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Comment Re: drone ship landings require a lot less fuel? (Score 1) 101

I don't need to stand by the rotation theory. However, the 2.5 degrees that the Earth rotates are about equivalent to the downrange distance.

The first stage is going about 1/5 of the target LEO orbital velocity at separation. While you might well model the trajectory as a parabola over flat ground, given the lack of fuel I would expect that SpaceX puts a lot more care into their trajectory. So far I've failed to attract the attention of the person responsible for Flight Club, the most trusted modeling of SpaceX flights, but I'll message him directly.

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1) 409

300 kb/s sustained 24/7 on your cell phone is a fucking lot of data, man. I wouldn't call any level of use "dickish," but that's a lot of usage. A lot of people in this discussion keep acting like the plan is a home Internet plan. It's not. We're talking about smart phone data plans as per the OP.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 409

As they are frequently in a monopoly situation, I deny that they are either ethically or legally within their rights to cancel a user.

Verizon is ethically and legally required to provide cell phone service to everyone. Got it.

Also, no, wireless carriers are pretty much never in a monopoly situation. Where in the US can you only get cell phone service through Verizon??

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 2) 409

The point is, if you get cut off after reaching a limit... it really isn't unlimited, is it?

They aren't getting cut off under the unlimited plan, though. They're being told there is no unlimited plan anymore, so either move to another plan or service will stop. Slashdot has for the entire time I've been a member here been asking for literally this exact thing: truth in advertising. Well this is truth in advertising: there is no more unlimited going forward, so if you don't get a different plan, you will be cut off.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 409

And those people are no longer under a long-term contract but are paying month to month. Verizon is well within their rights legally and ethically to cancel a month-to-month agreement at any time. I don't fault them for this at all. It is wholly different from throttling, which is "you get unlimited! except you're not!"

Comment Re:Glad (Score 2, Insightful) 409

I know you're just joking, but they are giving unlimited. Now they're saying "we aren't going to give you unlimited anymore and we aren't going to charge you anymore." This is a lot more reasonable and totally different from "we're calling it unlimited but not giving you unlimited," which is what the cable companies do.

Comment Converse (Score 1) 336

Actually I've had a problem recently in that I wanted to get some good Converse knockoffs and Amazon was facing limited supply because of attempts on the part of Converse to crack down on this helpful customer-friendly business practice.

[Birkenstock] added that it will also ban any sales of its products by third-party sellers on Amazon

How can they even do that? Amazon isn't their site, and they aren't even going to be an Amazon seller any more. I suppose what they mean is that they won't sell to resellers who sell on Amazon, perhaps? Good luck with that whackamole game.

I guess we'll all turn to Birkenstock knockoffs! :D

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