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Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 311

You are informed because you read brietbart.com? you basically just linked 3 opinion pieces.

Trump has no political experience so of course HIllary is going to have a lot more dirt already out. What we do know of Trump is that if he's not happy, he has no problem throwing a team of lawyers at you to ruin your life.

I can't stand HIllary either, I think it's a joke we've got Hillary and Trump as the two main party candidates. Crook or not, her "current" platform is far more closely aligned with my beliefs.. I don't want to vote for her and am still undecided.. all I know is that it won't be Trump.

For what it's worth; Sanders, Clinton, Stein, Johnson were the top 4 when I filled out the "i side with" questionnaire.. they were all 75% or above (and in the order I listed). Trump was 38%.

Comment Sure (I actually have one already) (Score 1) 137

It's funny that so many people who do not have an Xbox One are telling others they shouldn't get one..

I've had mine for almost a year now. I enjoy playing the occasional game but mostly use it for streaming or watching Blu-ray moves as I only had DVD player before. It also plays the movie files I have saved on a thumb drive. I do not have the Kinect. It's a good piece of hardware and you can find some quality games for good prices if you're willing to wait a couple months after launch.

If you want one, buy one. If you are not sure, don't buy one.

Comment Re:You have more freedom than you think (Score 2) 460

That's how society evolves.. something that was a luxury a century ago is now a basic necessity.

I personally feel that all citizens should get free basic health care (anything elective is out of pocket) and free secondary education (community colleges, must maintain good grades). I think these things can be done simply by making government more efficient.

The older I became, the more of the world I experience, the more I came to believe the current Republican party is the opposite of progress. They want to act like it's still the 1950s.

Comment Re:When will they get it? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

Reality is that a single semi-automatic rifle would have been extremely effective in stopping the madman in Nice attack.

I don't know how long it took that guy to plow through the crowd but I am quite positive no one in that crowd would have had the time, situational analysis, and space to end the threat without taking out more innocent bystanders.

I'm not anti-gun, there are just very few people trained to respond with deadly force in traumatic situations. Your average citizen is not one of them. Your average citizen is going to protect their own life by getting the fuck out of the way.

Comment Re:Abuse? (Score 1) 212

I guess I'm cut from a different mold, just because something is "free" or "unlimited" doesn't mean I'm going to horde resources.

When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I hope rational people will realize that if too many people abuse the system like this, the rules will get changed for the worse for everyone.

Maybe I'm just weird.

Comment Re:Facts about Japanese production (Score 1) 108

Japanese cars built in N. America use a higher grade steel (in most cases) than American automotive companies. Stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Now was that steel recycled in some way? That I do not know.

My wife was recently the steel buyer for a tier 1 supplier to many of the OEs.

Comment Re:Duke Nukem Forever Young (Score 1) 297

Here's my thought on why I agree that it will be a long time to never; autonomous vehicles will not be completely effective until 100% of vehicles on the road are autonomous and they communicate with each other using an agreed upon standard.

So now the question is do eventually roll out cars with this capability and require everyone on the road to have one.. or do we not allow people to use the function until all non-conforming cars are retired.. or do we have a separate road system just for these cars.. I don't think it's the technology of the car that will be the difficult part.

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