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Comment The terminal decline of the US economy (Score 1) 108

We are simply witnessing another small step in the process by which China becomes the world's economic superpower and the US economy withers away. It seems fine while it's happening, another few years revenue locked in, share price rising. But no-one notices another round of layoffs for US employees replaced by offshore contractors. Might take 10, 20, 30 years, I can't tell, but there's going to be an almighty reckoning when the last white-collar job has been shifted offshore and the US shell companies have nothing left to sell.

Submission + - European Nations Release Troubling Levels Of Chemicals (

MTorrice writes: An ecological footprint is a popular metric that shows the amount of natural resources required to provide raw materials and food to sustain an individual or a country. Comparing the footprint to what nature actually can provide allows people to easily grasp their impact on the environment.

Now, researchers report the first methods for calculating a chemical footprint to explain how the mix of chemicals released into the environment affects ecosystem health. The footprint describes how much freshwater is needed to dilute all of the chemicals released by a country to safe levels.

Analyses using these indicators suggest that most European countries don’t have enough freshwater in their rivers and lakes to dilute their chemical pollution to safe levels for their aquatic ecosystems.

Submission + - "ROLLOUT"! .NYC Top Level Domain Name Extension IS Finally Here. ( 1

neronyc writes: Did you know that more than 50,000.NYC domain names were registered within the first month of availability. This means that over 50,000 local businesses are already spending their precious money and time to be ahead of their competition, which is you. The future of business is focused primarily on the utilization of Internet tools with which the search engines can either rank you or shank you. One of the best ways to be on the top page of for example Google will require your business to have an ideal name which will appeal to the customers as well as monopolizing search engines.

Comment Re:If so damn many people are making nukes (Score 1) 260

Isn't it as simple as two sub-critical hemispheres? A delivery mechanism isn't necessary - just rent an apartment in whichever major city you want to frag. Could someone put some figures on how easy it would be? How much solution of some uranium salt spun for how long in how many centrifuges? And how many such centrigues would fit in one apartment?

Comment Re:The "City of London" - A Lawless Square Mile (Score 1) 302

(1)-(3) just amount to the Corporation of London (the City council) having a different system of voting to other city councils (which are based on personal residency). As the City's resident population is about 7,000 but 300,000 work there, and it's the most important area in the country financially, the system of giving companies a vote makes some sense. Would it really be democratic for a handful of low income voters (several population areas in the City are social housing for those on benefits) to make the rules for the economic heart of the UK? (4) So what? Parliament has numerous special advisers (Spads) paid from public funds who carry out party political activities. Far more disgraceful IMO. (5) Of course the City has political input into to the tax process but they still pay the same taxes as everyone else.

Comment Re:Largest Ponzi Scheme Ever (Score 1) 113

Imagine watching a successful surfer and then claiming that, as he hasn't studied Meteorology, Fluid Dynamics or Oceanography, the height of the waves is almost entirely disconnected from the underlying sea level. He's just a short-term momentum player riding the random froth on the waves. The stock market is completely unaffected by these traders just as sea-level is unaffected by surfers.

Comment Re:See mom? (Score 1) 113

He probably made ~50 bps pre-tax then which is pretty solid. I think 10-20 bps is considered normal in the FX world (although they have larger notionals). He isn't trading with a few hundred million dollars. He's a "day trader" or in his case more of a "minute trader". He'll be flat every day and be constantly going in and out of stocks making dozens of trades a day trying to cut losses immediately and let profits run. I'm guessing he's a very short-term momentum player and his individual trades mightly "only" be around $100,000 but he'll be putting on a flurry of them as the price moves his way and covering himself with stops.

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