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Comment Oister (Score 1) 195

I use Oister. Pay around $20 a month for unlimited talk + data + text in all of Scandinavia. It also includes 60GB data for internet sharing, and while that isn't enough for my monthly desktop use, it's very handy to have as a backup (faster than my wired connection).

Comment Seriously though (Score 1) 421

Who are these tourists he's talking about? Who are these people that can't stand the sigth of a windmill? And how do they feel about street lights, overhead electrical cables, fences, walls, lighthouses, cars and stuff? I'm serious. I'd like to build tourism in my local area and I would like to know all of the things we should try to take legal action to get rid of.

On another note, if Trump is so concerned about what people find offensive, maybe he should look into getting a $5 haircut and getting his lips surgically sealed.

Comment Don't care either way (Score 1) 279

I don't go to the movies anymore. Last few times I've gone I've wished I was back home before the 25-30 minutes of ads were done. It costs around $20 to buy a movie ticket here, so I don't see why they need to waste my time with these ads. If they can't afford to show the movies without the ads, then maybe they should just stop having cinemas. I'm perfectly happy watching movies from the comfort of my home, using whatever streaming service is all the rage. I'll microwave some popcorn and spread it out all over the sofa and pour soda under my feet for that authentic cinema feel. Maybe even invite a really tall friend over to sit in front of me and partially block out the screen.

Comment Digital media have created this problem themselves (Score 1) 519

Users didn't start blocking ads because of some unreasonable hatered towards good deals on stuff and services. Users started blocking ads because of bad ad practices. I don't want to search through 10 tabs looking for that one dickhead page that's playing audio half way down a mile long article. I don't want to search for an X and cross my fingers that I'm not getting hijacked, simply because my cursor ventured away from the content area of the website. I really really really don't want to take your survey about how well your website works 1½ seconds after loading the page. I don't want blinking banners telling me I've won some imaginary prize.

Bad ad practices have gotten so out of hand that I would claim it's down right a security risk for the average user not to run some sort of ad/flash blocker. My pensioned mother has installed trojans in the belief that she's actually getting a real security warning that her computer is infected, because of fraudulent ads served on regular websites. If the people that manage those ad networks don't give a damn what they're serving, I don't give a damn about what they want to sell me.

I unblock on a pr. page basis. I do believe the content creators I follow, on for example youtube, deserve some money for their efforts, so I sit through some of their video ads. Slashdot ads I've simply forgotten to unblock, because they're so unintrusive that I forget they're there (will unblock after submitting this). Random faceless media can however kiss my ass. If I don't trust them, if I can't trust them and if I don't have any emotional/personal connection to them, they don't deserve the income I can generate for them.

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