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Comment Re:Good Idea! (Score 1) 34

The result was that Sony, who invented the walkman, couldn't make a usable iPod competitor.

I sometimes thought that Sony's best competitor to the iPod in the mid 2000's was the PSP. It sure wasn't their walkman phones. A family member had the W350 It was a cheap feeling thing with a mediocre UI. Even my Razr V3xx was a better music player.

Comment Re:Some of us know how to use PGP in a real client (Score 1) 26

Well yes if you are living in an oppressive regime and want to have total deniability you DO have to use something like ProtonMail over Tor. And even then they are still vulnerable to the Swiss government requesting what info they have. Not only that, but a US government agency invented Tor in the first place.

But...even the puissant 3-letter agencies of the US with all their resources are not omnipotent/omniscient. We still have mobsters, fraudsters, drug dealers, car theft rings, etc etc. There's too much metadata to go through. What you'd want to do in most circumstances is not stick out from the pack.

In the Revolutionary example you linked to, one of the reasons Revere was able to be singled out as a "bridge" was the small membership of the various organizations and the fact it was easy to find out WHO was a member. Part of that was due to class stratification and lack of literacy.

One thing we can do now is be one of those people who connects to EVERYONE. Be one of those people spamming game invites on Facebook, friending everyone and their cat, joining every social network.

Also we can vary our communication methods and use unconventional networks.

For example the virtual world Second Life has in-world items called "Notecards" they can contain any text and you can copy/paste to and from them. One can also script objects to give out Notecards, even to specific people, meaning I don't actually have to directly contact you in Second Life to communicate with you. I can set up a "dead drop"

Or we could SSH into and communicate there. In fact we could e-mail each other using SDF's own pine or mutt clients between addresses and not have our e-mails transit to any other mailserver.

Or one could self host a temporay IRC server with SSL no less.

People could say, head to a library or starbucks, turn on bluetooth, and send encrypted messages/data to each other. They wouldn't even have to talk to each other or sit near each other.

Or using the above example they could do the same thing but use steganography to disguise their messages as cat pictures.

Comment Re:Some of us know how to use PGP in a real client (Score 1) 26

There are two main reasons why Subject lines in ProtonMail messages are not end-to-end encrypted.

Not Standards Compliant â" ProtonMail adheres to the OpenPGP standard which largely respects the SMTP protocol. In PGP, the subject line is part of the header packet which is not end-to-end encrypted.

That only applies to ProtonMail e-mail messages. As far as I can tell, their special "ProtonMail messages" between ProtonMail users have their metadata protected.

Besides, while metadata does show IP addresses, subject and whatnot it still isn't as important as the message body. For example you could have something like this:

Subject: Cat videos

Message body:

Version: GnuPG v2


That's encoded with gpg2 -a --store so it's not really encrypted, it says:

Here is my review of the new Honeycrisp Inc. music player. It is lame, no WiFi, less space than a Vagabond. Also here is some resistor prOn. Man look at those 1.6K Ohm resistors go.

See what I mean?

Comment Re:PC (Score 1) 166

You don't think that sort of thing exists on PC? Remember, Battlefield and Call of Duty were originally PC franchises so the Dudebro-brown-shooter-of-the-week demographic started out on the PC.

Besides, there's plenty of games on console that AREN'T Gears of Call of BattleMadden 17. (I often use the term, "Call of the Medal of the Gears of the Battiefield of War 47 Master Shooty Sergeant Chief Extreme Edition" myself)

Comment Re:ProtonMail users (Score 4, Informative) 26

Why not use PGP with a real e-mail client? ProtonMail doesn't support keyservers or downloading pubkeys to a keyring which adds a few annoyances to the process of sending/recieving ProtonMail with someone using PGP on a real client.

Also if your pubkey is newer than this one:

pub   1024D/C9E6D134 1999-09-26
uid                  Colin Faber <>
sub   3072g/9220F7D1 1999-09-26

You might want to upload it to the keyservers and at it your Slashdot profile here:

Then it will be available at

Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 166

With consoles, they expect you to upgrade much sooner than you would need to with a PC.

They do?

