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Comment Re:Take note pointy hair bosses (Score 1) 170

True, but the problem was that lot's of people was playing the game outside of North America, even before it was released outside North America. So the longer they waited with world release, the larger the difference in level/skill would be between players who know how to sideload the app, and those who did not and thus had to wait for the official release.

But they still scaled better then twitter(Look at the issues twitter has had with scaling, and Nianic had to scale from 9M users, to larger then twitter in a few weeks.

Comment Re:expanded (Score 1) 660

But that's because you got your entire system system backwards. In any sane country most members of the police would newer(Not even once) have people shooting at them in their entire 40 year carrier.

Just for the fun: Try to look up police shootings in Germany or Denmark.

But this all comes back to the insane amounts of weapons in the US

Comment Re:in an attempt to explain this to others.... (Score 0) 532

"You'd have to be a real masochist today to chose a Linux desktop over an OSX desktop for a Unix development experience."

Why? Most development tools including gcc end Eclipse runs MUCH better under Linux. I currently run Eclipse under Linux, and it's fast and well behaved, unlike under Mac OS X where it is slow as hell. (When people complain about Eclipse performance, they mostly are complaining about it on Mac OS X)


Comment Re:They want no cash (Score 1) 558

Which "they" could do such an analys?

The credit card company, only get the total transaction amount and the shop which should get the money.

The shop only get a "Transaction accepted" but they don't get any information about the credit card used. Other then sometimes the last 4 digits, but you can't trace with that.

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