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Comment Re:yeah, tax the robots (Score 1) 392

That is a lie, and you are a liar. Bill Gates got rich by abusing Microsoft's monopoly position. The USDoJ found that Microsoft (under the direct control of Gates) basically abused its position in every way possible. And then under Bush, John Ashcroft declared that they would not be punished in any way. Then the Gates Foundation was created to hide those ill-gotten goods from future administrations which might try to seize them.

Cunning hiding it away in things like vaccination programs and other A rated charitable activities? I dislike the MS story as much as anyone, but to say that Gates hasn't used his money for genuine philanthropy is myopic.

Comment Re:Wacky thinking (Score 3, Insightful) 430

It matters not whether you follow Christian beliefs or not during your time on this earth, but when you shed your mortal coil and find yourself in the Pit you will wail in disbelief ... but by that time, it will be too late.

AKA: "I don't care about people, but I'm forced to be ethical because otherwise I'll be in the pit." That's an inspiring ethical approach you've got there.

Comment Re:"The Justin Bieber of chess" ?! (Score 4, Insightful) 449

Sure, although it's worth noting that Bieber is more of a heartthrob that sings. That's not to knock his singing per se, but he's no grand master and certainly wouldn't be globally #1 rated. Just like Hilton, his main skill is being very charismatic in an attention economy and he primarily supplies eyeballs.

Carlsen plays the best chess in the world and happens to be attractive. That's the difference.

Comment Re:Set course for accountability... (Score 1) 372

It's not about not having a nice office. Making people unhappy and unproductive is stupid.

My issue is that it's designed for the ego of the person in the main chair at the cost of practicality. You can't, for instance, see what people are doing behind you or easily go to their desk. Nor can you look your workers in the eye without leaving the chair, and it's a massive screen in a data gathering operation that is the opposite of something that needs quick command decisions. If it was on a warship I'd think it was poorly placed for crew communication. Since it's in an admin office it's a remarkably classless piece of manhood compensation for the boss that actually makes the office work less well.

I'd be embarrassed to be the person who had commissioned that, and not because I believe in hair shirts for public officials.

Comment Re:Set course for accountability... (Score 5, Insightful) 372

Let the NSA geek feel like he's Captain Picard. You know you would too if given the chance.

I can say with complete assurance that I wouldn't be spending other people's money on such an embarrassingly obvious teenage power fantasy. It belittles the man rather than imbuing him with authority.

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