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Comment Re:cyanogenmod (Score 1) 184

There is an option under developers to tell it to cache 1-5 apps or for it to simply kill any background running processes in CyanogenMod. The biggest reason they all do this is to save on power. Yes you might have an awesome battery life but you don't want to wake your phone up 2-3 hours later after it's still running all of your apps the whole time and have a dead battery.

Comment Re:Ummm, (Score 1) 105

This is what I get for waking up in the morning still drunk and trying to post something on the internet, Yes I'm aware it's 10+ billion years old, but my main point is the fact human logic is based off human math and human time. When you go in to space time works differently so does a lot of other elements like light. We don't know how far out it takes for light to start to decay or if it ever decays at all. All we know is that we've run tests here and run off those numbers, which may not be anywhere in the ballpark of the real numbers we might find out once we go out and see it first hand.

Comment Ummm, (Score 2) 105

Yes I know that light takes millions/billions of years to get to use, but if the 'big bag' happened only a 100 million years ago before you see 'this' blob how in the world would it be so far away? Some times when people discover stuff they fail to notice how it all began, if anything the galaxy might have been one of the first and it might be going through a rebirth cycle but it sure as hell isn't still forming from the start of the universe.

Now I do understand that when you bend light it might take longer to show, maybe even in this case you might be looking in to a greater past than what we think we are currently looking at. However if let us say all matter in the current universe started in a single point and somehow exploded how long do you think it took for such object to get to its destination?

Comment Cheaters guide (Score 1) 242

I use color coordination or codes for cords, since putting "monitor cable" is far too large to tape on I found using short words to work much better, like "screen" or drawing a picture. When dealing with lots of USB cables I tend to always plug them in the same places, Keyboard/mouse right under the Ethernet connection cameras and other connections after that. I first started using twist ties at first making shapes to show what they go to. for my switch and router, I try to color code them so I can tell my wife what needs to be switched off from the phone if something happens and I’m not home to do it myself. Otherwise I try to keep cables sorted by type, then length, and lastly by color.

Comment Keeping things Clean (Score 1) 341

I make sure to maintain my keyboard being clean by making sure my hands are clean every time I use them. Sadly over time they can get dirty which just means I have to take it apart, and wash it. I've only gone though one keyboard, and the last time died because of a defect in the usb/ps2 aspect of it so I had to replace it. My roommate goes though keyboards every year I think it’s because he eats over it and basically lives at his desk while taking little or no care about it. His last keyboard was growing mold on it which is how that ended, I told his wife to stop buying wireless keyboards for him if he’s going to go though them every year.

Now if we were talking about mice, due to my gaming habits I think I've got though 6 of them, sadly the left clicker wears out, and I've tried many attempts to fixing them in the past with no luck, sadly my first mouse died for other reason but it could be the issues I have with mice now are because of the brand since I switched after that first one and had so many issues since.

Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score 0) 738

I think regardless they need to stop spending money on sueing the other companies and start looking as making more than just 1 phone. I think the biggest issue is cost. You can buy a cheap android phone, you can't really get a cheap iPhone unless you want an older one. Not to mention other companies are making new phones every 6 months where apple seems to be a lot slower at it.

Comment Causing their own issues (Score 1) 665

They need to stop trying to make it look shiney and do a small update and call it a new version. People who have been using firefox since it's 3.x days are used to the old update system and DO NOT CARE about having a new version every few weeks. I think they first need to figure out why flash +firefox = massive headaches because ever since 11.3 flash I've had nothing but issues with firefox loading flash applets and I'm getting sick and tried of them making 'improvments' and saying they fixes stuff when all they are doing is making it worse. They either need to do their update cycle sliently like google chrome and really fix issues with it or go back to the old method and only apply updates that really do something. I've been happy with firefox for years, but now I can't stand it. some people I'm sure like this setup but I don't think it works for them.

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