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Comment Re:Divided Country? (Score 2) 1431

The rules haven't changed.

Yeah, it seems crazy that a President can win an election with fewer votes than his opponent. In programming, we call an "edge case." An edge case doesn't always require a rewrite, or throwing out the system. Edge cases are anomalies that sometimes need to be accounted for, but more often we just live with them because it's too expensive to fix them all. Can you imagine having to recount all votes nationwide, in case of a close election? It's much more manageable to recount just votes in close districts that could make an electoral difference. In other words, the Electoral College serves a practical purpose, and doing away with it would cause significant expense.

I guarantee that if Hillary had won with fewer popular votes, the press would be talking only about the amazing electoral win, not the "divided" country.

Comment Re:A Bad Day for 65,844,954 Americans (Score 1) 1431

So are you saying it's a good day for the other 244 million Americans?

OK, math aside, it's a GREAT day when we can transfer power from one ruler to another, two people who don't agree on a whole lot, and there is no bloodshed. In the grand scheme of things, that is awesome!

Democrats will get another turn, you can count on it.

Comment Re:Not dead, just a zombie (Score 1) 379

Yes, VR could be the next big 3D thing, and has much greater potential than 3D TVs. For most people, it will require less obtrusive headgear. But VR has great potential in specialized applications like medicine. Imagine a surgeon being able to place himself virtually inside the end of the laparoscope, able to look around and see clearly what he is doing! There are similar applications for virtual space travel, or undersea exploration, the list goes on. For general entertainment though, it will probably continue to be a novelty experience, not something we do every day.

Comment Not dead, just a zombie (Score 5, Interesting) 379

3D comes back every couple of decades. They had 3D movies as long ago as 1922. Since then, the popularity of 3D has come and gone several times. Each time, people get tired of the format when it loses its novelty. Then a couple of decades later, manufacturers come up with a "new" angle in hopes of selling new hardware.

Don't worry, 3D will come back. And then it will go away again.

Comment Re:Programming/IT will be automatable in 10 years (Score 1) 409

We've been automating programming for decades now. The tools we use today to create Web sites and other applications are orders of magnitude more sophisticated than they were years ago. Tools like Visual Studio and Android Studio and others all have capabilities that are far beyond what was once referred to as "expert systems" that were supposed to do our programming chores for us. Yet with all these tools, we somehow still have a shortage of programmers!

Automation of software development tasks has indeed brought down the price of custom software. But now that businesses have gotten a taste for it, they want far more than people can produce.

It's like Moore's Law. The speed of processors doubled every couple of years for decades, but somehow we always found ways to use up all those extra cycles. The same thing is happening in software development. I don't see any kind of dramatic end any time soon.

Comment How is this better? (Score 1) 78

It reminds me of the 90's, when every computer manufacturer put their own "user friendly" interface in front of MS Windows, in an attempt to make the computer simpler for non-technical people to use. I never saw one of these add-ons that was actually better than Generic Windows. The first step after buying a new computer was always, uninstall the manufacturer's crapware.

This looks like the same kind of nonsense to me.

Comment Not the same thing (Score 1) 209

Let's grant that Sling looks a lot like a mini-cable service. The difference is, Sling doesn't own the wire coming into your house. You can use Sling, or Hulu, or Netflix, or Amazon, or Roku channels, or all of the above, or switch when you want. You're not a slave to whatever your cable provider chooses to bring into your house. That is what will keep the "new" streaming services honest, the friction is so low that you can switch any time, and people will do so.

Comment Comcast via Earthlink (Score 1) 111

I am, unfortunately, a Comcast customer. But my experience hasn't been so bad because I bought the service through Earthlink, about 10 years ago. Earthlink never jacked with my pricing, it stayed exactly the same for all of those 10 years, but the bandwidth kept going up during that time, to about 60 Mbps today.

Unfortunately, Earthlink finally got out of the business, and notified me that I was transferred to Comcast as of January 1. I wonder what methods Comcast will use to turn me sour like the rest of you!

But maybe there's an answer here. Buying cable service through a reseller, such as Earthlink, might provide a better experience, even if they can't run the actual cable themselves.

Comment Re:A little too simplistic? (Score 1) 254

Well, perhaps I do have "low" intelligence, but I have written shopping cart features for a major customer-facing Web site, so I do know something about how shopping carts work. Frankly, if I wanted a dollhouse, say, for a family member, I'd have to see quite a few of them myself, before even I knew which one I wanted! Maybe you'd be happy enough just taking whichever one Alexa chose for you, but I don't know many people who wouldn't at least care about the price range.

Comment Re:Document everything (Score 1) 432

If you already work for an unreasonable company, what makes you think they'll read or trust your log? The only thing your log will get fired.

See, the problem is not that the facts aren't known. The problem is that management doesn't WANT to know the facts. Having reams of paper in front of them won't be in the least convincing to such people.

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