Original Playstation 1995
PS2: 2000
PS3: 2006
PS4 2013

You're telling me you didn't upgrade your PC between 2006 and 2013?

You can't just swap out the GPU on a console to play the "next-gen", you have to literally buy an entirely new console and start from scratch.

You do? That's not quite as true as one might think:

PS2: backwards compatible with PSone games.

PS3: ALL PS3's can play PSone discs. CECHA, CECHB, and CECHE models are also compatible with PS2 games (and SACD's).

Now the PS4 is different, with the change of Architecture to x86_64 and the decision to not slap a PS3 Cell/RSX or PS2 EE/GS in there to keep the cost down that means no hardware compatibility. Some games have been re-released/re-mastered on PSN. In some cases it is cross buy if you already had the PS3 version, you don't have to pay for the PS4 version.

Playstation NOW, while a fee-based service is also a way of playing older games on a PS4.

Plus, games are MUCH cheaper on PC -- that alone is worth it.

No, they're not. New games cost pretty much the same. In some cases even older games have the same price on console and PC Example, Rocket League.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Rebel Galaxy:

Stardew Valley:

If you getting REALLY cheap games on the PC it's because you're waiting for some length of time for them to become $5 on Steam Sales or something. There are also similar sales on the console online stores but if you only do PC gaming, you wouldn't know about that.

For example, SteamWorld Dig is currently $9.99 on Steam

But it is on sale for $1.99 on PSN, it is cross-buy so that $1.99 also gets you the Vita version:

Watch Dogs 2 is $59.99 on Steam:

But it is on sale for $40.19 on PSN:

That, and the fact that they are backwards compatible with literally every era of gaming.

How many DOS games from 80's do you actually play?

Oh and you can also do literally everything else that is possible on PC (i.e. software), which you can't do on consoles.

Sure you can, because it is a general purpose device that runs Windows. You CAN game on it, but the platform wasn't originally designed for gaming...but business applications. Yes, you COULD game on 8088 PC with a monochrome screen...but it wasn't a good gaming machine...even compared with the game consoles of the time, and certainly not compared to something like the C64 or Amiga.

The ability to run games on WinTel machines is kludge on top of inefficient kludge. A console on the other hand, aside from any multimedia it does (audio, video), is machine whose primary purpose is games. A console doesn't have to run a print spooler, or have antivirus/malware/firewall application running. It doesn't have a Java or Adobe updater running constantly, or iTunes constantly checking to see if there's new music to catalog or if you plugged your iPhone in.

Bring up your task manager and count the processes.

A console is a device for a set task, devices like these have existed for a long time. As has been said. What people need is lots of "little" computers not just one "Big" computer. Dedicated devices fill that need.

I have never understood why people kept getting playstations and xboxes once they started turning into PC-wannabe "multimedia" stations. It's like buying a sports car that is priced like a regular sports car, but capped at 45mph, accelerates like a 4-cylinder, charges you to use the radio, and runs on your ignorance.

I have never understood why people kept getting Windows machines for gaming. It's like buying a Lamborghini to just make grocery trips, but it is capped at 45mph, accelerates like a 4-cylinder, charges you to use the radio, and runs on your ignorance.

Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 116

I grew up playing games like Mario and FF3 (6). Hence my inclinations towards good gameplay over good graphics.

The graphics in those games WERE good state-of-the-art-for-consoles graphics at that time. You're letting your Nintendo Nostalgia cloud your thinking there.

It was popular with EVERYONE.
We actually dusted off the old Wii just a few weeks ago for New Years:

It it is so popular why did you have to "dust it off"?

The reason you had to dust it off was because the Wii is like that Monopoly, Risk or Life set everyone has....that doesn't actually get played that all that often.

Nintendo focused on simple FUN, and absolutely destroyed the much more powerful competition of the time.

There was plenty of simple Fun to be found on non-Nintendo systems, your Nintendo Fanboyism is getting in the way of objectivity.

