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Comment Re:I'm conflicted on this (Score 1) 275

I'm not a fan of solar power. It's expensive, unreliable, and lacking any kind of storage or backup power it is pretty much useless.

And without incredibly numerous and expensive lines of transmission, coal and nuclear plants are useless. Useless I tell you!


If we had this magical battery technology

Says a fan of nuclear power, which requires magical vaporware to deal with the waste to make it something less than obscene corporate welfare. This isn't rocket science for solar: energy demands are greatest on hot sunny days, and cold windy nights. Solar takes care of the former, and wind power takes care of the latter. Generating capacity can be spaced across the grid, and excess power can be used to power up hydrostatic batteries - i.e. pumping water into a reservoir and letting a turbine generate electricity when it runs out. Which is what phancy pants nuclear power plants do - use water to move a turbine.

Nuclear is good.

Lets engage in magical thinking, and assume there would never be another Fukushima or Chernobyl type disaster - which would be a given if more nuke plants were built to replace coal, as more plants would be hit by natural disasters and the profit motive. Nuclear power would still be unjustifiable, based on the cost alone. It could not exist without massive government underwriting, as no plant rolls the full cost of mining, construction, security, operation, disaster preparedness, decomissioning, or future waste storage into the rates it charges to customers.

Comment Re:Woohoo! (Score 1) 794

Are they not allowed to be upset at both?

They aren't, that's the point.

Manning's intent was not to help America as claimed. It was revenge for perceived treatment after attacking another soldier and getting demoted.

Stupid bullshit is stupid.

Manning was also egged on by Adrian Lamo.

Who was obviously trying to work off time from the state by being an informant.

There was not even a remote chance that it was reviewed to see if anything there was bad before it was dumped.

They did before Daniel Dumbshit Berg lost it.

Should the sentence be commuted? I don't believe so...

1) She's already served more time in prison than any other whisteblower

2) You care only about the propriety of the leaker, not the murder, torture and rape revealed by the leaks. Which makes you a depraved authoritarian.

Comment Re:Stranger Logic (Score 1) 272

She didn't just distribute information showing abuses though- she distributed everything she could get her hands on without care.

A canard already addressed: "you mean she didn't have time nor the resources to sort the data."

Snowden managed to

Snowden was a high level data analyst who worked for both the government directly and a contractor. That means he wasn't pressed for time, and could pick and choose what he wanted without fear of being detected - as opposed to Manning who had to a snatch and grab.

Of course some of the things she uncovered were horrendous and if that's all she did

Yes, you would rather talk about the propriety of the leaker than the torture, murder and rape that was revealed by the leaks. Your priorities are noted.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 552

So far there's no evidence that anyone was persecuting Assange.

Other than the open secret that the DOJ has a sealed indictment against him.

He was wanted for questioning

He's offered to answer questions to Swedish authorities if they were to come to the embassy, or do it remotely.

tried to convince British courts not to extradite him back to Sweden

He doesn't want Sweden to hand him over to the United States, with good reason - the country participated in Bush's extraordinary kidnapping program, handing people over who were promptly tortured. So, Assange has also offered to return to Sweden if they promise not to give him a short ride from a Swedish plane to an American one on the runway. Maybe both of those offers were mere bluffs, and he would have found a reason to back out.

But it would be easy for Sweden to call those bluffs, and they haven't - meaning credibility issues here did not start with Assange.

Comment Re:Does the US government want him? (Score 1) 552

You mean he really wants to avoid being handed right over the U.S. government, that tortured Manning with more than a year in solitary confinement, by the Swedes. Because that's exactly what Sweden has done in the past. Assange has also offered to be interviewed by Swedish prosecutors if they came to the Ecuador embassy, or to return to Sweden if the government promises not to hand him over to the United States. Maybe he would find a reason not to fulfill those promises - but it would be very easy for Sweden to call his bluff.

They haven't called his bluff. Which tells any person with two functioning neurons that it's not about rape allegations and never has been.

Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 552

Zimbabwean opposition members

Who you DGAF about, and are using as mere props in an argument. Protip: the next time you're throwing Assange under the bus with props, you might decry the lack of prosecution for the torture, killings and U.S. sponsored child rape at the same time, so it's harder to out you as a hack.

Comment Re:What Clinton did (Score 1) 552

So did Trump's nominee for Secretary of State.


or something that's been done by high profile member of the incoming administration.

See above.

GOP shenanigans do not excuse Democratic shenanigans, and vice versa. Case in point, you probably didn't give Trump a pass for being a sexually harassing womanizer during the election last year, because Bill Clinton did it first.

Comment Re:WHat I said on ars: (Score 1) 552

At one time this very transparent concern troll vehemently faked support for wikileaks, but learned to hate Julian when he


I believe all information on all parties should be treated equally and should be liberated to enact change as it will. Julian clearly believes information is leverage to apply blah blah blah blah

Wikileaks is in the publishing-of-leaks business, not the hacking business. They can only publish what they've been given. So if you want them to publish RNC emails or Trumps tax returns, stop engaging in empty character assassination and get busy hacking.

Comment Re:WHat I said on ars: (Score 1) 552

What rock have you been living under? Plenty of originally supportive folks decided Assange was a dickhead a long time ago.

You just gave the definition of a concern troll.

most recently just two months ago

Wow. If I end up saying something stupid, I don't make a point of referencing the stupidity later on:

To summarize: "I only publishes whats I gets and my Russian handlers didn't give me anything damaging on Trump, so... I no publish anything".

1) Wikileaks is in the publishing business, not the hacking business. If you want Wikileaks to publish information on Trump, the RNC, Russia or the price of rice in China, then get off your lazy ass and start hacking.

2) Russian handlers? That's so stupid it's not worth responding to.

So you can fuck right off.

Go fuck yourself, concern troll. At your next troll meeting, you might suggest that you and your fellow trolls back up these character attacks on Assange, so you can't be dismissed as tools in .002 seconds.

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