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Comment Re:MS Surface has been on my mind lately... (Score 1) 293

I know I'm late to the party, but your statement that Windows has always been an exercise is frustration is most certainly true for you, but not everyone. For me, the last couple of iterations of MacOS before I sold my 15" MBP about a year ago were more of an exercise in frustration than Windows 10 has been.

Yeah, I'd have loved to use Linux as my primary OS but I was limited in what I could accomplish and limited in the hardware I could buy. I had certain things I wanted to accomplish with my new laptop ecosystem and Linux literally didn't have the hardware support at the time to do it. Yeah, it does now... but I would still find Linux intensely limiting due to my use cases today. And quite frankly the hardware support is still lagging far enough behind that it renders itself irrelevant to me pretty quickly.

Privacy concerns? I personally don't care. The metadata collection that Microsoft does is something I don't really give a monkeys about so long as I can get my work done in a simple and effective manner. Yeah, I do some blocking with PFBlocker on my firewall because why the hell not? Just because I don't mind the metadata collection, doesn't mean I'm going to make it easy for Microsoft. And unfortunately that doesn't help when my laptop leaves my house... but that's infrequent enough that I don't care.

I'm not a Microsoft shill, but neither do I care much about the operating system I run any more. I have very little software that's Windows-specific just as I had relatively little software that was Mac specific. I'm more concerned that the hardware I run is capable of working with me and helping me do my work and once I wrote up a list of hardware I wanted in my latest iteration, listed out the capabilities that I wanted and so on neither Mac OS nor Linux were an option for me. Like it or not, leading (or bleeding) edge hardware has never been either Apple's or Linux' strong suits. And there are some people who actually need that hardware.

For the record too, my transition into using Windows 10 was easy, and continues to be easy. My computer is really reliable and has had zero issues even considering I did an upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10 (8.1 was the OS of choice when I got my current hardware). Usually I'd expect issues but I had surprisingly few. I had to uninstall a couple of pieces of software due to compatibility issues, but I didn't miss them either.

Comment Old idea (Score 1) 278

I had a book as kid that was published in the very late 60's or early 70's that was all about The Future. It covered a pretty broad base and by and large is panning out nicely - big flat screen TVs, working from home, automating medical analysis etc. On farming, it had robot vehicles being computer controlled with the 'farmer' sitting in front of a bank of screens monitoring it all.

Comment Re:Posted from a Thinkpad (Score 1) 535

Well.. not until now... no...

That's awesome. I'm glad Windows caught up finally. How about Linux, was I at least right about that part?

Nope. Linux has had multi-touch and gesture support at least as long as Windows and perhaps longer. I will concede here that Apple were first to market here, but they haven't really done anything terribly interesting with the technology since.

Comment Re:If vaccination worked (Score 1) 656

And if someone isn't vaccinated and you are, then who cares?

I care. I care for others, not just myself.

Even if someone close to you gets smallpox and you are vaccinated

Smallpox? That'll be the disease that was eradicated in 1980 due to widespread inoculation. Despite your claim, there are several diseases that no longer exist.

Comment Re:If vaccination worked (Score 1) 656

Shouldn't your children be immune if you "vaccinate" them?

They will be, yes but there is also the need for herd immunity. Some people will fall through the net, some may not tolerate the vaccine, some may find it didn't work (they are outliers but it does happen). If the 99.9% are vaccinated, chances are A) they'll be fine and ideally B) The disease will disappear.
Meanwhile, feel free to mess it up for the rest of the population because evidence means nothing to you.

Comment Re:End of AOSP? (Score 1) 197

Google is changing. Well, in truth Alphabet is changing; they want to compete more directly with Apple with their own "Halo" device. The previous Nexus devices (I had a few that I loved) were cheap... but they were also cheap in the sense they were plastic and never top-tier hardware. These new devices are true flagship devices... though the memory is a bit smaller than I might expect in a modern flagship (4GB when many manufacturers are looking at 6)... though with a pretty fat CPU to keep up with it.

For my part, I pre-ordered Pixels for myself and my girlfriend yesterday. My phone is getting pretty long in the tooth (first-gen Moto X) so it's time... and honestly the price while higher than I might've liked isn't too much of a hardship for someone who's been into unlocked phones for years. I haven't been on a contract with a carrier since my iPhone 3GS (long time ago now)... I'm much happier buying unlocked.

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