a short stint in Java along the way, and I have NEVER looked back. Writing LOB applications is all about delivering functionality for the end user. In C# I've designed the most, developed the most and maintained the most applications I've ever managed to do in my 30 year career in software development.
Beautiful generics, LINQ, clean looking code, interoperability with legacy code, ultra-rich APIs and a rock-solid dev environment, ECMA-standardised are clear winners for me and C#.
A greybeard trying to breathe new life onto a now 30 year old language he put together doesn't surprise me, but C++ is never going to get the attention it once had. Sorry Bjarne, I saw it all before with Bertrand Meyer trying his darndest to keep Eiffel relevant. Same thing's happening with your baby, sorrry to say.

Comment DAB portable radios have high power usage (Score 3, Informative) 303

My DAB portable radio has a high power usage and chews through AA's at an alarming rate, far far higher than my old FM analog radio. I would be very concerned about the suitability of DAB in sitiations of emergency, where people are asked to have portable radios with a fresh set of batteries, they wouldn't last long at all! And one other problem with DAB, try tuning one in the dark, or otherwise looking at the display. Trying to navigate the stations is extremely difficult compared to a simple tune up or down. And if you have gone off onto a sub menu then it's really difficlt to find where you are. I spare a thought to think how blind or poorly-sighted people have to navigate DAB radio channels.

Comment In the Apple Store... (Score 5, Insightful) 212

The computers look good when displayed in the Apple Store and in advertising because they don't have any dongles plugged into them. So they appeal to Jony Ive's sense of elegant design.
It's only when you buy one and need to use it in the real world, interfacing to the gear you have, that Jony's sleek lightweight machine is encumbered with dongles and the like, because having a star designer in control of everything seems to mean function now comes second to form. Do the engineers get a look in?

Comment Re:It's basically an alternative to Slack (Score 1) 78

I was wondering whether to mod you Funny or Informative for " I work at Facebook ... It doesn't tie to your Facebook account beyond a one-time import of your name and profile picture". I don't use TwitBook (really, it doesn't use me) at home nor anywhere else, and thanks to your comment I would definately avoid using a work-related version if I had the misfortune to be somewhere it was being trialled.

Comment Ah, Farnell / Element 14... (Score 1) 35

I wanted to buy some connectors from them. "NO MINIMUM ORDER" it said, on or near the front of the catalog. ...goes to the item page... "MINIMUM ORDER 10" or something like that. End of attempting to order. I went to eBay and bought exactly what I wanted, in the quantity I wanted.

Comment Crush honeycomb leg used in the Apollo LM (Score 4, Informative) 107

For interest's sake, the idea of a crushable hhoneycomb landing leg arrangement was used for the Apollo Lumar Modules. It was very light as it only needed to be used once, unlike a hydraulic or spring system. Have a look at page 6 of the LM Structures document at

Comment Command non-orthogonality is its weak point (Score 3, Insightful) 203

Like others, I both love git and hate it. The bit I dislike the most is the inconsistency in commands and their opposites.
For instance, it is easy to add files to staging:
git add .
Oops! A bunch of other things got added, because I'm a newbie and haven't yet tuned my .gitconfig. Fine, I'm still learning.
OK, have a guess at undoing it:
git unadd
Frustrating searching to find that git reset is really unadd. Yeah, I could guess that! not.
And that's the crux of it. Sure you can add git aliases, but an xxx/unxxx pattern could have been built in right from the (ahem) git-go for any sensible command. Git commit/uncommit... merge/unmerge... etc etc.

And the great thing about git: Linus realised disk space was becoming to cheap to meter. Why bother crunching a delta on something when it was easier to just store compressed blobs. Thus the advantage of simple, fast and cheap (pick any three) branching.

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