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Comment I hope this fails (Score 3, Interesting) 24

I understand that clauses like "It would still allow LinkedIn's rivals access to its software such as its Outlook program and give hardware makers the option of installing competing professional social networks on computers". I mean, technically you CAN use Google's Search Engine with Microsoft Windows 10. But at the same time, you need to install a non-MS browser, and even then, if you use Cortana, there is no way for you, as an Enterprise Administrator, to uninstall Microsoft's Pornographic Search Engine: BING. I for one will be closing my LinkedIn account and escape the Microsoft lock in which has traditionally been one of the primary selling points of using Linked In.

Comment Finally! Fiscal Responsibility! (Score 1) 72

Yahoo can and should take fiscal responsibility for any users who suffered financial hardship as a result of not being informed their details have been out in the wild for over two years, I guess in addition to any international governments who have had to pay insurance on stolen funds etc.

Comment Re:I remember the first time I used battlenet (Score 1) 31

I do remember D1 having one of the most rewarding multiplayer experiences of all of the Diablo games. I think the slower walking helped keep players from moving too far apart too quickly. D1 and D2 were both great fun to play direct, but the feature seemed to have been dropped in favour of just the stupid Battle.net alternative, so I'm afraid I'm really not sad to see that rubbish go. Hopefully this will mark a turning point in Blizzards decision to take games that don't need to be online...offline, and then perhaps Diablo 3 will become a good game for single player and maybe even multiplayer if they would be so good as to re-add direct connects.

Comment Its been said before (Score 1) 134

But one of the biggest mistakes the MPAA ever made was ensuring that every single big screen movie that landed in a cinema was accompanied with a lengthy ad from the MPAA asking audiences whether they would pay money for an inferior copy.... which was then followed by an inferior copy. The advertising was so effective, that every time I am about to purchase a movie rather than downloading it, I ask myself "would I really pay money for an inferior copy?", at which stage I realise that would be friggin stupid and I go an download I high quality version for free. Unfortunately, this behavior is trained, by the very people who don't want me downloading good quality versions rather than seeing things at the cinema. As such, its hard to consider legal punishments are fair when the same industry suing pirates are the same industry that created the pirates.

Comment ... The Lumia already is a feature phone. (Score 0) 57

I don't think anyone would dare call the Lumia 'smart', and it has an OS UI that looks like it was made by a 2 year old - just a bunch of massive coloured square blocks that don't even have icons in them - yet for some reason was named 'Windows' in an ironic twist. It really harks back to an era where Microsoft became so frustrated with Apple's offerings that they decided to completely throw the towel in on any form of 'design' and 'aesthetics'. Their loss.

Comment Re:Edge (Score 1) 132

Sure, but if you want to use it to view actual web sites you'll often find yourself out of luck. Its unfortunate that websites that require Internet Explorer won't work with Edge. Thats a real problem, but then there are many other sites I require daily as part of business that allow any browser, yet still don't work with Edge. Things like iDrac, or managing vSphere environments. Edge is so poor at compatibility and rendering pages, that its simply a liability. I don't have time to enter my details into every web site twice because I stupidly starting filling out the form with Edge before realizing it doesn't render any of the submit buttons! In short, MS should perhaps spend less time extending the battery life when using Edge and concentrate a little bit more on making their browser work with web pages, which is actually its central function.

Comment But all they sell are gambling apps! (Score 2) 75

Who cares if they are metro or classic windowed applications? The only apps I can ascertain that the Windows 10 store sells are various poker, or video lottery terminal applications.... and a Facebook app for people who haven't yet determined the purpose of a web browser. How many Windows users are gambling addicts, and how many of those people owe it all to Microsoft's online store?

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