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Comment couple of pencils (Score 1) 258

Nope, if I recall correctly he used a couple of pencils and power from the cell (from light) wires to cut open the cell door. Tim S.

There is a new MacGyver. I loved the original, so I watched part of one new ones. I quickly came to the conclusion that it was made for children. It was ridiculous. Then, reflecting back, I had the revelation that the original was also geared toward children. It was ridiculous too. The difference is that 30 years ago I was a child and Mac was fun. I've aged considerably since then. Most of us have.

Mac wouldn't need to build a spare parts computer. He'd just use his shoelaces and a pulley to bend the bars and escape.

Comment Not "traditional additive printing" (Score 1) 13

From the Article: "The Silicon Valley company that created the method, Carbon, say it’s faster and more adaptable than traditional additive printing, and can make mass-production 3D printing a reality." Now I understand why they said they were going to mass-produce it. It is NOT using "traditional additive printing"; Because from all that I have read "additive printing" is NOT viable for mass production. I wish I knew if this new method really is "additive printing" or something new that they are marketing as "additive printing"/"3D Printing". Tim S.

Comment Re:It's not Russia (Score 2) 171

Any more fake news you wish to share? If you disagree, please present facts on how the US election was disrupted! Tim S.

Russia is neither here nor there. They may have influence, they may not. What matters is that some state-level intelligence agency was able to disrupt the American electoral process. That's bad no matter what team you play for. Not only that, but now that it has been successful, do you think that will result in more attempts or fewer? And tell me, exactly how expensive is it to set up a team of hackers?

Russia is the least of our problems.

Comment Re:legal advice? how's from not a law (Score 1) 90

...and lawyers help created it? Hell must have froze over....or more likely I am missing something. Ok, I generalize, some lawyers may be good persons.

Not that I personally am against it!

Of course Hell froze over; Did you NOT hear the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in baseball! Tim S.

Comment Re:Call a spade a spade (Score 2) 222

Depending on what you mean by "lobbying" it is NOT always a bribe; it many cases it is instead protection money.
Tim S.

In the end, this ruling clearly favored firmly entrenched big brand operators like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and ATT, which lobbied hard to keep competition at bay.

Can we just call a spade a spade, and treat "lobbying" as a bribe? I'm getting sick of seeing this blatant corruption.

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