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Comment Are custom engines dead for 'normal' developers? (Score 2) 727

More and more developers seem to be using the existing engines (i know you used Unreal 3 for Rev 60, Unity, UbiArt, etc) which makes sense given the huge number of features they provide with little initial development cost and common tool sets/plugins used by other developers. Do you think there is much future in developers using custom engines for games (both indie and non-AAA) or do you think it will continue to become more uncommon for common genre games as you start at a larger and larger feature 'deficit' by having to redevelop the features on your custom engine, let alone porting issues, leaving only vert large/profitable houses (Naughty Dog, Insomniac, EA, etc) to be able to bear the time/$ costs?

Comment Re:There's no debate (Score 1) 267

I agree, though sadly I'm not happy with either KDE or Gnome (or even XFCE) recently. Hence why I'm typing this post on Mac OS X Yosemite. I've been using Linux for almost two decades now (I'm running OS X on one laptop, Mint on the other), and while the desktop situation has improved, the Linux desktop as a whole has always felt stuck in a two steps forward, one step back routine.

Comment Re:the good old days... (Score 1) 784

Fellow Virginian here (hello from Buchanan Co!), and it was much the same for me. Many, many days were spent exploring the mountains behind our house, and we even had this really fantastic vine swing that we used to swing back and forth across the stream that ran down the mountain. We would've been around 10 years old ourselves, and while our parents knew where we were and we were expected to check in regularly, I can't imagine being told that we weren't allowed to do something as simple as walk home from the store (which we also did on many occasions, but that was closer to two miles than one).

Comment Re:The point? (Score 1) 57

Who says it always works flawlessly? have they played through the entire game several times? maybe there is crash code or places where you can literally get stuck in a wall.

Very unlikely. Most Oculus integration is little more than a camera mod; it isn't going to integrate to the point where it can cause the types of issues you're describing.

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