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Submission + - Secret door design

TheMathemagician writes: We've all seen movies where pressing a special wooden panel or pulling a book from the shelf reveals a secret passage. I'm in the early stages of designing a house and must confess a geek attraction to the idea of a hidden room. Can Slashdot suggest suitable mechanisms for a secret door, possibly doubling as the entrance to a 'panic room'?

Some desirable features: The opening method should not be easily discoverable or likely to be found by chance. The door must not be able to be prevented from opening from the outside, however the inside should have some locking method to prevent entry. The door must be able to resist reasonable force when barred from the inside. The mechanism must be fail-safe so that in the event of a mechanical or power failure anyone inside can always still get out, but anyone locked out should not be able to get in.

Submission + - Software usage statistics package?

TheMathemagician writes: I work as part of a team which maintains a C++/C# library which is used within the company and occasionally outside it. We would like to add usage statistics so that we can see who is using the library, how often, and even which functions are called. Is there any existing software that can provide this breakdown? Bear in mind that the library cannot assume real-time connectivity with any central server/database but a periodic transmission of usage stats is fine.

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