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Comment Re:defense versus health and human services. (Score 1) 181

The only problem (compared to other countries) with US healthcare is its outrageous cost. There is zero evidence that healthcare quality is to blame for the slightly lower life expectancy.

I only have a few anecdotal stories to go by, but I know at least one with back problems and one with heart problems stuck where they got on-and-off health problems that lead to problems paying insurance that lead to the being effectively outside the system and any insurance that will take them on now excludes everything related to the their pre-existing condition. All they get is emergency care, when they should have had surgery. So I definitively think distribution of care is still some part of the lower life expectancy, those with lots of money get overtreated leading to good quality at excessive cost but those with no money get undertreated too.

Comment Re:For the love of God no (Score 2) 59

Let's be honest, what's really killing you is the lack of social antennas. I've been next to a baby that was on full wailing for quite some time, despite the mother's best efforts and that was considerably worse than any idiot yapping on the phone. Didn't really want to make me throw myself or the baby off the plane, but I was quite happy I didn't have to deal with that every other hour of the day. Most people keep it short, most people keep a normal conversation volume and most of those who don't will take a hint.

And a few are the kind you want to strangle. But long before the flight was up I'd make a really loud "call" like "YES HELLO... OVER THE ATLANTIC NOW, DOING FINE. EXCEPT THERE'S THIS GUY WHO KEEPS TALKING REALLY, REALLY LOUND ON HIS CELL PHONE FOR AGES NOW, DOESN'T HAVE ANY SOCIAL ANTENNAS AT ALL. I HOPE HE HANGS UP SOON. SEE YOU SOON, LOVE YA" Fighting fire with fire usually works, if he goes psycho with luck they'll cuff him and throw him off the plane. Win-win either way.

Comment More likely medical practice, not evolution (Score 4, Interesting) 258

Well 0.36/0.30 = 20% growth and it's only been ~2 generations, if you consider that most of the 3% in one generation will have kids with the other 97% in the next generation it seems unlikely to happen this fast. It's probable that it's more routine and we're more cautious today, so borderline cases get the surgery now where they wouldn't in the past.

Comment Re:Why notSimultaneous release toTheaters and iTun (Score 1) 51

It's a protection racket by the cinemas, most chains will refuse to show any movie that doesn't have an exclusivity period. As long as they stay united on this and only B-movies can survive on a direct to TV/DVD budget, nothing will change. It's pretty obvious they'd all lose business if they let competitors enter the market, so they don't.

Comment Re:More holes than swiss cheese (Score 2) 71

OK, so I'm an amateur, and I don't know squat, but even I know you don't ever run Adobe Flash for any reason on your browser. And if you really really feel the need to run Adobe Flash, you do it in a throwaway browser that you only use to run Adobe Flash. So is this really news.

You don't know squat about knowing squat. People who don't know squat aren't even able to tell that "you are infected click here to fix" is just a web banner and not an actual dialog box, much less what a browser or a plug-in or flash is. I'll also give you the Star Trek universal translation matrix, whenever people like that are asked "Do you want to flubber the gavot on the pinoshi? [Yes][No]" or anything else incomprehensible it translates to "You want this to work? [Yes][No]" and they click yes yes yes. They've given up trying to understand, much less figure out if the dialog is actually genuine.

Comment Re:and Eve fucked her son in Christian Bible. WYP? (Score 1) 414

I guessed you are a Muslim. That accounts for your disgusting anti-Semitism before.

Wow, the shell finally fell off the nut. Nobody's said anything about Jews in this thread, slick - you drunk? Not just drunk, but black-out drunk?

But you have shown exactly how crazy Muslims get when their mythological founder 'Mohammed' (the guy who raped Abu Bakr's 6 year old daughter Aisha, as well as raping his adopted son's wife because he liked incest - read the hadith) is exposed using your own scriptures that you don't think the rest of us know nor understand.

Annnnnd we're right back to Christians - and now I'm guess we can include Jews - being heartfelt believers in mother-son fucking, because Genesis says that's what Eve did. And hey, about all that genocide committed by the ancient Hebrews, eh? How about all those towns and cities murdered to the last man, woman and child to pave the way for "gods chosen people"?

