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Submission + - Do OpenOffice users save in Microsoft format? (zdnet.co.uk) 8

superglaze writes: "Looking through an article on the Series 60 office suite Quickoffice, I noted a claim by a company executive that OpenOffice users usually save their documents in a Microsoft (eg. .doc) format (hence no plans at Quickoffice to support .odf). I guess I can see the rationale for this — it helps if you're sending a document to an MS-using company — but what's the general /.-user's experience of this?"
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Do OpenOffice users save in Microsoft format?

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  • The OOo formats are smaller in size, and support all of the features of the software. But I do export to doc when sending to other people.
  • All it took was one document mistakenly sent as odt. If every single office app could open it, then sure, I guess I wouldn't bother changing the settings, the format really doesn't concern me as much as knowing that the recipient can open the file. Currently, .odt doesn't have that guarantee, in fact I can guarantee they won't be able to, whereas .doc does. In the same vein, carrying documents around on a thumb drive or other portable media, you want to be able to open them, and sometimes another person's
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      by CSMatt ( 1175471 )
      Since it is highly probable that any other computers that said removable media comes into contact with are Windows machines, you can always put Portable OpenOffice.org [portableapps.com] on your flash drive and use that to open your ODF files.
  • by JoshJ ( 1009085 )
    I always save as ODF since I'm using OO. If I'm going to send it to a teacher or something, I export it as PDF or save as Word .doc right before I send it.
  • I use ODF for all of my documents. If I ever need to export to someone else I save in PDF because I'm using OO.o on Ubuntu and thus don't have the Windows fonts and want to ensure a WYSIWYG interface for my receiver.
  • The only time I don't use odf is when I have to export a file to people whose lame software can't automatically read .odf docs, and then I export it as pdf. I create all my word processor files in odf.

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