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Comment Re:And if you believe that... (Score 1) 444

It because they want the low income people to leave as fast as possible! j/k; but, it seems more logical than the answers below. Tim S.

Instead, the tolls are one way: you pay them, if you are a nasty, low income person coming from Emeryville into San Francisco, but not if you are a wonderful, high income person going from San Francisco to Emeryville.

The tolls are one-way because they know that 99.99% of people travel back to where they came from so instead of making people stop twice to pay the toll, it's more convenient for *everyone* to just collect it once.

Comment "security-only" bundle (Score 3, Interesting) 400

I will likely use the "security-only" bundle; and try to remove all rarely used Microsoft software other than the Windows 7. I already removed Java and Adobe; now will have to think about removing MS Office because, I foresee, in time the "security-only" bundle will stop patching office. Tim S.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 414

So many universities are racist against Asians even by your definition; while by my definition nearly all are racist.

facebook is the one being racist by treating some races different than others

Racism is only present when one group is believed to be inherently superior to others. The fight to mitigate socioeconomic barriers for underrepresented groups does not come close to fitting the definition of racism. It does fit the definition of inclusive discrimination, which so far has been the only successful way of fighting institutional exclusive discrimination.

Comment Re:Seriously: wouldn't ever happen to Republicans (Score 1) 285

So the Democratic Party is exactly what I thought it was! Tim S.

Applause for changing the subject away from the very damaging contents of these emails. There are persuasion courses that charge top dollar to teach these things. The Democratic Party in America is not what everyone thought it was. They are racist, elitist, election-fixing, democracy-shitting-on assholes. People all over the world have been shocked by just how evil they were revealed to be. But on stories like this, change the subject as often as possible, that's a solid move. Get people talking about ANYTHING other than what we all saw the Democratic Party really means.

Comment Carbon dioxide in NOT pollution (Score 1) 227

FYI: Carbon dioxide in NOT pollution; no matter what some idiots say. Carbon dioxide in NOT pollution!! Tim S.

Vehical emissions account for less than 1% of all air pollution sources.

Not true. Passenger cars and light trucks account for about 10% of the global carbon footprint. And unlike you, I have sources to prove it.

To get idea of the scope of the misconception, a single supertanker pumps more air pollution into the atmosphere in a single day than all the cars in the world, VW diesels included.

You're the one with the misconceptions here. As per the above source, shipping only accounts for 2,2% of global CO2 emissions. Besides, you're the one with the misconceptions here - your idea came out of a Guardian article that focused on sulfur oxide emissions to the exclusion of everything else. This is ridiculously misleading, because cars emit next to no SOx.

I'm not defending VW, but pointing out that this VW bullshit is a distraction

And yet you're making factually inaccurate claims in order to trivialize VW's role in willfully deceiving regulators and their own customers around the world.

Comment Re:Seems appropriate... (Score 1) 60

What could be more suitable to guard your drone aircraft's landing field and associated infrastructure than drone vehicles?

Sounds good; but, it might be funny to suggest American Bees as a defense measure.
For years, I have been told the USA is being invaded by African Bees; I think maybe American Bees might want some payback.

Tim S.

Comment Re: I just upgraded my OLD PC to Win10 (Score 1) 503

It's 2016, why are you defragging? Go by an SSD already!!!

I thought I gave a reason in the title of my post; it is a OLD PC. It is NOT worth anything to upgrade its speed. I decided that I really should see Windows 10; but, I saw no reason to pay for it; so I upgraded Windows 7 32 bit to Windows 10 32 bit. My main compliant is how slow it boots up and shuts down compared to Windows 7; defragging will likely fix that. Tim S.

Comment I just upgraded my OLD PC to Win10 (Score 4, Informative) 503

It is NOT as bad as I feared; but, it is slower than I hoped it would be. Windows 7 was faster; maybe after I defrag the speed will go up. I now have to check and see which programs fail to work. NOTE: If you have a NON windows software firewall installed; you really likely need to uninstall it before upgrading. NOTE2: The TinyWall software firewall front-end did NOT work for me on Windows 10; even though their website says it should. Tim S.

Comment Re:Buried lead (Score 1) 379

Depends on whether it was parked correctly; and, if not is the car or you at fault? Tim S.

If my Tesla Model S is parked on the street, and some truck smashes into it, sending my car onto the sidewalk where it rolls over a pedestrian... is it Tesla's fault?

This article reads like a hit piece.

Comment Re:Last useful thing the US will do (Score 1) 47

Wow, I missed France leaving the EU or France turning over their nukes to UN control. This is ignoring the nukes that the UK has. Tim S.

If the usa forces it's laws and culture on the world, then why isn't the rest of the world is more civilized?

The EU doesn't have nukes to launch, there nukes are under control of the UN.

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