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Comment Re:This is just shit thrown at the wall (Score 2) 106

I don't think that's really fair. They've already admitted there is a problem and are recalling the devices. In the mean time they have provides users a method to "safely" use their phone.

Is there a bit of PR behind this? Yeah. But at the same time I think this is a statement to those thinking of trying to get a settlement, "we can easily determine if you're lying".

Comment Does it matter? (Score 1) 146

Are there going to be enough people out there with 4k systems to take advantage? I just installed a projector in my basement on a 135" screen, at 1080p I think it looks pretty darn good even on such a large screen. I'm sure 4k would look amazing but I'm not going to spend that much on a 1st generation 4k projector. I'm not sure there'd be a significant difference upgrading our 50" 1080p tv to 4k.

This might be a big deal in 5 or 6 years when very large 4k displays are more common.. just don't think the general public is ready to give a shit about this yet.

Comment Don't rush to conclusion (Score 2) 84

By no means am I a sympathizer with AT&T or Comcast but is it really a bad idea to get their input? In my opinion, she was doing her job by looking for options before coming to a final conclusion.

It's easy to bash the incumbents but let's not just hand the keys to the city over to Google just yet.

Comment Re:Steam is the best of these networks by far (Score 1) 194

My only issue with Steam client is that is there is any other application actively using the internet, Steam takes about 1 minute to load and normally cannot connect on the 1st try. Once it's open I have no problems, just seems like it tries to monopolize network/cpu during startup.

Comment Re:Race implications (Score 3, Interesting) 400

What percentage of the black population in the US do you feel are millionaire rappers?

You're right, it's a poverty issue but that hits minorities much harder. The problem continues to get worse because we cannot address the disparity in schooling for wealthy districts vs poor districts.

And I don't have an answer, so I'm not trying to play this off as if it's an easy fix. My personal experience with being a mentor shows me the lack of emphasis poor families typically put on education, the parents pass along their negative attitudes to their kids.

Comment Re:Also kicks out scores from third party purchase (Score 1) 85

If I read and understood everything correctly, it does not throw out these other reviews it simply does not count those towards the average score given to a game. So you can go in and review the game for others to read, it just won't get totaled with the others.

Looking at the big picture, how often do you think legit, 3rd party review sources would dramatically influence an average score anyway? If the average Steam user thinks a game is great, chances are the average person that gets their key from some other source will have similar thoughts.

Comment Re:about that "competing" thing... (Score 1) 286

There's no way Tesla will meet their cost targets unless they want to take a loss. First, their manufacturing facility is thousands of miles from existing manufacturing base. Suppliers may be able to produce the parts rather cheaply but transportation costs will inflate the price. Second, they want their suppliers to build new, Tesla only facilities close to the mass production plant. Suppliers are not going to eat that cost for the privilege of doing business with Tesla, which even at their exaggerated sales expectations will still only be the 4th or 5th larges automaker in the US. That means overhead costs will be through the roof initially, driving up part costs.

I fully expect them to eventually hit their target, in 5+ years.

Comment Re:Whiney Consumerism (Score 1) 238

Last time I bought a computer, I got it without an OS installed. *gasp*

I paid money to the company that provided me exactly what I wanted. *gasp*

It's not a difficult concept to understand. Don't like what Sony is offering, don't give them your money. Giving Sony money when you're not satisfied with your purchase only encourages them.

Comment Re:Lots of skepticism over this one (Score 1) 73

Find me a spot in the sea of China that is international recognized Chinese territory and is 3000 meter deep. They can build their lab there.

What they will try to do is drop it in international waters, claim the lab is over 1000 years old and proof that the entire sea has always been Chinese territory.

Comment Re:I distinctly recall about this time last year (Score 1) 531

John Oliver is English :). I know we have many different accents here in the States, just not one like his!

The show he now hosts, which was formerly John Stewart's show, is built on making fun of government. Normally the subject matter is the conservative right here in the US (as they seem to do more batshit crazy stuff) but they will bash the liberals as well.

I don't have cable anymore so I cannot watch the show.

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