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Comment Re:Generic Trademarks (Score 2) 356

Also, I would bet a reasonable amount of cash that if you did a survey of non-geek smartphone users, most would think "iPhone" to the prompt "App store".

I think the opposite is true. Geeks may know the difference between App Store, Marketplace, App Catalog, App World and Phone Marketplace, but most people don't.

Comment Re:All OSX browsers are really slow here (Score 1) 84

They used different hardware for Windows and OS X. It looks like the Mac is actually more powerful though, so the OSX browsers should score higher if they were equally efficient.

* For OS X: a MacBook Pro laptop, currently OS X 10.6.6, 4GB of RAM, 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, and NVIDIA GT 330M with 512MB of RAM.
* For Windows: a Lenovo T410s laptop, currently Windows 7 Enterprise, 4GB of RAM, 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5, and NVIDIA NVS 3100M with 512MB of RAM.


Submission + - Google funds Theora codec for ARM (

Tor Klingberg writes: Google has provided funding to TheorARM, a project that produces an ARM-optimized implementation of the free Ogg Theora video codec. TheorARM has now been released under a BSD license, allowing makers of mobile devices to freely integrate Theora support. While it is unlikely that H.264 will be defeated, widespread Theora support will hopefully give web publishers the choice of which codec to use.

Comment IE engine with a new GUI (Score 4, Interesting) 246

Many of these are the IE rendering engine wrapped in a new user interface. They appeared in the days when IE development was dead and provided useful things like tabs and popup blocking, while staying compatible with the IE6-only websites that used to be everywhere.

Maxthon for one is very popular in China because it supports ActiveX which many Chinese banking websites rely on (bleh), and it is much nicer to use than IE6. I am not sure how it compares to IE8 though.

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