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Comment Re:What's so special about this computer system? (Score 1) 196

The D stands for Distributed. There are probably many nodes. The USAF's DCGS (DCGS-AF) implementation has about half a dozen nodes with unclassified locations, plus a number of classified sites and mobile stations that are able to connect to the network. I would suspect that the Army system is very similar, and I wouldn't be surprised if Langley and/or Fort Meade are integrated into the system.


Torvalds Puts Support Behind GPL2 Linux 326

Christiangrays writes "Linux creator Linus Torvalds has used an interview being made public by the Linux Foundation to stress that version 2 of the GPL still makes the most sense for the Linux kernel over the newer GPL version 3. GPL 3, which was released last year by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), reflects the FSF's goals while GPL 2 closely matches what Torvalds thinks a licence should do, Torvalds said. "I want to pick the licence that makes the most sense for what I want to do. And at this point in time, Version 2 matches what I think we want to do much, much better than Version 3," said Torvalds, who is now a fellow at the foundation. He was interviewed in late-October by Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin."
Portables (Games)

NYT Report Inaccurate on Full DS Downloads Via Wii 27

Kotaku notes that the report from the New York Times, that full DS games would be downloadable via the Wii, wasn't entirely accurate. "That's right, according to Nintendo, the Wii will NOT be able to transmit or download full DS games. Apparently the New York Times confused DS demos with WiiWare titles. So you can download full on Wii games (which we knew), but only wireless DS demo games (which we also knew)."

Submission + - Open Source archive hits the web ( 1

James Campbell writes: "A silent storm has been brewing on the Open Source front with the recent launch of Open Source Living. Simply put, it's an archive of Open Source and free software ranging from lesser known personal projects to some of the major OSS programs that Web users have come to love.

While the site is clearly still in its infancy, with growth pains and all, it shows signs of becoming a valuable resource. Clean and organized information, plus the ability to raise awareness to OSS alternatives are its key assets right now. But what is really interesting about this case is that the site's author, a UK based blogger and OSS enthusiast, has thrown open the direction of the archive to members of its growing forum community.

The Internet is a perilous place for a fledgling website and avoiding the many pitfalls is no mean feat, but if the right cards are played and the project brings on board multiple authors who share a passion for OSS, then this will be something to watch out for. I suppose at the very least, everyone loves a bit of free gear!"

The Internet

Submission + - Both Wikipedia and Citizendium under CC-by-sa? (

Raindance writes: "Citizendium, after more than a year of license ambiguity, has announced its content will be freely available under CC-by-sa. This comes a few weeks after Wikipedia announced the fairly likely possibility of relicensing all homegrown GFDL content under CC-by-sa (as made possible by the new Creative Commons compatibility framework). Good things are happening in the realm of free content."

Submission + - Gmail to fully support IMAP (Via Gmail Help Docs) (


Submission + - Do OpenOffice users save in Microsoft format? ( 8

superglaze writes: "Looking through an article on the Series 60 office suite Quickoffice, I noted a claim by a company executive that OpenOffice users usually save their documents in a Microsoft (eg. .doc) format (hence no plans at Quickoffice to support .odf). I guess I can see the rationale for this — it helps if you're sending a document to an MS-using company — but what's the general /.-user's experience of this?"

Submission + - Google Woos Recruits with its C++, Hitler Know-How 1

theodp writes: "Accounts of the opening of a Hitler-themed cafe in Mumbai last year noted India's curious and growing fascination with Hitler. And an earlier Times of India survey found significant numbers of Indian college students rated Hitler as an ideal model for an Indian leader. Which might explain why the Internship Opportunities page at Google India Jobs has been sporting this oh-so-politically-incorrect testimonial for Hitler-savvy Google employees: 'Q. Why do you like working at Google? A. ...there are always people who know more than you, be it C++, Java, Cryptic crosswords or even Hitler' (screenshot)."

Submission + - Microsoft offers glimpse of .NET source

Fronsolo writes: Microsoft intends to reveal parts of the .NET 3.5 source code in its upcoming release of Visual Studio 2008. The source code will be released under the Microsoft Reference License, which allows a developer to view the source but prevents them from making modifications.

Submission + - School Web Filters

know_op writes: With the most recent 8E6 web filter update this week, our school has been blocked from accessing even more web sites. Any site with the word "forum" in it is now blocked, and now even some sites like are blocked, classified as a "Portal". The biggest concern that I have, as an educator, is that sites with political views like the Huffington Post are now blocked, while Ann Coulter's site remains unblocked. Blocking of political speech seems a little sinister.

My school's tech coordinator has the ability to unblock sites, but the school district that I work for has decided to trust 8E6's blocked list. My questions for Slashdot are the following ones: do any of your school districts have a process for unblocking web sites? Are you ever successful in getting a web site unblocked, or do schools just prefer to go along with whatever the filtering companies suggest?
The Internet

Submission + - Has PBS's website been infected with malware? (

Jafafa Hots writes: "Doing a search on information for the PBS Nature program "Land of the Falling Lakes," I was surprised to find in Google's search results a malware warning that PBS's site might harm my computer. I've seen this warning before, but never on results pointing to a mainstream site.

What's going on? Is PBS infected, or does Google's malware detector return false positives?"


Submission + - General spreadsheet bug (feature?) 1

sztuczny-kot writes: It seems that many spreadsheets have a sort of a bug in automatic creation of arithmetic series which can be replicated as follows:

Select a cell, say A1 and input a value of 10. Then go to the cell below it (in this case A2) and input 9.8. Now select the two cells and drag the lower-right corner of the selection down to create arithmetic series. Drag until you get to cell A60. Then look at the numbers below 8.6. For example, insted of 0 you might get something like 3.5527136788005E-14. Other cells with numbers lower than 8.6 will most likely also contain a value that is somehow close to the one you would expect, but not the one. I guess that this bug might be somehow caused by floating-point number representation. Or perhaps it should be called a (rather unintuitive) computational feature and there is nothing to make fuss about?

As far as I could check, this applies to the following spreadsheets:
Microsoft Excel — versions 4.0, 97, 2007
Gnumeric 1.6.3
Open Office Calc 2.0.4
The Internet

Submission + - Customize RSS to Receive More Content/ Postings

SlothB77 writes: "Increase Quantity of Postings/ Headlines Received in Single RSS Feed

I subscribed to the Yahoo! Finance RSS feed for a NYSE traded firm. It gave me the last 20 headlines. Better than Google Finance's (Beta) 10 headlines or MSN Money's 7 headlines. But I want A LOT. Like 100. Or 500 headlines. How can I change the customization on the RSS feed to get the last 500 headlines instead of the last 20? Can it be done? Is there a site that provides that service?



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