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Comment Re:Xp all over again. (Score 1) 516

Yeah I look at these and am just kinda meh. It could be better but I dunno they don't seem any prettier/uglier than any of the previous iterations of icons. Yeah the whole flat thing is annoying but I find it more so now for the mixed mode I have to work with in win7 and office 2013 where half the things look flat half the things don't and it isn't like there wont be themes to apply and change it all up anyway for those who want to do that.

Comment Or just don't rent your modem... (Score 1) 474

I can buy one every year and it still comes out cheaper than renting from Comcast. Also the modem does not have wifi built in, it connects to my router and that takes care of things.
In a way I can see where this is nice but then I can see where it can lead to oh IP used ad house X was downloading Ke$ha music (or worse) and you have no

Comment Re:Self-solving problem... (Score 1) 747

Yes this! And there are a lot of adults out there that were above the vaccination age yet and those of us that are just old enough that what we got vaccinated with may not be in the immune system memory anymore.
If there is one group of people I very literally want to hit with a real clue by four it is the antivax crazies cause they are killing not only their own children but others who either are too young yet or they are the small amount that the vaccine didn't work on but should have been okay due to herd immunity.

Comment Re:Ditch your landline if possible (Score 1) 497

Yes this, after a month of 'You singed up for information' from various who knows what that I didn't sign up for. When I pressed for info it sounded like someone with a throwaway email was scamming for something or just being a dick. We gave up the land line. Hell for less than the land line cost alone I get more minutes than I generally use and caller id, and voice mail, and unlimited text, etc and 98% of the landline calls were robocalls of some sort or weekly messages from the school. It wasn't worth keeping and Qwest wondered why I didn't want to keep paying $40 a month for that.

Comment Re:My wife worked there for 25 years (Score 1) 477

Yeah where I work it would be a big umm good luck with that cause you don't have the desk space for all of us to begin with, which is why we got pushed to telecommute in the first place and now after getting outsourced (I still do the same job just different employer on the paycheck, and hey I can actually say no not in the contract fix your own code now as well) we are now not just scattered across several sites/counties in one state but scattered across the U.S. so even if we end up with a desk 'on site' somewhere I am still not going to actually see any of my direct coworkers.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 4, Insightful) 114

Thanks to my current work position I am out of on call rotation, so other than the odd big outage or emergency (well customer needs it yesterday) server build I rarely put much extra time *knock wood*. But due to long ago lack of desk space the company decided to push server admins in to telecommuting cause a cable internet is cheaper than desk space. Not that they pay for it anymore and there is still no permanent desk space but it is cheaper than gas on the 40 mile round trip if I had to drive it every day. My biggest problem is remembering to get out every day for a walk or something, while I am good at locking the work machine/setting away at quitting time sometimes it is a yeah still the same old walls I have been looking at all day stir crazy that really gets to me.

Comment Umm no. (Score 2) 377

Or maybe it is because I work at place with SOX/HIPAA/DOD/etc requirements. Even though I am vendor I have to use the customer supplied device as I admin their servers and thats what security will allow for me to do my work. I don't have admin rights on the supplied laptop itself and everything is whitelisted to run.
Every time I hear about this at least from my side of the fence of IT support I just think of the support and security nightmares. Also if the company wants me to install their stuff on my personal pc. well they can buy me one. Same goes for a phone. They need to call me as an employee they can provide a cell phone too.

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