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Comment It's real. I worked there at the time. (Score 1) 37

It's looks real. I haven't seen that device since it was sitting in the design center in Tokyo. Last time I saw it, it was in the Aoyama Twin Building on the 15 floor where we shared offices with Epic Sony which became Sony Music Entertainment). BTW, in the video the guy has since posted, there is a mark on the back that he says looks like a Z or a 5. It7s neither. It's the Japanese character often used as a quality control signoff.

Comment 11 year old son's non existing email address slurp (Score 1) 210

I purchased my domain name 10 years ago the same day .jp became available. (mylastname.jp) At that time, I hosted it on a florida based ISP then moved to GoDaddy and finally last year to GoogleApps. I created email addresses for my immediate family from day 1. Myself, my wife and my two boys aged 1 and 0 at the time. The boy's accounts where never logged into although there was a secure password set. When I move the domain to GoDaddy, the email accounts did not come over and all data on the old ISP was deleted. Again when moving to GoogleApps the addresses of the boys did not get created. The addresses are, however, in my address book. Which is hosted to my mylastname.jp account on GoogleApps. So you'll understand my surprise when my son's name and email address turns up as a 'Person you may know' on Linkedin. How did they get the address? It hasn't existing in a system for over 7 years, and as far as I know, only resides in my address book. Sure his last name is the same as mine and the email address is mylastname.jp, so there might be a connection there. But the point is, where did they get the address from in the first place? There has never once been an email send from that address. The other concern is that his name and the full email address was clearly shown on screen. What's with that?

Submission + - Japan's MagLev Get Go Ahead (japantoday.com)

ThinkPad760 writes: The Japanese government has finally given approval to build the long awaited MagLev train linking Tokyo and Osaka via Nagoya.
But don't hold your breath. Construction will start in 2014. The Tokyo Nagoya section will be completed in 2027 with the final section to Osaka complete by 2045.
I was hoping my wife could buy me a ticket as my retirement present, but looks like I have a wait a couple of years after that.


Submission + - Japan's Seibu Railways to introduce 'maid trains' (japantoday.com)

ThinkPad760 writes: JapanToday gives us the scope that Seibu Railways is planning to have maids on trains. Maid cafes are very popular in the Akihabara (a.k.a. Electric Town) district of Tokyo with anime otaku. The new trains web site is here if you need to make reservations. I guess is this will already be sold out for months ahead. http://maidtrain.info/

Submission + - Monthly Price: $1.99 to access Slashdot! 1

ThinkPad760 writes: Amazon's new Kindle may be really cool or a complete joke, we'll just have to wait and see. Have you seen the list of available material to download (wirelessly they keep saying)?
Well one of those daily downloads that will greet you in the morning is your old favorite; SlashDot for.... $1.99 a month & includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet!!

So are Amazon misadvertising? They clearly state "Amazon pays for Kindle's wireless connectivity so you will never see a monthly wireless bill for shopping the Kindle Store." yet they are charging an access fee to a free web site. I think I'm missing something. What do /.ers think?

Submission + - NEC releases world's most powerful computer

ThinkPad760 writes: Japan Today is reporting that NEC Corp have released the world's most powerful computer. The SX-9 runs at 839 teraflops and is targetted at the scientific community. The press release from NEC is here. From the release: "In addition to the newly developed CPU, the SX-9 combines large-scale shared memory of up to 1TB and ultra high-speed interconnects achieving speeds up to 128GB/second. Through these enhanced features, the SX-9 closes in on the PFLOPS*3 range by realizing a processing performance of 839 TFLOPS. The SX-9 also achieves an approximate three-quarter reduction in space and power consumption over conventional models. This was achieved by applying advanced LSI design and high-density packaging technology."

Submission + - No more checkin for ANA flights

ThinkPad760 writes: ANA (All Nippon Airways) of Japan will on September 4 complete their rollout of a completely ticketless checkin and boarding pass called SKiP! That's right. You book the ticket online thru either a computer or your mobile phone and then use your ANA Mileage card that has a IC chip or have the booking dowloaded into your IC enabled phone (most phones in Japan have wireless IC chips in them now). When you get to the airport, you go straight to security, place you mobile or IC card on the reader. It confirms your booking, the light turns green and off you go to the gate. At the gate the same thing. 2 peeps and you are in your seat!

I've been using this service out of Haneda to Osaka for the past year. It is fantastic. Since I never have to checkin bags, I turn up to the airport 15 minutes before my flight, walk straight thru security and on board.

From the article.
"Passengers who wish to SKiP, choose their seat after booking and paying for their ticket, in advance of going to the airport. Through mobile Internet technology, seats can even be chosen or changed on the way to the airport. On arrival, they bypass check-in and simply touch one of the following to a reader at security, and then again at their boarding gate: an IC-chip equipped ANA credit card or mileage club card, IC-enabled mobile phone, or printed 2D barcode. The process of buying to flying is thus made very simple and convenient."

See the full story here. http://www.japantoday.com/jp/news/416706

Submission + - Generated healthy mice - no males involved.

ThinkPad760 writes: "It appears that a team of Japanese scientists have found a way to breed mice that does not require a male to be present. From the news story "the construction of ovary cells, or oocytes, from fully grown oocytes and non-growing oocytes that were engineered to allow imprinted genes to function in ova. Without such engineering, they function only when they were transmitted via sperm cells." The orginal article can be found here http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/vaop/ncurrent/in dex.html but at a cost."

Submission + - Japan, Korea, China concider common IC travel card (japantoday.com)

ThinkPad760 writes: Japan Today is reporting that Japan, Korea and China are concidering developing a common IC card for public transportation in the 3 counrties! From the article:

"The decision came during a meeting of tourism ministers which brought together Japanese Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Tetsuzo Fuyushiba, Chinese National Tourism Administration Director Shao Qiwei and South Korean Culture and Tourism Minister Kim Jung Min. Fuyushiba proposed unification of the three nations' different standards for public transportation IC cards."

Full and very short story here http://www.japantoday.com/jp/news/410593. A little more here; http://asia.news.yahoo.com/070626/kyodo/d8q0f1e00. html.

Raises some interesting questions. Like; will they be able to track who is where? What about the exchange rate when not used in the holders home country? After all, you have 3 currencies? Will the make us load the card with each currency, or somehow work out a 3 country settlement system for an IC card??

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