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Comment Re:Bogus story (Score 1) 1173

Thank you for this. I grew up on Cape Cod (mid 70s) and there were "roundabouts" (a.k.a. rotaries) on the mainland side of both the Bourne and Sagamore bridges and on the Cape side of the Bourne bridge. Since that time, the mainland side of both bridges have been changed though the Cape side of the Bourne bridge still has a rotary.

Comment Re:IP sold to MS-led consortium = UNIX? (Score 1, Informative) 221

I believe you may have misread the article you linked to.

From your link:

I just found a Novell press release dated November 26, 1996, which makes it *after* the October 16th, 1996 Amendment 2 was signed. Guess what it says Novell sold off to Santa Cruz? "The UnixWare product lines". I'm pretty excited about digging this up.

SCO is arguing in its Reply Brief in its appeal that Amendment 2 changed the excluded assets language of the APA so that it gave SCO the copyrights and everything:

The exclusion of all copyrights was subsequently amended in Amendment No. 2 so that copyrights "required for SCO to exercise its rights with respect to the acquisition of UNIX and UnixWare technologies" were not excluded from the sale, and thus remained within the encompassing reach of all "right, title and interest," including all "ownership" rights in UNIX and UnixWare that was sold to SCO. This appeal focuses on whether these contractual agreements, and the evidence surrounding them, properly allow a finding that none of the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights were required by SCO to exercise its rights in the UNIX and UnixWare technologies it acquired.

But here in this press release, we see what Novell told the world it sold, and once again, it was just the UnixWare business, the UnixWare product lines. No mention of UNIX at all, by the way. Let me show you the press release, because I think this knocks SCO's arguments out.

Comment Re:Already #1 in the US market (Score 1) 514

As the AC above pointed out, sipdroid is an *excellent* app. I use it with the wifi on my HTC Eris (cheezy cheap Verizon Android phone...) all the time. I don't use Skype, so I cannot comment there...

I also rooted my phone for the occasion I am out and about with my laptop and want internet access. I now have wifi tethering without costing an arm and a leg for the rare times I need it (screw you Verizon).

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 163

While that might be a good indicator of the current market (I cannot find any good statistics), Android is currently the #2 selling smartphone OS - trailing only Rim BlackBerry and surpassing iPhone sales. Being that the handheld market is extremely volatile I would not be surprised if Windows CE (or whatever it is called this week) becomes irrelevent.

Comment Re:sweet (Score 1) 335

Regardless of cost, you might not even be able to get business cable unless a lot has changed at Comcast. I had Comcast as a provider in northern Florida several years ago. I wanted to run my own mail and web servers and I was willing to pay the premium for "business" service to get static IPs. One would think that if I had consumer cable internet from them I would be able to upgrade that to business cable. Not so. After several hours being switched from one call center to another it was "determined" that business cable was not available in my area.

Again, this was several years ago and the situation may be different now.

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