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Comment Re:Patriot (Score 1) 196

The right to privacy is a given, If you do not have that, all the other rights mean fuck all.

It is like the right to eat what you like. Just because it isn't written does not mean it isn't there.

On a side note: these rights only mean something if they are enforced. If they are not enforced they also mean nothing. How can they not be enforced? By not having any consequences if it is broken.

Comment Re:What's changed? (Score 2) 279

Assumptions are made in real life as well. You see somebody walking into a store and you will have an opinion about that person. Be it positive or negative. (You never get a second chance on a first impression)

Sometimes you will even have an opinion about somebody before you see them.
e.g. you are told to have a meeting or an interview with the manager of the IT department of company X. You have never met that person, but you will already have an opinion about that person. That will than be adapted when you see the moment you see that person. You get a handshake. You hear the person say his name, so you hear his voice. He sits down and you will base your opinion on all those things.

You will even adapt your own behavior to this. And he will do the same with you and adapt his behavior to yours.
In a way it is like a modem syncing.

On Social media you have WAY less information to base your opinion. That means you will have less opportunities to correct your opinion. iow: Your syncing does not work.

So you get the idea that people disagree with you more than in real life. In real life you might disagree on subject X, but you might agree on what clothes to wear on what beer you drink or other things.
So the dislike will go from 100 to 75 to perhaps even 40. I am sure everybody knows people they disagree with on some or even many subjects and still like.

How do I know this? Because it is not something new. When Usenet was still a thing, I was on Usenet. We had a new cow orker who on his first day started telling how he disliked this idiot houghi on Usenet.
Everybody became silent and I started asking him why. He explained why and I was baffled that he had such an idea of me. Somebody said that I, in fact, was not only his supervisor, but also houghi,

I thought it was funny.
We have later talked about that a few times and that is how I cam to the above conclusion. It was interesting to see how his first impression of real me changed his idea of Usenet me almost instantly.

Other places where I have seen this was doing bug reports and several months later meeting those people in person.

Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 1) 349

I've used make makefiles for init before and runit is good at parallel startup as well. Sysvinit is still my favorite for kicking off health monitors. But lots of options out there.

There is not necessarily anything technically wrong with systemd. I think the controversy of systemd is that people felt they were not given much choice or input into the decision, especially with it being coupled with udevd.

Comment Re:It's in alpha, don't expect too much out of it (Score 1) 66

I paid for some Final Fantasy re-releases for Android as well as Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. I don't want to buy them again for PC (if they are even available).
There are Android games that are equivalent to browser flash games, except they perform better and have better music. I'm mostly thinking of the thousands of tower defense games out there.

So some little free project that lets me play the games I want and doesn't cost me anything except a little bit of my time sounds great.

Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 2) 349

Sounds great. I did manage to trim 200K of ram usage in an embedded system (no swap!) by tearing systemd out.

Systemd is way more modular though, and it has a lot of benefits for a desktop environment and for distro maintainers. But if you system doesn't want dbus, pulseaudio and those sort of things, it probably also doesn't want systemd. And if you are using pulseaudio and dbus, then the framework that Systemd presents might be something you want. I don't have any use for Systemd or dbus or other desktop oriented services on my name server. But there is not one architectal answer that covers every use case.

Comment Re:C coders are brain damaged (Score 1) 95

That's pretty good money. California? I'd love to make that kind of cash as an engineer.

Yea, good old Silicon Valley treats me well. Of course the houses here are expensive, median home price has just tipped over $1M in Santa Clara County. At this rate I will only be able to afford a slightly below average home.

Comment Re:It's in alpha, don't expect too much out of it (Score 1) 66

Even if it's unstable, if I can play some of the games I bought a few years ago that would be brilliant. I've gone from having Android clamshells and tablets to phone only, so all I have left with a nice big screen are my Linux desktops. I do have Android TV but so few of my games run on it because of the intentional crippling Google has done to it.

Comment Re:C coders are brain damaged (Score 1) 95

Several implementations of SmallTalk, including its VM and Compiler are written in SmallTalk. And if you've ever used SmallTalk, it's almost a complete operating system and has a graphical environment. It's quite possible to do fancy whizbang languages without coding in C, although many times these languages will have a meta-language that is converted to C to feed to the native compiler. (I don't count that as "programming in C")

Comment False dichotomy (Score 1) 84

I mean, either this is illegal and they should be, or this is perfectly legal, then the complaint has no merit. Which one is it?

Does this have to be limited to only the two possibilities you suggest? Here are three more
* legal, but annoying
* legal, but unethical
* legal, but because case law has not been found that applies to it yet. That is, it's untested

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