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Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 2) 647

And I'm sure a lot of people think that way. But it is unfortunately not something we are capable of handling.

I bet you want to fund successful startup companies too, right? Everyone does. There are thousands upon thousands of incubators and investment funds that spend a lot of time trying to filter out the good startups from the bad startups. And do you know how many startup companies go on to succeed? About 1 in 10. That's *after* filtering.

The same applies to science. You are not alone in wanting good, solid, applicable science. But filtering the good from the bad, something that is done on a daily basis in the form of grant applications and directed funding, is not something we can do with any notable degree of success.

In short, if you want good science, you need to fund *all* science, and then pick your diamonds in the dirt. Sure, you can cut the obvious stupidity, like "why do pigeons poop on some statues more than others?", but can you tell the winner from "predicting likelihood of prostate cancer from inherited mutations in Chromosome 7 and X" and "Reducing infectious surfaces in surgical scar tissue by use of mammalian lactoferrin-adhesives" ? I sure can't. I think it's hard, and the fact we have so many dead ends in science tells me others also find it hard.

Comment Re:This is old territory... (Score 1) 374

Keep telling yourself that, buddy.

You took a clearly tongue-in-cheek response and treated it like something absolutely serious in order to get offended. This is Tumblr-grade offense.

Speaking of that, please count the number of incidents you were involved in from this list :)


Comment Re: What will be the conclusion? (Score 1) 53

I'll reiterate, because clearly you didn't get it the first time -

If you do not comprehend the text, your first response probably shouldn't be to hit the reply button.

There is no Trump Emergency Services LLC as the very notion that you would run emergency services under a limited liability flag is below all standards of decency even for Satan. Exxon Mobil would never get into the emergency services business, they're an oil company for God's sake. Furthermore, the president does not personally certify emergency service providers. Expect prices to be 'competitive' when I just stated it would be a monopoly? How can you miss *any* of those things?

That you wouldn't immediately see this as snark or satire directed at the severe level of corruption displayed by both Ajit Pai and the White House is downright frightening, but I guess you had to disable your sanity-checker in order to vote for Trump with a clean conscience.

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