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Comment Fortunately we have some free alternatives (Score 1) 61

Frankly, I find Apple's business to be very disingenuous. Its built on the backs of so many consumers paying a premium for competent software, yet ends up with paid services that routinely attempts to delete their purchases and content or censor what the consumer has access to. Its not just the music, I don't think any of Apple's walled garden offerings are particularly fair. The App store routinely makes decisions on behalf of users as to what content should be available and what should be proactively removed. As a developer, thats just how I, and many people I work with feel. Strongly. Although, I should thank Trent Reznor of Apple for the wicked template.

Comment Why would anyone.. (Score 1) 134 an icecream with a credit card? I mean, Wendy's has only two products: soft service ice-cream and hot-dogs, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet who buys their hotdogs. Something is very fishy about this story. Also, why are we calling these 'restaurants' now? They are a kiosk at most.

Comment I quit my job after two weeks notice (Score 1) 765

but my employer demanded 4 weeks. I had to leave because I had discovered that they weren't paying my super, or any of the other employees, which was illegal on its own, but they were also engaged in a phoenix scam to avoid liability on back paying the super. So, in the end I lost all of my annual leave, didn't get paid for the last month of employment, even though my employer was the one who had broken contract by not paying super. This is the tale of another business that caught fire and burnt to the ground the moment I left, though, so I can't be too bitter. The life lesson I've learnt is if you are a bit of a bastard, you can literally double your yearly wage with a tactical-quit operation.

Comment Re:Why does it keep happening? (Score 1) 95

I don't know that I completely agree. I think Software Engineers are forgiven mistakes given the complexity of the environment within which they work, however there is liability in any industry, and depending on the level to which you are producing products (ie. medical, scientific), they are held to a certain level of quality.

The way the industry typically regulates software is by requiring testing. However, testing can't always predict edge cases, for which modern operating systems have a plethora of.

Additionally, the product that the engineer produces can only be as good as the tools on which it is running, and often the fault will either come from hardware or the bugs in the runtime environment.

Besides all of this, typically Computer Systems Engineers who choose to major in software still have to do all the other STEM subjects the rest of the faculty does.

Often, the real problem is that the products are designed by Companies rather than individual Software Engineers. That said, look at the guys that made The Pirate Bay, or Napster. They were clearly held accountable for their software.

Comment Re: cinema better than home? (Score 1) 32

Yeah, its not even the otger people. There is something about the cinema screen that is too big. It makes the image really difficult to track with your eyes. Also, so many artefacts are added to fuck up the cam recorders that the quality of the image is rubbish. I constantly ask myself âoedo i watch for free at home, or pay a premium for an inferior product?â

Comment Re:He just happened to have one handy? (Score 1) 106

I think your post may have missed the point. Its a bit embarrassing because the guy who created the firewall, was being blocked by the firewall, while attempting to retrieve technical information about firewalls which firstly demonstrates that the firewall is blocking legitimate web content on a country-wide level.

Secondarily, in order to defeat the technological measures that he himself had created in order to protect China's 'innocence', hes fired up an extremely standard tool to bypass the blocking measures, while at the same time demonstrating to others how to bypass the blocking measures, all the while attempting to explain how the blocking measures are a good thing.

Its the technological equivalent demonstrating how to break an 'unbreakable plate' while demonstrating the virtues of said 'unbreakable plate'

Comment What about Darwin? (Score 1) 565

Depending on where you work, I'm in an office of techies right now and about half of them have brought their OS X device in with them. Thats a lot of people running desktop BSD. I was under the impression that desktop *nix is here, it just wasn't delivered under a GNU license. If the big difference between OS X and GNU offerings is the Windowing manager, then it seems pretty clear who is letting down 'Linux on the desktop' effort.

Comment Isn't what the FBI is doing illegal? (Score 1) 255

I was under the impression that the DMCA rendered circumventing a digital lock to be illegal.... so why is the US government, who created that law, boasting about how they are circumventing the digital locks Apple has created for its devices? Surely evidence is inadmissible if it has been illegally obtained.

Comment Re:EULAs are bullshit ... (Score 1) 178

Game companies always make the claim 'well, it costs more in your country because of regioning' which is a nice way of saying "we will charge you more than 150% the price paid by everyone else in the world to meet your consumer standards", yet Steam charges us a premium AND refuses to comply with out trading laws! So, what exactly is this 'regioning' margin being spent on, exactly, if they aren't 'regioning' their services in this country?

Steam is the only place where I consistenly buy broken products, but that might be because they insist on carrying products produced by Ubisoft.

Comment Interesting... (Score 1) 551

Because most of the Macs I encounter are over 5 years old. I have a Mac G4 file server... it would be at least 15 years old. The only people I know with iPads are 1st Gen (as nobody seems to want to upgrade) and most people I know don't own an iPhone older than a 4 (which came out over 6 years ago) as they stopped buying them when they realized that phones made of glass on both sides have almost no static friction co-eff so they are designed to slide away and smash themselves. Also, the proprietary attachments are constantly requiring replacements.

Hell, the only people I know that own new iPhones are all terrorists according to the US government.

The other thing is, MS just released a new OS that can be applied to computers over 5 years old, giving them new life.

Should I mention that a brand new Apple computer can't compete with even a PC from a few years ago in terms of graphics rendering and the way Apple are being publicly called out for this?

To be fair, my Mother was recently told to buy a new Apple Macbook for a photography course. Unfortunately, as I pointed out to her after she bought it, its technically not as capable as her PC notebook. The out-of-box set up takes about 4 hours to complete, and thats with Apple support guiding the whole way, and thats because no body who works on OS X has ever run the OOBE to see how broken it is if you don't want cloud integration (because, really, who on the planet would trust Apple's cloud services after their porno leak?)

Is it just me, or do these kind of statements not really make sense coming from Apple?

Comment This would be great if... (Score 1) 288

.. It brings with it the other typical benefits of streaming, such as being able to pause the damn thing! The worst part about seeing a movie (every movie) is that unless you manage to go to the toilet at the start of the film, you will probably need to go during it.

I would say that 100% of the films I have seen in recent years I've missed something from the middle because whoever the idiots are who edit the films don't believe in intermissions, even though these same idiots provide data saying that the length of their feature exceeds the average expectancy of the bladder. Sometimes this is a blessing, obviously, because spending time in public bathrooms is actually significantly more enjoyable that watching The Hateful Eight, but sometimes I think "great, now I have to go home and download this entire feature to catch the 8 minutes I missed. Why didn't I just do that to begin with?".

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