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The Media

Submission + - PirateBay: This is what a criminal looks like ( 1

CelestialScum writes: Norwegian leftist party Rød (Red) has launched a website related to the Pirate Bay trial, in which users can upload mugshots of themselves. The topic of the site is "This is what a criminal looks like" and tell the prosecutors that they have the wrong people. "It's not the people behind the Pirate Bay who has shared files. It is us, the millions who use their site." they say, and invite everyone to upload a mugshot of themselves to show the world who the real criminals are. They even have a press release located at
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook blocks users from mentioning (

ThinkingInBinary writes: "The other day, I was trying to mention in my Facebook status, and I discovered to my horror that Facebook blocks the phrase "" as "abusive" in status updates, messages, and presumably any other communications on the site. Facebook isn't even listed on BugMeNot, as they requested that logins for Facebook be blocked. This is pretty ridiculous, as I can't even send my friends a message mentioning!"

Submission + - Sarah Palin Wants Creationism Taught in School

ryho writes: "It's rare I ever think something I read online is worth sharing with others, but this just kills me. According to Wired News, Sarah Palin wants creationism taught in science classes. "It's unfortunate McCain would pick someone who shares those particular anti-science views, but it's not a surprise," said Barbara Forrest, a Southeastern Lousiana University philosophy professor and prominent critic of creationist science. "She's a choice that pleases the religious right. And the religious right has been the chief force against teaching evolution." Maybe after the Slashdotters launch some honest to goodness logic on the boards, they can aim their anger here. I weep for the future."
The Internet

Submission + - FCC chief proposes free internet

marley writes: "WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 (UPI) — A U.S. government official says high-speed Internet access should be available to all residents even if that means providing it free of charge. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin says the government has a social obligation to make sure everybody can participate in the next generation of broadband services, USA Today reported Wednesday.

Full (short) story here.

I wonder if Canada would follow suit."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Google, MS Not Keen on Irish Subsidiary Tax Search

theodp writes: Commenting on a GAO study which revealed that 2 out of 3 U.S. corporations paid no federal income taxes from 1998-2005, Sen. Cal Levin charged that 'too many corporations are using tax trickery to send their profits overseas.' The Irish Times follows up with a report that Irish subsidiaries owned by U.S. multinationals are taking the further step of converting to unlimited liability status, protecting the financial performance of their Irish operations from public view. They include Microsoft's incredibly-profitable Irish subsidiaries Round Island One and Flat Island Company, Google Ireland Holdings, and a subsidiary of Apple Computer. The conversions to unlimited status have occurred over the last three years as U.S. tax authorities have increased their scrutiny of international mechanisms used by American multinationals to reduce their taxes at home.

Submission + - JetBlue Effects Detention For Passenger's Video

An anonymous reader writes: After there was an altercation on a JetBlue flight, the crew later asked passengers about it when Parver volunteered that she had a video of it. That's when her trouble began.

"After viewing the video, they demanded that I delete it," Parver said. At that time, another flight attendant accused Parver of wanting to put it up on YouTube, a video-sharing Web site. "I do not even know how to download a video on the Internet," Parver said. A few minutes later she was given a yellow slip of paper notifying Parver to cease her illegal behavior or risk very serious repercussions with the phrase "Interference with an airline crew member" circled. The offense has a maximum punishment of $10,000 in fines and 25 years in jail. Parver said she was escorted off the flight by two police officers, a TSA agent and a JetBlue Airways representative in handcuffs.

The incident occurred in late July, but it's yet to receive much coverage in the way of media coverage.


Submission + - FBI to Allow Warrantless Investigations in October (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Attorney General Michael Mukasey has agreed to allow Congressional hearings, but not to delay, the implementation of new FBI regulations that would allow them to spy on American citizens who are not suspected of any crime. As an editorial in the New York Times points out, this is a power that has a history of abuse. In times past, it was used to wiretap Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to spy on other civil rights and anti-war protesters."
The Internet

Submission + - Canadian Gov't Uses Copyright To Stifle Criticism

An anonymous reader writes: Canada will be introducing the Canadian DMCA in the next couple of weeks, yet crown copyright reform is unlikely to be part of the reform package. No surprise there. According to the Toronto Star, crown copyright costs Canadians hundreds of thousands of dollars while being used as a tool to suppress public criticism of government programs. For example, an educational institution request to reproduce a photo of a Snowbird airplane was denied on the grounds that the photo was to be used for an article raising questions about the safety of the program. Similarly, a request to reproduce a screen capture of the NEXUS cross-border program with the U.S. was declined since it was to be used in an article that would not portray the program in a favourable light.

Submission + - Oregon speech law challenged in court

MachineShedFred writes: A lawsuit has been filed against all the county District Attorneys, as well as the Attorney General of Oregon to block enforcement of a new law that restricts the sale of "sexually explicit" material to people under the age of 18. Powell's Books (who claims to be the largest independant new and used bookstore in the world) as well as Dark Horse Comics (publisher of Frank Miller graphic novels) as well as many other bookstores claim that the new law would be impossible for these businesses to comply with. In an affidavit, Michael Powell had to say "Powell's has in stock over 2 million volumes constituting over 1 million titles," Powell said in his affidavit. "We receive on an average over 5,000 new titles per week. Obviously we cannot read each new title to determine whether there are any sexual explicit portions and if so whether such portions 'serve some purpose other than titillation' (even if I knew what that meant)."

Submission + - Blood pressure Vacine

Johnny "O" writes: "Hypertension can be controlled with the current drugs on the market however, there is a company out there that has come up with a drug that can be injected every four months under the skin and will control high blood pressure. I was a little surprised that no one had written about this before and I thought that it was important for other people to know. The original article is at At the bottom of this article you will find additional links to other sites. One day I will be able to get an injection when I see my doctor and won't have to worry about missing my blood pressure medication."

Submission + - Why the US Consumers Don't Deserve Decent Robots (

SkinnyGuy writes: "Interesting and lengthy look at how differing cultural approaches and expectations for robots are setting the stage for Amercian consumers to miss out on the best robots have to offer. The first paragraph is kind of funny: 'Someday the robots will rise up and kill us all. They'll record our lives, obliterate our privacy, set off nuclear war, and eventually turn on us and eat our brains. If any of this ever did happen, it would serve us right. We, at least American consumers, don't deserve the future that robots really have to offer.'"

Submission + - Kaleidoscope: Implementing a Language with LLVM (

sabre writes: "The LLVM Compiler System is being used for all sorts of interesting things these days. It basically provides an extremely modular and easy to use set of open source (BSD-licensed) compiler libraries that can be used to build various applications from. Despite this, many people don't really understand it, and are scared away by the breadth of the project or by compilers in general.

The Kaleidoscope tutorial starts out from scratch and slowly builds up a simple language to show how LLVM can help out with this. We end up with a JIT compiler for a fairly interesting little language with less than 700 lines of code. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, once you start with LLVM, there are all sorts of things you can do."


Journal Journal: Google Censoring Criticism of a U.S. Public Official?

If you think Google censors free speech only in China, you need to read this article. Google is apparently also censoring free speech right here in the United States. An article criticizing improper judicial practices of Judge Stephen Limbaugh, who sits on the Missouri Supreme Court, was published on about a dozen websites on October 31 and Nov 1. Stephen Limbaugh is a cousin of radio commentator Rush Limbaugh.

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