Nintendo made a lot of money by convincing non-gamers to buy Wii's...who played some Wii Play or Wii Fit now and then...but mostly the machine sat around gathering dust. And yes, Nintendo sold a lot of Wii's, but other than the minority of Smash bros/Zelda/Kart fanboys, those PS3 and Xbox 360 owners actually USED their systems.

Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 116

Nintendo has always had a cartoonish aesthetic about their games. They aren't trying to be hyper realistic, they never have. I seriously don't get where this "competing on graphics" thing came from.

Nintendo most certainly tried to compete on graphics with the NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube. After all, the codename for the N64 was "Project Reality"

Back in the SNES days people who I believe to be people like you always said "Why have a SNES, Sega has better graphics". Nintendo has literally never been top tier graphics except possibly for the original NES, at which point I honestly can't tell as I was too young.

The NES wasn't quite as graphically capable as the Sega Master System, it does have better sound though. The SNES however is a different beast and does have superior graphics and sound to the Genesis.

Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 116

that Nintendo sells most of their consoles at a profit while Xbox and Playstation have largely been subsidized

Not the PS4, that thing has sold at a profit since day 1, which is something that couldn't be said for the Wii U.

It's very difficult to play an XBox One or PS4 with my kids on the couch.

How so? Playing Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Lego-whatever, Uno or Minecraft on a PS4 is no different from playing it on a Wii-U. I think you're letting your "Nintendo Nostalgia" cloud your objectivity on "family friendly"

If you don't want to hear what was done to your mother by a 12 year old, but want to play with others, Nintendo is the console to fulfill that.

You're letting your Nintendo Nostalgia cloud your objectivity again. It is quite possible to play online on non-Nintendo platforms and not have that issue. Besides the fact that certain games are simply not available on Nintendo platforms. After all, if you want to play War Thunder, Star Trek Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe Online, Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition, FFXIV.....they're not available on the Wii-U.

If you want the nostalgic IP of your childhood (assuming you grew up playing games) you also tend to gravitate toward Nintendo,

There were them new-fangled video games on the TV box before Nintendo, whippersnapper. I was old enough to VOTE before Nintendo released the NES in the US. So some us DON'T have that childhood nostalgia for Nintendo.

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 116

Getting HD versions of franchises that are on the 3ds today like Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter

We could have had those things years ago if Japanese developers weren't so stuck in the past with their development practices and weren't so Japan-centric and actually made versions of those games for the mainline consoles.

Comment Re:Evidence (Score 1) 492

It may be that people who were using their PC primarily for gaming are beginning to opt for consoles more (if I understand the term "console" correctly),

My PC runs Linux, but I game on a PS4.

And if the major software manufacturers decide to move to consoles, I think that will encourage more people to use FOSS.

Here's a thing you probably didn't think of....consoles (and console games) using FOSS.

Every piece of Sony gaming hardware since the PSP, has FOSS notices. In fact you can see Eric S. Raymond's name in every PSP, PS3, Vita, and PS4. The PS4 is essentially a FreeBSD system.

Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 166

Hell I can fire up MP on games I bought a decade ago on my PC and play all I want and it don't cost a cent

Sure you can do that, but how many people are actually doing that or "want" to do that. Two words...niche community.

The reason Sony switched to the method it uses now is because:

1. the DEVELOPERS complained about having to maintain servers and account systems and whatnot for each individual game.

2. The PLAYERS complained about not having a unified service.

why in the world would I want to pay money to some third party which we've seen will happily pull the plug the second they can't nickel and dime enough shekels to make them happy?

Sony and the other companies aren't the third parties. They're the First parties. Third parties in this situation are things like Gamespy, or those dudes with a server in their basement for a niche community playing a game from 2004, who could shut it down at any moment.

Comment Re:More Nintendo Stupidity (Score 1) 166

You need a smartphone for voice chat?

What kind of insanity is this? Even the PSP had voice chat built into the few games that used it.

I'm thinking this is yet another way that Nintendo is stuck in the past, after all with all the Nintendo fanboys on slashdot going on about Smash brothers or Mario Kart played LOCALLy, how many people actually used voice chat on Nintendo consoles.

Not only that but if you want to use the pro-controller and voice chat, you have to plug in a mic into the Wii-U's gamepad.

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