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Comment Re:"glass of wine has heathful benefits" (Score 1) 120

A small glass of grape juice has health benefits too. Most of the time fruits and vegetables with dark pigments are powerful antioxidants. While I'm not sure if those antioxidants help with heart disease, it would be interesting to see if non-alcoholic options prove to be beneficial.

Briefly there was a grape juice on the market made with wine grape varieties and it was really good. It's the variety of grape that stands out the most in the flavor of wine, so the juice tasted basically like wine. Maybe not as complex and nuanced as a properly aged cabernet sauvignon or merlot. But it little glass of it with breakfast was a nice treat and I prefer it over orange juice.

Comment Re:What about beer? (Score 1) 120

Dark beers are made by toasting malt, the Maillard reaction. Which at high temperatures can produce carcinogens (acrylamide) that are soluble in ethanol.

I seriously doubt it's in high enough quantities to matter, but it should exist if I understand it correctly. And likely there are beneficial things in a pint of Guinness worthy of research.

Comment Re:IPv6 tunneling (Score 1) 51

What are the reasons for an ISP to do IPv6? People still can go to Google with IPv4, so no reason there.
Not enough people will change provider over this, so no incentive there.
They are now able to ask extra money for a fixed IP address, because IP addresses are scarce, even though this would mean that you can't get an IP address instead of not getting a fixed one.
They would need to invest and that is never a nice thing to do.
They need to replace a lot of hardware or at least reconfigure it and that will cost money.
Also an extra layer that can fail, so extra cost.

In all this I do not really see a reason for a provider to move to IPv6, besides the 'It is a cool thing to do' type of thing. As a business I would also be against it.

I hope I am wrong and somebody can tell me a lot of advantages that would make them money, save them money or a combination of both.

Comment Re:Uh.... what? (Score 1) 190

I use my landline only for ADSL. I have had it for 10 years or so. I have NO idea what that number is. And that is a current number that is in use.
And at one point I tried out dozens of free email account services. Pretty sure some of these exist, but I have no idea if they do or not.
And I do not even know if I have an email account with my provider. Probably is in the package, but no idea what the adress would be.

Comment As a tech insider (Score 1) 129

I am not surprised that tech companies fall for this. Dealing with manufacturing in Asia is already a process that feels sketchy as hell, and we often wonder if we'll ever see the money again when we setup a manufacturing agreement because the process feels so ad hoc. It wouldn't take much for a conman to insert himself into this process without arousing suspicions.

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 1) 469

Just sit an watch Argentina, Greece, and for that matter the whole Western Europe as it faces mass immigration!

WTF? You have no idea what you are talking about. I am not saying there are or are not issues, but they are not related to socialism. Comparing Greece with e.g. Sweden or Germany because socialism, means you do not understand that correlation isn't the same as causation.

I could say that this happens because the governments are mainly white males. And no, socialism is not about a government replacing the community. It is a government that is PART of that community. You could say 'by the people, for the people' if you like.
And yes, that is it in an ideal situation that will never exist, just like any other ideal.

What you should get is laws that are made with the people in mind. This means e.g. less working hours, paid holidays. It does not mean you can't start your own company or be self employed.
But don't be surprised when people tell you that they work to live and not live to work.

If that means that I have a smaller car (I don't even have a car) or a smaller house, because I have to pay for others to get healthcare and an education, so be it. Because if I have to work less I would like spend time with people who also work less.
And I like to have a government with laws that reflect that.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 307

Why would he not be blatant about his lies? We have had almost everybody hear lying about a lot of things and nothing came of it once they where caught.

I steal a cookie. Mom askes if I did and I lie. Nothing happens.
I steal another one and mom sees it and asks and I lie. Nothing happens.
I take another one and my mom sees it and I tell her while looking at the video recording that I did not and nothing happens.
I could just take the cookie and say that I did and nothing happens.

As long as there are no consequences, there is no motivation to alter what I am doing.

I might start telling the truth instead of lying, because it is easier and I would still take the cookies. Not because it is the right thing to do.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 495

So statisticaly speaking, who will have the better lawers? And if the outcome can go both ways, will the individual risk his livelyhood on that bet?
And then just at the moment BigCorp starts to loose, they settle out of court.

Your best friend is a lawer and he will get out on top either way.

To me, out of court settlements should not mean that the case should be dropped.

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