Hypocritical religious fanatic, heal thyself.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 773

You're onto something. Castro is exactly in line with Chavez (as you say 360 degrees, one full turn).

No, I didn't say 360 degrees, as the AC pointed out. Was reading comprehension an elective at Ayn Rand Elementary?

Which is, again, pretty much right on top of Castro, 'authoritarian asshole with a justification', going further left of that takes you back into right wing.

If Chavez was an authoritarian asshole, he would have thrown the various fascists and bourgeois motherfuckers trying to sabotage the country into a gulag, not *gasp* merely refuse to renew broadcast licenses. For stations that participated in a coup attempt.

Comment Re:I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 283

The people who's phone's caught fire are already lawyered up.

Uh huh. And all of them did so 100% on their own dime, without a single one agreeing to take the case in exchange for part of the settlement. Sure.

How much do you think someone deserves for being put at risk? For a couple of weeks?

How much if it was your family at risk? As the AC points out above, Randian Wackjobs are so, so quick to say we don't need government regulations because negligence and incompetence may be handled through lawsuits in court. Until there's actually a suit, at which point you drag out the fainting couches at the prospect of a business being held accountable for their actions.

Comment Re: I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 283

Pretty much. Back in 2004, the right-wing was going all in on ratfucking John Edwards for bringing "jacuzzi suits" in court, and winning millions from a jury. Except the case involved a girl who had her guts hydraulically sucked out of her body by a faulty pool drain, one the manufacturer knew was dangerous but DGAF because fixing it would have cause a few bucks.

Do wingers think the parents gave two shits of a flying fuck that Edwards got a good chunk of money in the process? Hell no, they would have sooner taken that companies money and burned it in the street rather than let them have it.

Comment Re: These wackos are cows with guns (Score 1) 773

They normally rely on carefully crafted logical fallacies, outright lies and the media to propogate them.

You mean Korean Central Television? Because that's how far you'd have to travel to find a controlling left wing media. Here in the U.S., it's hard core neocon neoliberal horsefuckery all day long, all day strong.

Comment Is it above marginal cost? (Score 1) 216

If the RIAA shrinks down to a minimal number of middlemen from lack of money (I guess those people would go to work in regular finance or something their skills would apply for), is this enough to keep the world's musicians able to make new songs and live in modest comfort?

How many people does it actually take to record a decent sounding album? I had the impression, from my friends with their amateur semi-pro bands, that it just takes a few. You need the musicians, some instruments, and a booth in a place with cheap rent that has good mics and that special stuff in the walls. Then a computer and a few thousand bucks worth of gear (including the mics) to convert the sound to digital, and a (usually pirated) copy of that software that lets you mix the tracks.

1 billion from youtube, plus a few more billion from direct sales and from the movie industry does sound like it ought to keep a few thousand artists in business. Enough to make more new songs than we can ever individually or collectively listen to. Am I right?

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 103

Ok, sure, but it's still $1500 for something that I won't be able to use in a few years because of bad color balance.

When LED backlit computer monitors get dimmer, you can just turn up the brightness to compensate (since you run them at about 50% of their maximum potential brightness generally at the beginning). You can't do this forever - but the lifespan is probably 100k total hours which is 20 years if nothing else fails.

Comment Re:Better Than Most (Score 1) 208

yes my brother in Florida lives in nice subdivision with house less than ten years old, but connects with juno dial-up for $14 a month. Compare that with my mother-in-law in Cambodia where in 1998 they were laying down fiber around her neighborhood, they went from dialup to megabits/sec overnight.

Residential fiber in 1998? In Cambodia? I call bullshit. Here in Norway the first delivery of Internet over cable TV was 1998, ADSL in 2000, I see our first FTTH company was started in 2001 but that was in a very small area where they were rolling out lots of fiber for the oil industry anyway and was rare as unicorns and super expensive even for a first world country. It was only in the recovery after the dot-bust in the mid 2000s it saw any real traction.

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