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Comment Re:Yay, Obama (Score 1) 664

just as the poster you are replying too overestimates the liberalism of the country, you seem to overestimate the conservativeness. This is a midterm election, where the party in power is usually on poor ground, and the economy still sucks. That more than anything is responsible for their troubles. The rightward swing of the Republicans has more complicated causes, but it seems unlikely to me that it is because the American people as a whole are getting more conservative. The people who vote in primaries are a small minority.

Submission + - Blocking annoying ads, leaving the okay ones 2

kestasjk writes: Is there an AdBlock system which makes it easy to block annoying flash/gif/image based ads, but leave the text ones? I feel guilty about running AdBlock, but when I turn it off the non-textual ads just bug me too much (even though I find the text-based ads often interesting).

I could go through the massive AdBlock filter list and prune out the flash/gif/image ones, or start my own list and have to block out new ads, but hasn't anyone else dealt with this problem?

Submission + - Games Workshop sues Warhammer Online fansite (

chalkyj writes: (run for the last 5 years as one of the leading fansites for the MMORPG Warhammer Online) is being sued by Games Workshop for the use of the "Warhammer" name, "cybersquatting" and "unfair competition". This lawsuit is yet another in Games Workshop's disturbing pattern of suing their fans and hobbyists, this time going after a legitimate fansite for their MMORPG franchise. Read the complaint in full here.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 287

Except that there is no way to insure that this data doesn't go to the government. They buy a lot of data on citizens from private companies and knowing friendship networks actually is quite valuable information for Big Brother. Take a look at how Pakistan is fighting the Taliban there, it has a lot to do with knowing family networks. As someone with hippy friends, I don't want to be investigated if they join Sea Shepherd.

Submission + - Exotic 'Electroweak' Star Predicted (

astroengine writes: "A new type (or phase) of star has been characterized by Case Western Reserve University scientists in a paper submitted to Physical Review Letters. The "electroweak" star is a stellar corpse too massive to be a quark star, yet too light to collapse into a black hole. It crushes and burns the quarks inside, generating an outward radiation pressure, acting against gravity. Interestingly, the interior is predicted to be a "Big Bang factory", forcing the electromagnetic and weak forces as one (hence "electroweak"), conditions that haven't been seen in our universe since moments after the Big Bang."

Submission + - LHC research program launched with 7 TeV collision (

An anonymous reader writes: At 1:06 p.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST) today, the first protons collided at 7 TeV in the Large Hadron Collider. These first collisions, recorded by the LHC experiments, mark the start of the LHC’s research program.

Submission + - Live LHC webcast of 7 TeV proton collisions (

suraj.sun writes: 8:56 CEST : They've lost a beam. Cryogenics problems have caused one of the beams to go astray, meaning that the ramping process will have to be restarted.

Having recently jacked up its particle acceleration power to create 3.5 TeV (trillion electron volts) collisions, the researchers are today pressing ahead with plans to go to a full 7 TeV, which has never been done before.


Submission + - Artic Ice Satellite Data mis-interpeted (

lonecrow writes: Canadian Scientist David Barber travels to the arctic to confirm satellite readings of multi-year sea ice. He finds that what looks like multi-year sea ice from the satellites is actually more like re-frozen slush. Their finding indicate that Arctic sea ice is disappearing faster than scientists expected and faster then it appears from the satellite data . "It's happening much faster than our most pessimistic projections".

There is also short radio interview on a CBC national science show.


Submission + - Reality of Global Warming? Learn about it where? 3

Gnissem writes: Where can a reasonably educated layperson read the pro and con evidence for global warming? Maybe even with real data that can be understood by someone who remembers their college math and physics. I'm asked all the time by friends and relatives for my opinion on global warming, and I always hesitate to answer. Yes it seems like far more 'experts' believe it is real than not, but I don't want to just parrot the words of someone else. I'd like to try to decide for myself. Everything I have read is either far too simple, or written for atmospheric scientists, or so clearly approaching the evidence with a strong pre-existing bias. Isn't there anyone who, like me, hasn't made up their mind and has reviewed and presented the evidence before coming to a conclusion?

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