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Comment Re:Color me surprised. (Score 1) 172

the Principality of Sealand, I think he means. This is a manmade structure 7nm off the coast of Suffolk which has been privately occupied pretty much since it was abandoned by the British military (it was originally an early warning station and anti-aircraft platform).

I'm sure you meant 7 nautical miles, but I totally read it as 7 nanometers.

Comment Re:Oh hey look! (Score 1) 418

1. DRM becomes increasingly difficult to circumvent. 2. It becomes easier to make a similar game than break the DRM and distribute cracked software. 3. Amateur programmers start making independent, DRM free games for fun instead of cracking corporate software. 4. Free games for all! Probably a pipe dream, but...

Comment Re:Ow My Foot (Score 1) 413

The problem is less that the modern use is unintelligible, and more that by using it, the original purpose of the phrase is not being associated with it any longer. The effect of allowing the phrase to degrade into ever broader meanings is the same as allowing a workman's tools to rust out in the rain, it deprives user's of the craft a necessary tool. Users of formal logic suffer from this misuse, not Joe the Plumber. Also, this "Saying that common English words lose their everyday meaning when used in that particular order begs the question: why would they? Telling someone they're wrong because of your theory that these words have magically lost their ordinary meaning begs the question." pains me deeply. You knew what you were doing there, and that's just plain mean.

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