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The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Imaginary Evils 4

I trust every person with an ounce of sanity is already arming up to defend our country against the blight that is known as Imaginary Property, but I'd like to call attention, for a moment, to a far greater corporate-based evil perpetrating society, brainwashing all the sheeple into believing its ingenious fallacies. I am referring, of course, to money stored digitally in a bank, or as I like to call it, "Imaginary Money"

I mean, it's not like they physically store your money anywhere, they just store some bits on the computer, and those bits could be easily copied for everyone's benefit. It's not any equivalent to real money, because unlike real money, it can be copied. And copying those bits is natural human behaviour. I'm not stealing anything (I SAID IT'S NOT STEALING!!!) because the person off whom I copied these bits isn't losing anything. It's a completely victimless crime.

In fact I would even go so far as to say that the mere fact that so called "bank fraud" is still illegal is IRREFUTABLE proof that the government is corrupt, that it always has been corrupt, and that it always will be corrupt, unless I go on a shooting spree with my AK-47, which I have a constitutional right, nay responsibility to own and use to blow the head off anyone I disagree with.

But first, I think I might stop by a few banks on the way...

(Copied off a post I wrote as AC. Copyright for it is completely revoked)


Journal Journal: The Pirate Bay Censored My Blog! 1

That's right, TPB censored my blog:

It bashed the pirate bay for their abuse of the legal system, for their hypocritical money-grubbing from ad revenue, while they helped people break their local copyright laws, and their distortion of the copyright problem. I admit it was also a test of their much touted commitment to free speech, but I never really thought they would take it down, and so quickly! It came down overnight!

Boycott baywords and the pirate bay. The MAFIAA is more committed to free speech than them these days.


Whoops! It looks like it's back up! My bad! Still, it was a little suspicious that it came down, but the site itself didn't, and even when I entered in a phony blog name, it asked me whether I wanted to create one.


Journal Journal: SanityInAnarchy - when you're ready...

This is a post exclusively for SanityInAnarchy to reply to when his NDA allows him to.

So... what's this method for beating piracy with next to no DRM that makes bit-for-bit pirated versions inferior?

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