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Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 2) 76

I was in China a few years ago, we had a young Chinese woman serve as a tour guide during one excursion near Chongqing. She was quite aware of the censorship and very frustrated by it. They know practically everything going on despite the censorship. I got the impression they are waiting for the current "leadership generation" to expire before taking charge and initiating change.

That is very similar to our situation in the US. We need to wait for the baby boomers to vacate positions of authority, then maybe we can start making some improvements.

Comment Not really surprising (Score 1) 560

I think it's something that's been obvious for decades, those who smoke heavily tend to end up with dulled wits. I have a couple acquaintances in that category, you can make a joke and 5 seconds later they finally figure it out.

On the other hand, those that I know who are occasional smokers never appear to lose that sharpness to their thoughts.

Once again, moderation is key to just about everything in life.

Comment Re:Everyone's demanding higher pay (Score 2) 304

Such a naÃve viewpoint. Let's look at the real world.

1. Gap wealth continues to increase between the top and bottom.
2. Wages, especially minimum wage, have not kept up with inflation.
3. Skilled labor jobs have decreased and the economy has switched to a service-based economy, partly so those at the top can make more money.
4. Minimum wage should be tied to living expenses of the region. I can absolutely agree that a burger flipper in San Francisco should make as much as a skilled laborer in Cleveland, OH. I don't have the exact figure but it's probably 3 times cheaper to live in Cleveland so that $15/hr will go much farther. I don't think a burger flipper in Cleveland should make $15/hr.

This reluctance to pay people enough to pay the bills, I just don't understand. Anyone that puts in 30+ hours/week should make a wage that keeps them above the poverty line. As a society, we are keeping our product pricing artificially low by allowing our government to make laws that benefit the corporation profits instead of the workers. The Dems barely have a better record than the Repubs in this matter which is why so many people decided to vote Trump. Either way the worker was going to continue to get screwed over.

Comment Re:It is a balance (Score 1) 521

Not really. The EC votes are divided up by population and most states the winner takes all. I'm too lazy to look up the current EC breakdown but California alone is still worth more than a large group of the middle states, combined. EC was created because a nationwide vote 100 years ago was very difficult to track and report on, so they gave a handful of people the authority to vote on behalf of the state's population.

Why should we ignore the popular vote? I think we get rid of EC and go with the popular vote but require a true majority to be elected. If the initial vote doesn't give someone greater than 50% of votes, eliminate the bottom candidate and vote again.

Comment Re:unlikely (Score 4, Insightful) 235

I'm in the rust belt. The people who voted for Trump fall into 1 of 2 categories. 1 - educated but grew up Republican and have always voted for someone with an R next to their name. 2 - uneducated and unwilling to learn a new trade. Don't understand how much welfare they already receive but think it's unfair others also benefit from the government.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the twilight zone living in my rural town of 25k people. Per capita, we require far more government assistance due to the amount of roads/utilities/police and fire coverage because we're so damn spread out.. most people don't realize how many millions of dollars in state and federal grants (i.e. aid) we receive each year to keep our town looking nice.

The one thing I'm proud of is that my town has always supported school tax levies as well as tax levies for the public library and the disability support program in the county.

Comment Re:Sonic Boom (Score 1) 202

Maybe I'm one of the few but I don't think $5k (for round trip) is that big of a deal considering it's "business class". Go look up a normal business class ticket, not going to be significantly less. Plus, many of the people that would use this would have the ticket purchased by the company.

I'm low on the totem pole at my company but when I have to travel to Asia, it's business class. If I remember correctly my ticket to China was $4,500.

Comment Re:Best unintentionally funny headline I've ever r (Score 1) 470

Universal health care, taxing for social programs, reducing military spending.. is that so wrong?

Sure we have a long way to go to make all of those efficient and legitimate but it would be much easier if we didn't have one half of the political spectrum simply existing to undo what the other side does.

Comment Re:Best unintentionally funny headline I've ever r (Score 5, Interesting) 470

None of the people I've known who grew up working their butts off on farms as children grew up liberal. Some Democrat, yes, but none liberal. When the only way the cows get water when the pipes freeze in winter is to smash a hole in the ice on the pond and spend the day dragging 80-pound milk cans of water up a hill in snowstorm, you do not retreat to your safe space.

The same reason why everyone here in rural western Ohio identifies at Catholic and as Browns fans (NFL). These aren't choices the children made, they were beliefs passed down by their parents and most of the kids never move far enough from home to experience anything out of their comfort zone.

I grew up Catholic, a Browns fan, and Conservative. Religion for me was gone by middle school, probably helps that we were C&E (Christmas and Easter) Catholics except when visiting my grandmother. Never cared enough about the NFL to stick with the Browns. It was my political leaning that remained with me the longest.

But then I started traveling in my early 20s. First it was seeing more of the US, then it was to Brazil a couple times, then to Asia and finally a couple countries in Europe. What I realized is that while the US is a great place, there is so much we can do better. It just happens that the Democrats at least talk about accomplishing some of those things while Republicans wish the 1950s would return.

Since you used hard working farmers as your example, let's not forget that many receive substantial government subsidies.

The tl;dr version is that most people have beliefs imprinted at an early age and rarely adjust their thinking.

Comment Re:Funny way of perceiving reality (Score 1) 470

Maybe it is regional. I'm in rural Ohio and I closed my facebook account mid-September because of all the anti-Clinton "news" that was being shared (wasn't the anti-Clinton news, just the political process in general). The stuff coming across my feed and even the advertisements on the side were very one-sided in support of Trump.

Comment Re:Best unintentionally funny headline I've ever r (Score 1) 470

I do remember a much larger backlash when Obama won 8 years ago. I had to instantly delete about 5 people from my Facebook friends list for racist, violent posts.

Granted those were words and not actions.. but I wonder how many of the rioters are truly there for politics or just there to cause trouble. Unfortunately it seems that regardless of the original meaning of mass gatherings, it only takes a few instigators to ruin it for all.

Comment Re:Best unintentionally funny headline I've ever r (Score 1) 470

I would get rid of Electoral College all together. I would also required a candidate getting a true majority of votes. In this case since both fell below 50%, there would be a new election and only candidates that got at least 10% (this % up for debate) of the 1st vote would be eligible for the 2nd vote and no write-ins allowed.

Let's bring back some democracy to our election.

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