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Comment Car manufacturers (Score 1) 227

If lexmark win this then every car manufacturer will be able to create their own fuel and shut out generic petrol alternatives.

Hell... You could make a toaster that must only run on your specific brand of bread.

Or even better... A toothbrush that is only licensed to use one brand of toothpaste.

Hell, a glass that may only use a specific brand of sparkling water.


Comment Re:30 years... no (Score 2) 231

I guess, approximately 12 years after unlimited energy and unlimited manufacturing capability across all segments of the economy, we will have the first generation of kids with zero ability to compete and therefore the possibility economic collapse. It is also likely that the economic implications will not be fully comprehended and incorporated into the world economic system which means that specific corporates are competing. Multiple system shocks will likely put the worlds economic system at a breaking point, after which, based on mankind's ability to work together, it will be a choice between (a) nirvana / star trek / culture, or (b) dystopian future / enslavement by the few, (c) the apocalypse / terminator .

Personally I prefer (a). Our ability to work together has not been proven. Consider Kim/Bob/ with unlimited energy and unlimited manufacturing.

Comment Qualification Necessary (Score 2) 105

The average person, is not qualified to read or understand that tab about when it is secure and when it isnt. Hell, the average university masters graduate is not qualified to understand the information on the SSL security certificate.

I recon they are simplifying the browser security to make websites more ruthless in adhering to good security practices by punishing those admins who give their users a false sense of security.

Comment Re:Inferior compared to my brain ... (Score 1) 69

* Human Neuron: Cannot be exposed to deep space radiation. Will die. Cannot manage extreme G-force. Learning new skills take ages.
* Chip: Can be shielded to deep space radiation. Will not die. Deep space advanced robotics applications. Can take extreme G-force. Can be weaponised. Could create medical robotics with "plugins" for each medical discipline.

Comment Re:Sorry, no exceptions to mathematics. (Score 3, Interesting) 388

I would create multiple usernames/passwords that are allowed to unlock the system. E.g. Multi login. They keystore that secures the encryption on the device would then have to be doubly encrypted with two seperate encryption keys on the device using a public key of the 2nd user available on iCloud. The second encrypted store could be uploaded to iCloud and only decoded by that 3rd party who would then have access to decrypt the duplicated information.

You could do PK key exchange via bluetooth or something more personal to prevent against MITM attacks.

The device would then need a time delay to prevent that designated user from logging onto your phone through casual day to day usage. The device should only be accessable 30 days after not being used and would require the user to access iCloud to fetch and decrypt the store. The device would still be protected by encryption but may be decrypted by a designated person(s) so long as the designated person is nominated upfront.

Comment Early Universe (Score 1) 157

Surely, according to the current theories, the "big bang" would be similar to just a "big supernova" in which heavy elements and very heavy elements are created. If the "big bang" fractured inconsistently, it is likely that it is not unreasonable that suretly after the "big bang" there would be many dense stars that go super-nova. Why they dont immediately fall back into into "black holes", all things considering, is another wonder

So much to learn... too many "theories".

Comment Dental Records? (Score 1) 100

They might as well generate his dental work, or diagnosis and cross reference the likely cancer treatments he is likely to have with purchases of any vitamin supplements he may require as a result of genetic deficiencies.

Whats that.. four datasets.... Credit Card History, Dental History, Medical History, Facebook photo. Identify likely diagnoses and filter. Obviously the older you are the easier it is to trace you since you are likely to have certain genetic risk become issues. A few good generic markers and you'll cut it down to a few thousand people.

Comment Airgap (Score 1) 378

Just close the airgap. Split the atm into 3 distinct containers with separate air sections. The electronics and wires can move between the walls. The card tray and mechanism can be separated with an air vent back into the lobby. The dispenser tray can vent to the lobby and have money dropped into it and out of it in an air tight seal.

Problem solved. It's probably possible to retro fit to existing enclosures with a bit I'd thought work.

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