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Comment Re:It's not Russia (Score 2) 171

Any more fake news you wish to share? If you disagree, please present facts on how the US election was disrupted! Tim S.

Russia is neither here nor there. They may have influence, they may not. What matters is that some state-level intelligence agency was able to disrupt the American electoral process. That's bad no matter what team you play for. Not only that, but now that it has been successful, do you think that will result in more attempts or fewer? And tell me, exactly how expensive is it to set up a team of hackers?

Russia is the least of our problems.

Comment Re:legal advice? how's that...legal from not a law (Score 1) 90

...and lawyers help created it? Hell must have froze over....or more likely I am missing something. Ok, I generalize, some lawyers may be good persons.

Not that I personally am against it!

Of course Hell froze over; Did you NOT hear the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in baseball! Tim S.

Comment Re:Call a spade a spade (Score 2) 222

Depending on what you mean by "lobbying" it is NOT always a bribe; it many cases it is instead protection money.
Tim S.

In the end, this ruling clearly favored firmly entrenched big brand operators like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and ATT, which lobbied hard to keep competition at bay.

Can we just call a spade a spade, and treat "lobbying" as a bribe? I'm getting sick of seeing this blatant corruption.

Comment Re:Could not recall briefings because of concusion (Score 1) 409

Finally a post I can agree with 100 percent. Tim S.

The critical difference for me is that the media is behind Hillary, and will let her get away with anything.

On the other hand, the media hates Trump, and will hold his feet to the fire for *everything*.

I want a president that the media hates, so that they can't just break laws, magically make new ones with executive orders, and engage in wholesale corruption with no consequences.

Trump 2016.

Comment Re:Oh yeah? Then what are you gonna do about it? (Score 1) 410

FYI: Civilization and appeasement are NOT tied together; you can have one without the other. Tim S.

But these companies already own your government - you really think Trump will help? He's already part of the problem, not the solution. The answer is MORE civilization and civilized answers - not destroying civilization because the richest minority refuse to pay for it and allow it to function, even if their present riches would not exist without it - but the right wing in your country thinks civilization is the problem, not humanity's ultimate solution, and so they are the enemy of humankind, are dragging everyone else further over to the right with them, and you expect them to HELP?

Comment Re:Goodbye Windows - or maybe Linux (Score 2) 585

I believe this was before Microsoft realized they needed to pay protection money to the US Congress members; the Justice Department might be told to stand down this time. Tim S.

That's not a great example, seeing as how Microsoft ultimately won that battle.

"Won?" Well, that's debatable. After all the appeals, neither side got exactly what it wanted, but I'll grant you that MS ultimately got the better side of the deal: no split into two companies, but it did release details of their API, and showed more glasnost than they had previously.

The point is that the Department of Justice showed that it had the cojones to go after Microsoft, and that made MS proceed more cautiously thereafter.

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