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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Game Design Essentials: 20 RPGs

simoniker writes: "In the latest in his Game Design Essentials series for Gamasutra, which has previously spanned subjects from 'mysterious games', through 'open world games', 'unusual control schemes' and 'difficult games', writer John Harris examines 10 games from the Western computer RPG (CRPG) tradition and 10 from the Japanese console RPG (JRPG) tradition, to figure out what exactly makes them tick. From the entry on Pokemon: "The front-line Pokémon do all the fighting. They are traded back and forth between trainers, even into, effectively, other universes through either a strange link-cable portal or, these days, converted into photons and broadcast through the ether. Do they question the motives of the god-beings who command them? Do they treat their lot philosophically? Do they pine for the pixel-grass in which they spent their childhoods?""

Comment Re:Great folks, all around (Score 1) 63

If someone had told me when I picked up BG1 that I would end up working for said company, I would never have believed it. But it's certainly an action I don't regret, and it was a hoot meeting you and the others from the NWN community.

But I should have totally slapped Georg with the trout when I was up there, it would have been a once in a lifetime experience - especially since he probably would have fired me afterwards! ;)

Comment Re:saying. "Fast forward to the 21st century" (Score 1) 504

> You did not cost the game's author money. The game's author did not pay to produce the copy you downloaded.

I don't know what world you're from, but the game's developer(s) did pay to create the game. By way of several years of their life, late nights, their health, endangering marriages, risky game design, obnoxious publishers, loud and vocal audience - quite a lot when you think about it.

Point is though, it's done under the premise that the x hours of entertainment they provide for their game, you give money in exchange. It doesn't matter that if copying was impossible, you would not have otherwise gotten the game because you can't afford it. By pirating, you've denied them the monetary compensation, but still got to experience the game.

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