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Comment Re:Age? Nationality? Race? and.... ? (Score 2) 297

Basically, yes your maths is wrong because you haven't done any. Compare how much the cost of university has risen compared to the increases in wages over the same time, say 10 or 20 years. Do that and you'll see that the cost of university has risen far, far faster.

Comment Re:Not any more (Score 1) 156

Who exactly has Trump imprisoned wrongfully? Or are you saying it is wrong to imprison people who set cars on fire and loot shops? I know many on the left bellive this to be true but I had hoped that rot had not spread to the more rational denizens of Slashdot

The U.S.has the highest prison population per capita than any other country in the world, by quite a margin. Either Americans are uniquely awful people, or your justice system is fucked. Which is it, it do you have done other rationalizations as to why the status is the best status quo. Very elegant.

Comment Re:Favorable? (Score 1) 288

Good idea, instead of preventing a massive problem which we can see coming because it happened the same way before with older technology, let's wait until disaster strikes before implementing a hastily cobbled together solution which only fixes 90% of the problem.

Planning is for suckers. Besides we're got to ensure that those who do know history are thoroughly doomed to watch everyone else repeat it.

Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 1) 363

Indeed. If there is a market for COBOL programmers (and it's clear there is), then the obvious solution is for unis and colleges to spit out more COBOL-literate CS graduates. Honestly, if I was ten years younger, I'd probably delve into it myself. It is, after all, just a programming language, and hardly on the same level of trying to learn Sanskrit.

A thousand nopes to that! If businesses want cobol programmers, they ought to pay for them. The salaries aren't especially high, and they're asking people to come into a potentially dead end career working on dull stuff in a boring language. For cheap.

The obvious solution is to pay well and train people up, not expect everything they need to be handed to them on a platter. Other companies get this. I'm switching jobs soon: I've been recruited be a company who wants the skills I learned in academia training up people in my area of expertise. They realise there's a skills shortage, so instead of pearl clutching like so many whiny mega corps, they're knuckling down and doing and paying what they need to get what they need.

Being a smaller, much younger company, I guess they're not of the mindset that everything should be handed to them on a plate.

Comment Re:Update: Testing EnergyStar by GAO resulted in: (Score 1) 272

Same as FDA certification, incidentally. And I say that as someone who just recently got a product all the way through.

You're basically saying you have stuck to the rules and traceability, documentation and safety requirements, as well as proof of efficacy if applicable. If you say that, and pay the registering fee, you are certified. It's quite a lot of work even for a simple device. It also means you're saying your manufacturing facility independent of the device and your meta systems (I.e. The quality management systems you have in place per device are also subject to a global one) are up to snuff too.

By registering, you subject yourself to random audits. If the FDA don't like what they see, the penalties are anything from minor corrections (common when it's an honest mistake with no bad consequences), a product recall, loss of certification, and a few more above that.

You may or may get audited. We got audited during nearly the first week after registering, but we had no product and had shut down our registered manufacturing site before opening another (we weren't actually manufacturing yet) so they went away and haven't yet come back.

Comment Re:Remains to be seen (Score 1) 182

. Then they aggressively tried to force the vaccine on all middle school girls despite the fact that the viruses they protect against aren't generally considered communicable unless you're doing the nasty

Um yeah? It's common and spread by sex. You're therefore much off vaccinating before people start having sex, rather than after they've already caught the virus.

Comment Re:X also has stuff! (Score 1) 227

And yet you've still failed to provide any arguments! I can find stuff from maintainers, including some extremely fuddy stuff from people who ought to know better. Your argument is that I should believe you because if I go and operate Google and then sort out the FUD and bullshit from the truth, then I'll come to the same conclusion.

Given that you lack the basic comprehension to even understand my original post, it seems unlikely.

Now put up or shut up. Actually put forth an argument of your own or admit you have no idea what you're talking about.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 1) 312

You've managed to misunderstand Christ, Christians and people.

Jesus was all about not being a dick to your fellow man especially due to cultural differences, not hanging with individuals you don't like. Compare want he has to say about Samaritans versus trees that bear no fruit.

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