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Comment Re:Fishy (Score 1) 566

The TC license actually has the following text in it :


A license is a promise not to sue, if you follow the licensing conditions. The license literally says 'there is nothing you can do to potentally stop us from suing you'. This makes it non-free because nothing in the license allows you to do anything more than regular copyright would allow (which is nothing) without risk of being sued. It's not only not FLOSS, it's literally not distributable or usable without a risk being sued.

Comment Title not entirely accurate (Score 5, Informative) 131

The man was selling dousing rods which were labeled as golfball finders as bombdetectors.

They were equally successful at either task. They weren't golfball detectors any more than they were bomb detectors. The con was the dousing rod aspect of it, not the 'golf ball finder' stuff. The problem is people believing in magic, not a mislabeled golfbal detector.

Comment Re:zero punctuation (Score 1) 393

I don't think it's quite that nefarious. You get the ability to download the movies basically, something that is ostensibly 'impossible' with the flash player. You also get higher resolutions and they take out all the ads. I don't consider it a bad deal for an copy-edited gaming magazine without ads for a year. :)

I did say that's why *I* pay for it, not that it's the only thing you get :)

Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 345

My main issue is that there is no recourse. I did everything right, I had a /19 with all the correct WHOIS information, my server had nothing illegal on it or things that spamhaus doesn't like. (those two things aren't necessarily the same, that's the other thing that really annoys me)

And to pressure my ISP they decided to make it impossible for ME to use the server I paid for. I understand what they are trying to do, but the way they are doing it leaves a lot to be desired. If they actually cared about the damage they did they would have unblocked my /19 for at least a reasonable period of time for me to migrate. It's not like I got a warning or anything, I only found out I was shitlisted after people started to complain.

After that it took me several days to get everything moved over, DNS changed etc, and again: no recourse, no way of temporarily getting my service restored. The only thing I got was a warm fuck you from Spamhaus.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 5, Insightful) 345

According to TFA his list is opt-in only, so unless he's lying about that he doesn't appear to be a spammer.

I've had similar experiences with Spamhaus btw, they decided to nix my upstream provider and when I complained I was told that I should use another ISP because mine wasn't well liked.

I can assure you I have never sent a single spam email in my life.

This is the whole point of TFA though, there's no incentive for companies running mail services to ensure that legitimate mail gets delivered. It's simply cheaper to not bother with false positives at all because the cost of non-delivery is placed squarely on the shoulders of the sender.
This is why Spamhaus could easily force me to switch ISPs, it doesn't cost them anything to put my IP range on a shitlist, but it cost me money and effort to migrate my service.

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