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Comment Open source version of siri / echo (Score 1) 151

The answer is MyCroft

I plan on buying one of these the very soonest I can once they are actually shipping the hardware. Echo is crippled by the many limitations Amazon coded in on purpose -- it's basically something that looks up text matches and does something if it finds one. No language parsing worth a damn. Even so, it's very useful, and within those limits, you can make stuff for it, Amazon's pretty open about it as long as you can set up a secure server (ugh) or use their cloud (double-ugh.) Siri, as per usual for Apple, is a much more closed system, and frankly, it's of no interest at all to me because of that.

Mycroft is completely open source. I have very high hopes for it because of that. I have reams of my own natural language processing code I should be able to plug right in the moment there is a speech-to-text engine I can use directly. Others do as well. Custom apps in the home space, that are actually somewhat smarter than...

[if string == "turn on light" then TurnOnLight]

I suggest everyone check MyCroft out. Perhaps you'll be as enthused as I. I can hope. ;)

Comment Re: But not climate change research (Score 1) 79

How the hell do you reproduce a climate study anyway? Where are the controls?

John Christy has been doing that for over 30 years. For example, he wanted to know if the temperature record was accurate or not. So he developed a secondary way to measure temperature (with satellites). That is one example for you to get the feel, he's done the same thing in other areas of climate science.

Comment Re:It's not just a cost issue. (Score 1) 180

In every business scenario I've dealt with, it is simply impossible to protect against every threat and every zero-day exploit that comes down the pipe

A lot of the exploits we've seen haven't been zero-days or complex attacks. They've been low-hanging fruit that would never be left open by an admin like you.

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