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Comment Re:Competition (Score 1) 78

I think they are making the chips smaller, but who really cares? (Remember: The package is far larger then the chip itself).

This can best be seen in the Xeon chips, where they use their abilities to pack even more transistors into a cpu, to include more and more cores(They are up to 26 now, I think).

They don't do it for consumer chips, because It's really difficult to sell a 8 core chip if each is even 10% slower then in the 4 core version, and there is very little consumer software to use that many cores.

Comment Re:And the shift to Databases away from Oracle (Score 1) 198

Really? Got any benchmarks to show that? When I tested Oracle* as a single server database with direct attached storage, it was slower then PostgreSQL for most workload.

*But the Oracle license prevent me from showing these benchmarks, and it was a few years ago. Things may have changed for the better with Oracle.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 167

Yes but demand from where? Right now the MS datacenters in UK also serve data to EU users outside UK. Do you think they will build the next datacenter to server EU users in UK, if it will be more expensive

When that is said: No I don't think that importing computer hardware will be more expensive after Brexit. The British goverment can't be that stupid.

Comment Re:Let Me Just (Score 1) 183

Multiplayer which uses Steam is obviously offline.

But anything which relay on Steam's DRM should really be working. Just hit the "Work offline" button and play.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 1) 183

What? That makes no sense.

The truth is that there is always more bandwidth then content. When I want to download something from the internet, the data is delivered to my computer at the speed of my internet connection(50mbit/sec) so there really is no need to prioritization anything.

And if there is not enough bandwidth, the solution is for my isp to buy more hardware to get more bandwidth.

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