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Comment Re:Let Me Just (Score 1) 183

Multiplayer which uses Steam is obviously offline.

But anything which relay on Steam's DRM should really be working. Just hit the "Work offline" button and play.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 1) 183

What? That makes no sense.

The truth is that there is always more bandwidth then content. When I want to download something from the internet, the data is delivered to my computer at the speed of my internet connection(50mbit/sec) so there really is no need to prioritization anything.

And if there is not enough bandwidth, the solution is for my isp to buy more hardware to get more bandwidth.

Comment Re:Pokemon Go killed more people than Tesla Autopi (Score 1) 153

They do: There are almost no Pokemons available while driving. You can collect far more pokemons when walking(Which sucks, because I take the train to work every day, but I almost newer see a single pokeon in my 30 minutes comute).

Also: He was changing batteries in his phone. Which seems even more dangerous then playing pokemon

Comment Re:Take note pointy hair bosses (Score 1) 194

True, but the problem was that lot's of people was playing the game outside of North America, even before it was released outside North America. So the longer they waited with world release, the larger the difference in level/skill would be between players who know how to sideload the app, and those who did not and thus had to wait for the official release.

But they still scaled better then twitter(Look at the issues twitter has had with scaling, and Nianic had to scale from 9M users, to larger then twitter in a few weeks.

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