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Comment Re:The real problem (Score 2) 125

Perhaps, even if we ignore the hundreds of thousands of people who kill themselves withe drugs.

Suicides are usually with prescription drugs, so I assume you're talking about accidental deaths. In that case, far, far more people kill themselves with cars than drugs. Are you against cars too?

We are still talking murder, bribery, extortion, slavery, smuggling just to get those drugs to your street corner.

Or some dude growing it in a back-woods pot farm. Either way it's a silly point because you could argue much the same for alcohol during prohibition. Seems a bit silly to give a life sentence for something most people think shouldn't be illegal.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 477

So, you maintain your opinion despite clear evidence to the contrary?

I guess that means you have all the characteristics of a Trump supporter. Though I'm not entirely sure why you brought partisanness into this. I'm sure you can find someone on your chosen team who is demonstrably less bad than someone on your chosen enemy team.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 477

Don't worry, your starry-eyed optimism will wane with age.

No, it's realism. Your claim is foolish beyond belief. You are literally claiming that, say, Julian Huppart (a politician) is as detestable as Hitler (a politician). That point of view is staggeringly stupid.

Yes, you are of course technically correct.

In other words, I am correct.

But the difference in how much I detest the least detestable and how much I detest the most detestable is so small as makes no practical difference.

Your ludicrously simplistic world view does not match reality. You believe you're being clever by being exceptionally cynical, but you are not. You are actually demonstrating your rather extreme levels of ignorance about actual politicians and what particular ones have done.

Comment Re:Assurances from U.S. officials (Score 1) 36

If you don't believe me, note that Ireland doesn't have enough remaining sovereignty to set tax rates.

This is so thoroughly and debunked and so thoroughly untrue that it's simply an outright lie.

Ireland is sovereign and can set whatever taxes they want. They can't however keep getting all the cool stuff from the EU while doing it. It's generally considered polite, but unnecessary, to invoke Article 50 first.

"waah waah give me stuff" is not the definition of sovereignty.

Comment Re:You didn't watch the video, did you? (Score 1) 902

Even in the original video, in which he was dismayed to find out that someone would actually do those things for a few bucks, he says that he's not proud of this and apologizes to the viewers because he didn't think the people he hired on Fiverr would actually do those things.

It's surprising that you can find someone somewhere in the world to do bad things? No, not even slightly. Unless he's astonishingly naive, he knows that assholes exist on the internet. He was trying to be controversial and he succeeded, but at the cost of pissing off his advertisers.

Right to free speech does not extend to raking in crap loads of cash from advertisers while you speak freely. He gambled (that sort of edgy thing is why he has an audience) but lost.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 130

yeah only in the perverse regions of the tech industry where they're trying to avoid employment laws and taxes. In every contact I've done there's been a price negotiation. Mostly, I asked a price and got it. One company haggled the price up for some reason I could never fathom. Whenever I've hired contractors, I say the job description, and they've always quoted a price.

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