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Comment Re:Depends who pays (Score 1) 168

As will everybody else in the world. And that is why politicians should not always follow the popular ideas. It is also why subsidizing is not always a bad idea.
Remember when things where done, not because they were easy, but because they were hard?

What you need is leaders. What you have now are managers. (Clinton would have been a manager as well)

Comment Re:Stock ROMs are shit (Score 1) 212

Lean does not mean there is a shitload of things I do not want, I do not want Gmail. I do not want Hangout. I do not want Facebook. I do not want Chrome.

I would like a device that only has Google Play and then _I_ decide what I have or at least have the ability to delete what I want.

Comment Out-of-the-box solution: battery in protector. (Score 2) 87

Instead of placing the battery inside the handset, make a handset that just has a connector on it (wouldn't have to be a bulky, thick connecter like the USB series, could be done in any number of ways, including contacts on the back.

Open up the design, then let case manufacturers include batteries in their cases, since people overwhelmingly use cases anyway. Now the phone is very thin, so the case can be thicker to accommodate a battery.

Consumers needing long, long battery life can choose a wacky big case. Consumers needing very little battery life can choose a case with a battery that gets them close to current thickness levels. Need a new battery? Replace your $60 case instead of your $700 phone. Going on vacation? Get a fat silicone case with a fat, fat battery in it, just for the trip.

Comment Re:If it was me... (Score 1) 284

Hence the lawsuit that you are FORCED to sell the land to the highest bidder. 1USD is bid. Any other takers? No? Sold.

Oh, you want to be smart and bid 1.000.000 yourself via somebody else? Fine. You have to come up with that money first. Oh, you don't have that money? (Remember that you will not just get that 1.000.000 There will be things added on top of that) Sorry, your offer was not only not valid, but an illegal scheme to inflate the price. So others may now re-enter their bid.

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 2) 397

I have bought a 55" TV just to watch movies and the like. I however do not have cable. I just use it as a big monitor as they are way cheaper than a monitor of the same size and for the quality I need.
No, I do not use ANY of the features from the TV. Not the channels. Not the Internet. Not the apps.

So I already have a 'modular TV'.

To be more specific. I have 3 monitors. One monitor goes through a splitter and that goes to 3 other screens. One on my desk as monitor 3 (24"). One to the kitchen to a 22" and one to the 55" TV. Those have thus the same image and as I run XFCE with separate screens, I can keep what I watch on those monitors.

Disadvantage of a TV to a monitor is that a monitor will turn itself off completely and the TVs I have need to be turned off and on, so I have to press the button on the remote.

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