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Comment Re:cost plus contract (Score 2) 68

This is not correct. Cost Plus means the contractor is paid for actual work done plus either a fixed fee or an award feed... thus CPFF or CPAF contract types.

Cost plus contracts are NOT the only ones bid legitimately... its normally the opposite. if you know you are you are going to get paid for your actual hours worked, you bid as low as you can justify and then incur over runs later for "risks"', etc.

Point (1): no cost plus never "kicks in" like this. Even in other contract types if anything is changed you can renegotiate the cost.

Point (2): WTF does this even mean....

Point (3): Wrong again. nothing "activates". The contractor is paided for actual hours worked.. thus the "cost" part of cost plus. The "plus" part is the fee paid... basically profit.

Example: You now lawns. You quote someone $50 to mow their lawn. This would be Fixed Price. You take however long you want to now the lawn, and you get $50.

You quote someone $25 per hour for your labor and estimate it will take 2 hours to mow the lawn. This would be cost plus. You might add something like.. if I do a good job I also get $10 bonus at the end.. this would be cost plus fixed fee.

Comment Re:Who's in charge, again? (Score 3, Insightful) 202

The problem with the EPA is like other Gov agencies. For example, the IRS is a needed function, but is it efficient and looking for the best interests of the citizens? Hardly. The EPA is needed, but its growing into a giant lumbering obstacle to many economic and personal ventures.

We all agree that the obvious things are obvious. No one should be allowed to dump toxic waste in a creek. The non-obvious things are where things start to suck. For example a home owner find some outrageous amount for building an unauthorized pond, or restricting development due to a variety of field mouse.

No the market wont find a solution, because the market is designed to find the best price/competition point. There is no real incentive to protect the economy, other than maybe bad press. This is a valid function of government, but like everything else, is prone to abuse.

Comment Customer Instructions (Score 1) 80

I hope they allow customer instructions like the NIOS soft CPU in Altera FPGAs. This lets you create customer HW to implement some function at the ISA level... Altera lets you do single or multi cycle return. And auto generates either an instruction for ASM use or some stubs for C. It really is super useful.

Comment Not all of it is Terrorist related... (Score 3, Informative) 42

My sister is a defense attorney. She is responsible for a few of those subpoena items in 2013. None of them for anything remotely related to national security or terrorists. The last one was some dispute about a winning state lottery ticket... she had to get the txt msg records for her client and the other person.

Comment Re:Anything MS can do Apple can do Eviler.... (Score 1) 464

Eh, I'll reply anyway AC.

The argument I was responding to was that with Apple I'm forced to by the OS with the HW, therefore I'm paying for the OS (read the original post I responded to). This is stilly as almost everyone gets an OS with their HW. Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, HP, Best Buy, Apple...

Its not about anyone dictating anything, just stating that the supposed issue that you HAVE to pay for the OS with Apple applies in almost all cases to Windows as well.

My MacBook Pro (non retina) is exactly as upgradable as my work issued Dell laptop. I can replace the battery, HDD, and RAM myself. If you go to a Air or Retina you can replace the HDD, I think, but nothing else. The trade there is very slim vs upgradability. As to upgrading... as I said I have a Win desktop and a MBP (and the stupid work laptop that I hate for various work IT related reasons). Usually with my desktop, by the time its so outdated I really feel the need to upgrade, its better cost benefit to just get a new box. "Broken items should be fixed". Ya... but my desktop right now runs a Core 2, and there is no upgrade path there... unless I get a new CPU and a new MoBo. I could then get a new GFX card, and use my current HDDs. So... I've saved the case and the PSU and the RAM, maybe. Meh....

Comment Re:Anything MS can do Apple can do Eviler.... (Score 1) 464

No, I said I paid $20 for the OS upgrade.. which follows me to my new(er) Mac. Can you buy a Dell or Toshiba at Best Buy or some similar outlet store with no OS on it? So again your argument doesn't work because I pay for the OS on my Windows desktop as well when I bought my Dell. My more important point is that the Apple version of office SW was greatly cheaper and follows me to any Mac(s) that I own, thus differentiating from the MS Office experience. (I also own MS Office).

Your 30% number is vague as I can find Dell laptops with configurations that match the price of a macbook, and I can price out desktops from dell or alien ware that are comparable and in the same cost area. I'd also argue that even with some % upper for Apple, I am getting additional features that I'm willing to pay for. Namely outstanding service at the local Apple store.. in person. And a nicely curated App store for OSX. Its convenient for a lot of things. And my purchases follow me and I can reinstall without having to remember where I put the activation code, work on any mac I own. Kind of like the Steam model, which is also very nice. We could compare the price of Apple's version of Word, Excel, and PPT, which would cost a total of $60, vs the price of MS Office. So while you supposedly saved on your HW, I could equally claim I saved on office SW...

(Yes, there are some machines with options for Linux that let you reduce the OS cost, and yet, some houses like AVA Direct let you buy a no OS box, but thats not a "typical" PC user's go to place)

Comment Re:Anything MS can do Apple can do Eviler.... (Score 3, Informative) 464

What? Apple is no better because the MS Office Lic applies equally to PC or Mac hardware? The problem is the license, nothing to do with the hardware.

In fact my $20 upgrade to Mountain Lion travels with my Apple ID. I sold an older MacBook and bought a new(er) one that had Lion on it. After I signed into the AppStore my Mountain Lion install worked fine...

Or the $20 Pages or $20 Numbers applications I bought.. once... that work on any Macs I own... at the same time.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 4, Insightful) 1059

Lets say top end rates go back to some of the historically high ones that have existed.. say 70% to 90% on income above $X, what possible incentive would there be to earn that money in the US? Someone with the ability to earn that money will choose to do it in a region where its not taxed like that.

Look at Google, Starbucks, etc, that are doing just that by taking that income in places like Ireland. So no they dont say "I just wont make more", they do it outside the US where they dont pay taxes on it and that money leaves our economy.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 0) 1059

Lol. Sorry, the numbers make your argument total "fucking bullshit". You don't pay FICA on SS benefits. FICA is what funds your benefits, you ignorant twit. FICA is not a traditional tax in that you get it back in the form of those SS benefits you seem to like so much. Its essentially a forced savings account for retirement that is administered by the Gov and half funded by your employer.

Whereas the income taxes some of us pay are directly funneled to others via a huge series of defined benefits and other hand outs. If your beloved "47%" is really largely Sr Citizens living off SS, they dont pay income taxes (as has already been demonstrated) nor do they pay FICA.


Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 5, Insightful) 1059

> The problem since 1980, is that those with the most money have voted that they pay a lower share of taxes than their share of wealth.

No. What is "their share" and why should it be more simply because they are more successful? In fact the top 10% of earners pay 70% of all taxes and the top 50% pay 98% (

The problem is we continue to take from the top 50% and give it away to the bottom 50% who pay essentially nothing and in many cases get a refund check anyway for various credits. This does little to motivate anyone to try and make more money.

>the bottom 98% woke up and said, "wow! The top 1% is taking everything

I think you mean the top 50% are getting tired of funding the bottom 50%. Everyone should pay something if they have an income. If you have no skin in the game you have no reason to care if taxes go up on everyone else and you will continue to vote yourself more money.

This sums up the real problem nicely:
"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship."
-- Alexander Fraser Tyler

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