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Comment Re:Ignoring 98% consensus (Score 1) 167

Some voted because they were told the GBP350m a day we give to the EU (We don't, it's much less) would go to the NHS instead. They back tracked on that within hours of winning
Some thought we'd repatriate EU immigrants. We won't be, it has just been voted on by the government.
Some voted exit as a protest and didn't expect to win and now regret it
Within hours, certain areas of the country were demanding the government would make up the lost EU subsidies they'd just voted to lose
There are still plenty of people who are happy for Brexit but probably not enough to swing it if there was another vote.

Comment Re:Ignoring 98% consensus (Score 2, Insightful) 167

They are currently riding the high from leaving the EU

A) We haven't left yet. We haven't begun to leave yet. All we did was have a vote on if we should.
B) Pretty much everyone I know is bloody angry at the result, the economy is tanking and most of the stuff that was promised by the leave campaign has evaporated and many who voted leave are now regretting it.

Comment OneNote is Microsoft's Best Product (Score 1) 286

Seriously, there's really no competing products beyond OneNote.

I was an Evernote subscriber up until recently; I simply found that the functionality was too easily duplicated in OneNote; Evernote literally provided me zero advantages.

Now, my history is I have always been an open-source fan, run Linux since the early pre-1.0 kernel days, and ran Apple Macs for years before finally migrating back to Windows about 2 years ago. Mostly I did that because of work, but I had gotten a Surface Pro about 4 years ago or thereabouts that I absolutely fell in love with for a portable, simple computer with which I could also do some awesome note-taking with the stylus. This includes drawings on the screen when I need to (which in my job these days is often).

When my Surface Pro got long in the tooth I moved to a Dell Venue 11 Pro, which is what I'm typing this response on. As well as being a really good tablet, it also has an extremely good keyboard if you get the accessory keyboard with the integrated battery. It also has the advantage of giving me runtimes on battery that are just insane and I have never come close to killing both batteries (though I have drained the battery once or twice in tablet-only mode). At this point I have dozens of OneNote notebooks, many of which are archive/reference... but the new active ones are synced to all my devices at once. That means that when I get home to my nice big desktop machine, I can bring up those notes without even thinking about it; no saving to a Dropbox-alike solution, the notes are just there. And I can slide them off to a second screen I'm using for reference material while I work on the action items from those notes on my nice comfortable desktop. Meanwhile my Venue sits quietly on its charger waiting to be taken out again.

Now, there definitely are times OneNote is not ideal. I don't use it for very personal notes... the stuff I don't want synced to a Microsoft-owned cloud (or anyone's cloud come to think of it). For that I have my OwnCloud server with OwnNote. While it doesn't do the hand-written notes, I do have an OwnNote client on my phone so I can tap in quick notes or reference notes I have stored there. I can also hit it up easily at my private URL to quickly get some notes entered... but even I admit it's not as slick as OneNote. Now, having said that since I also have the OwnCloud client on my laptop, I can create text notes in the "Notes" folder in my OwnCloud on my local machine and they also become notes... so there are multiple ways to skin that cat.

So one-size-fits-all? No... but OneNote is good enough for almost everything, and for those few corner cases I find OneNote doesn't work, OwnNote works perfectly. These two tools have become the things I use every day and mean I'm not constantly losing paper notes (my old method).

Having said all that, I DO carry an old paper notebook around as well just in case I'm ever in a place I have no power or access to a computer/phone (VERY rarely, but it happens). If that happens, I whip out the paper notebook and write a quick note... and if I want to digitize it I can either transcribe it later, usually into OneNote so I can translate over diagrams as well.

Comment Re:Sad to see Debian... (Score 1) 319

If you're running Debian on an embedded system then you're doing it wrong anyway. Debian has never been tuned for embedded, and a properly tuned embedded system is more likely to be compiled from source or INCREDIBLY minimal packaging. In addition I can't imagine running systemd on embedded systems as it's a bit heavy for systems with slow CPUs and small memory spaces.

Hell, a basic Redhat / CENTOS install is better tuned for embedded than Debian, and that's not saying much.

Comment Re: Wrong headline (Score 1) 351

Kind of misses the point that Hinkley Point C is a boondoggle. I've been following it for a while since I'm actually a fan of nuclear power as well as renewables... and if you're interested there's a great summary about it here;

It doesn't hurt that Robert Llewellyn was Kryten in Red Dwarf...

Comment Re:Link 404's (Score 1) 93

No, parent poster is right; it's fake. Just watch carefully. I did and noticed way too many incongruous or inconsistent moments. For example there's a moment when you see the hoverboard turn to the right with the pilot on top... the pilot literally doesn't move. It's quite obvious this is a jet-powered quad drone with a mannequin on top. At other times I suspect a crane, and the footage is very carefully cut and cropped to not show it.

Seriously, the video is crap. I am not a pro and I could probably put together something close to it using Premiere. Hell, even shooting the footage I can think of a dozen different ways to actually get the footage that don't involve a working hoverboard... could probably put the entire thing together in about a week on a budget of less than $5K if I rope some of my friends into the scam.

Just watch... they'll fire off an Indiegogo or Kickstarter based on the footage, raise loads of money and then pull a "Coolest Cooler" where they suddenly claim they need more money... and more money... and more money... and then vanish. While Coolest haven't done that yet, I predict that's what's going to happen. It's not hard to hide investments and file bankruptcy... yeah, it's fraud but some people only care about making money.

Oh, and since when has "horsepower" been a measure of jet power? Yeah, the whole thing just reeks of scam.

Comment Re:A famous book of literary criticism once said.. (Score 1) 288

Except that this is still within spitting distance of two tickets to a movie plus snacks at the ridiculous theatre prices. And there are people (myself included) who have put a pretty decent investment into a home system that's more comfortable and in many ways better than a theatre system (you can control the volume yourself to start, pause the movie when you need a bio break etc.)

On the flip side, I DO enjoy actually going to a theatre to watch a movie... and yes I enjoy new releases on occasion. I think this might be a service I will use because (a) I can afford it and (b) sometimes my girlfriend and I would rather sit home and watch a movie. Invite a couple of friends over for a "first watch" party and all of a sudden that $50 seems pretty damned cheap. In fact, I think I'd probably do that at least once a month.

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