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Submission + - India set to launch Mars mission in 2013 ( 3

susmit writes: A 320-tonne Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle rocket will be used to carry the orbiter spaceship, blasting off from the ISRO launch site at Sriharikota in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Another senior official at ISRO, requesting anonymity, estimated the cost of the mission at 4.0-5.0 billion rupees ($70-90 million dollars).


Submission + - The future of email is Twitter (

thetechblock writes: "The recent launch of has got me thinking about email. The new Outlook is pretty slick, but it’s a hassle to change email addresses. And email addresses are too complicated anyways. You have to remember a username and domain and TLD. This doesn’t correlate well to real life. We typically remember people as “John Doe,” not “John Doe from 6th Street in Austin.” So, why do we need email addresses that are name@place.anotherthing? It would also be nice to have everything in one place."

Submission + - Feds & Hollywood Seize Domains of Movie Pirate 1

adeelarshad82 writes: The federal government and Hollywood teamed up to seize domain names of seven sites that allegedly trafficked in copyrighted movies without due payment. The so-called "Operation in Our Sites" sting targeted,,,,,,,, and The operation was run by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, in conjunction with several Hollywood studios. Unlike past anti-piracy efforts, the sites did not actually offer the movies for download, but instead streamed the movies and TV shows against ads. Previously, movie crackdowns had concentrated on sites that distributed movie files, most recently using the BitTorrent protocol.

Submission + - Hack AT&T Voicemail With Android

An anonymous reader writes: It is shockingly easy to gain access to any AT&T customers voicemail using caller ID spoofing techniques. What's worse is that AT&T knows about it:

On your Android phone, download one of the two caller ID spoofing programs.
Input the number of your target as the destination number and then enter your targets phone number again as the spoofed caller ID.
Then connect your call.

If at any point your target allows your inbound call to touch their voicemail, you will be dropped into a random menu of their voicemail and eventually can drill up or down to get what you want. You can change greetings, erase messages, send voicemails out of the target account and much more.

How many politicians worried about Google WiFi Sniffing will want to know more about this?

Submission + - iPad 3G SIMs Allow $15 Data-Only iPhones (

An anonymous reader writes: Ever wanted a data-only iPhone plan? Well now you can. Just take the activated microSIM from an iPad 3G, pop it into a microSIM/SIM adapter, put it into your iPhone, and change the iPhone's APN settings to data-only. Don't have a microSIM? No problem. You can get one for $5-$15 depending on your carrier.

The only difficult part is you need momentary access to an iPad 3G to activate the micro SIM before you put it into your iPhone, but you can always borrow someone else's.

Add in a few VOIP apps (google voice/skype) and you can get a voice plan for $6 a month. Add the $15 250 MB data plan and you can talk unlimited with texting and browsing for a little over $20.

Submission + - How to make next-gen media tablet an iPad killer (

PabloSandoval48 writes: Whatever you prefer to call the newest category of portables--smartbooks, media tablets, iPad clones or touchscreen tablets--the astounding popularity of these devices speaks to the societal sea change under way in how we use computers and consume content.

Submission + - ESA's GOCE Satellite Provides Gravity Map of Earth (

kaulike writes: The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite, launched March 2009, has provided a spectacular highly detailed map of our favorite gravity well [BBC]. This map shows the normalized surface of the earth as defined by gravity, by showing the relative altitude differences from the average for each surveyed point. The article provides the helpful metaphor that a ball resting on this surface would not roll anywhere even though there would be visual slopes, as gravity is equalized across the globe. There is a fascinating deep area in the Indian ocean (-100M) and a high area near Iceland (+80M), proving conclusively that our world is not homogenous in terms of density (or practically any other measure). Does anyone know whether these anomalies correspond to any other known geographic phenomena? Deposits of heavy metals perhaps, or hotspots where the mantle is thinner? I know little about geodetic stuff, but I'm curious about reasons for wrinkles in the data set.

Submission + - Chevy Volt Can't Handle Highway Speeds On Electric (

thecarchik writes: High-speed performance testing in Europe has showed the Volt/Ampera to be too slow and unable to regenerate its power quickly enough to sustain high speeds with its current range-extending sequential powertrain design. So GM is considering sending power straight from the 1.4-liter gasoline engine to the wheels.

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