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Comment Re:Deeeep and Trooouuuubling Questions! (Ahem) (Score 1) 128

I'm already vaguely aware of parts of these (including the basic idea that there are different levels of infinity) but while I can "accept" the logic, I don't really "get" it and part of my brain is still telling me I'm being complicit in fooling myself or that there's a logical paradox at some level. :-/

Comment Deeeep and Trooouuuubling Questions! (Ahem) (Score 2) 128

Nanometers may be small, but they're not infinitely small, which is what infinitesimal means. They're barely even any closer to infinitely small than centimeters.

Well, FWIW, *both* of them are infinitely larger than infinitesimal despite the fact that nanometres are closer. So does this mean that the "infinity" between centimetres and infinitesimal is larger than the infinity between nanometres and infinitesimal? Hmmmmmm......

Also, imagine a line of people standing single-file, extending infinitely in both directions. There are, of course, an infinite number of people. Now, imagine each of these people is joined by a partner. Are there twice as many people now? Does this mean there are "2 x infinity" people? But surely you can't do that to infinity. Er...

After your noodle has been baked in the oven at gas mark 5 for 45 minutes, remove and place on a wire tray to cool down. (^_^)

Spoiler; I'm not a mathematician, and don't have the answers, I'm just throwing this out here for amusement. Though I guess someone who knows more about this than I do could explain it if they could be arsed. :-)

Comment Re:Freedom of speech requires a person... (Score 1) 175

Most of all it requires public space.

I can declare that in my house I don't want to hear duck jokes. Why? Because it's my house. My house, my rules, don't like them, get the FUCK out! Government cannot demand from me that I allow you to tell duck jokes in my house. Government's right to demand that anyone can say what they want ends right at where my private property starts.

They must not keep you from telling duck jokes in your home, or on the street, and neither do I have the right to keep you from doing so, no matter how much I dislike duck jokes. You may do so freely in the privacy of your home and even on public ground.

But not on mine! And neither am I in any way obligated to allow some Donald Duck or that Hillary Chick to tell me their jokes.

Also freedom of speech does not entail obligation to listen. You are free to speak. But I am free to ignore you.

Comment Re:Vote with your vote (Score 1) 175

This. Simply tell them, since it's shooting or hanging this time around anyway, so it doesn't really matter whether a crook or a clown rules you, you originally wanted to make your decision based on the flip of a coin, but now it's going to be which party is going to piss you off via pestering phone calls less.

And the length of the call also goes into this consideration.

Now that you know this, is there anything left you want to tell me?

Comment Re:What's with all the cheap video cards? (Score 2) 42

Seriously, this is a nerd site, and nerds care about performance.

Some do, some don't.

Maybe some of you want to spend your days looking through open source video driver code, but real nerds want to actually do stuff and get good video performance.

So, someone's not a "real nerd" if they want to spend "days looking through open source video driver code" (sounds pretty stereotypically nerdish to me) rather than just getting stuff done (which was traditionally associated with ordinary, non-nerdish users who saw the technology as just a means to an end)?

Let's face it; you're trying to force a definition of "nerd" that supports your own point of view, a la "No true Scotsman".

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