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Journal Journal: Use 'em or Lose 'em

Most of the time I keep up on /. enough to use moderator points. The last time they came around, however, a combination of being tired and not wanting to read the 4 most recent articles left me with points. A couple days later, the points never did anything but are gone. I like that there are so many users that my occasional apathy doesn't adversely effect the function of the site. I'll continue using meta-moderation as often as I have time, but might not moderate every round now that I've though about it some.

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Journal Journal: Incorrect Moderation

I saw an entry by KarmaTroll which was, effectively, copy/pasting a whole article. Although I have never found it insightful or informative but have instead found it downright annoying, I was surprised when the post was modded down. Copy/Pastes are usually dubbed informative, and sometimes stupidly dubbed insightful, but rarely shot down. Maybe the name KarmaTroll did it.

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Journal Journal: +5 Chauvinist Joke

Some fella made an excellent jab at women cooking and cleaning, a super-sexist topic I find terribly funny. I love seeing other people say something funny rather than holding back because that something is not politically correct. Here at slashdot chauvinist jokes have a more receptive audience, but it is rare that they can be executed so well as the one I modded up funny today. Here's to you, Mr. A-Woman's-Place-Is-in-the-Home Man.
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Journal Journal: Moderator Points

This is so freakin' exciting. When I can't think of anything smart to say as a comment I can just give a nod of approval to the smartest comment I read on an article. w00T

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Journal Journal: Karmalog

Assuming this does not sound too much like caramel, I think this journal will be used just to reflect gains and losses in karma. Finally I posted enough goodness to have positive karma. Maybe I'll get to mod something up as funny now. :-D I wouldn't want to use the moderation points on anything that might make people feel more than amused.
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Journal Journal: Karma Hell

I think I broke out of karma jail by posting something insightful. Maybe my next few posts will get my karma from the neutral range back into good standing. I love everybody and want to be loved back.
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Journal Journal: Ratings

I created an account mainly to write silly/funny comments. This drove my user status karma whatever the hell down to nothing. Now all of my comments that are meaningful, and some which possibly would be found funny, are rated 0. People with shallow responses to my comments get rated higher than the comments themselves. How can somebody's quoting of four of my words and writing 8 of his/her own in a response qualify as better than my well thought-out, paragraph-ish comment?

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