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Submission + - Google funds Theora codec for ARM (arstechnica.com)

Tor Klingberg writes: Google has provided funding to TheorARM, a project that produces an ARM-optimized implementation of the free Ogg Theora video codec. TheorARM has now been released under a BSD license, allowing makers of mobile devices to freely integrate Theora support. While it is unlikely that H.264 will be defeated, widespread Theora support will hopefully give web publishers the choice of which codec to use.

Submission + - Wikipedia administrators in deletion coup

Leif writes: A group of the high level administrators on Wikipedia who are unsatisfied with the site community's unwillingness to change its deletion policy have taken matters into their own hands, mass-deleting articles directly without discussion. Facing wide-spread protests, the administrators have stated that they no longer care about the opinions of the writer community. The conflict is about whether articles about people that lack sources can be deleted on sight. Among the deleted articles are former prime ministers of Russia, South Korea and Tuvalu as well as a many cabinet members of smaller nations, astronomers, writers and athletes.

Normally, Wikipedia rules are decided by a model of consensus and discussion where the opinion of an administrator does not count more than that of an ordinary contributor. Many administrators who are not part of the coup have tried to stop the deletions, but the arbitration committee, a kind of Wikipedia supreme court made of of the top-most administrators, have sided with the deletion campaign warning other administrators and users from interfering.

Submission + - Europe to launch two space telescopes today

TorKlingberg writes: As the Hubble is being repaired, the European Space Agency is about to launch two new space telescopes in an Ariane 5 rocket from the Guiana Space Centre at 15:12 CEST (09:12 EDT) today. Herschel is an infrared telescope with the largest mirror ever deployed in space at 3.5 m diameter. It can see further in the far-infrared than any previous mission and requires liquid helium to cool the instruments to under 2 Kelvin. The smaller Planck will study the cosmic microwave background over the entire sky.

Unlike Hubble there can be no repair missions as the telescopes are going to the L2 Lagrangian point 1.5 million km (1 million miles) from Earth in the opposite direction of the sun. The launch will be streamed live online.

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