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Journal TopShelf's Journal: [WGT] Overcoming the Loveless

This week's result is a bit of a miracle, as last Sunday we took the kids to the Loveless Cafe here in Nashville, which we'd heard plenty about, but hadn't visited yet in our first year here. When taking in a classic Southern joint like this I'm not about to quibble with the diet, so I went right ahead with (reasonable portions of) fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and some wonderful creamed corn. My daughter went with her usual grilled cheese sandwich, the wife sampled the pulled pork, and the boys confirmed their paternity by devouring some fried chicken. Just as we were putting some leftovers in a to-go box, my oldest boy said "just one more bite..." and in a nonce, another chicken breast went down the hatch. The kid's 4 years old, and he ate more than me, I think.

Anyways, in the couple days afterwards I went back up a couple pounds, and then came back down to 195 this morning.

And to top it off, we didn't have a hockey game this week, so I had to make sure I got some walks in at work. The good news is that by the time we play our game next week, I'll have dropped 15 pounds since the start of the season, which makes a huge difference on the ice.

Progress So Far
9/8/06: 209
9/15/06: 204.5
9/22/06: 206
9/29/06: 201
10/6/06: 197
10/13/06: 195

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[WGT] Overcoming the Loveless

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