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Journal Thwomp's Journal: Comic Relief Music Video On YouTube... Unbelievable! 1

I was searching through YouTube for Comic Relief clips from Friday night's extravaganza and I came across the Peter Kay/The Proclaimers music video. I could not believe that somebody had posted a video that had the sole purpose of raising money for charity. In the comments the poster tries to justify posting it using some kind of bizarro-world logic:

This video may not be coyprighted to me BUT... I downloaded it from the iTunes Uk Store this evening! So don't take it off for copyright infrigement because I've downloaded it legally! Thanks.

Oh well, my mistake, that's alright then! Nevermind that you're defrauding every person involved in the project and, even worse, the people who might have benefited from that extra bit of money. I guess morality just isn't an issue for some people. I checked the posters profile and apparently they want to be a film maker. Yeah well good luck with that, I'm sure the BBC et al. will look favourably upon you.

You can donate to Comic Relief here and you can purchase the music video in question (not just from iTunes) here.

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Comic Relief Music Video On YouTube... Unbelievable!

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