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Comment Cut'em off at the root. (Score 3, Insightful) 236

The FCC and FTC need to be going after the telecoms selling the phone numbers and trunks to them instead. I know CenturyLink is infamous for that, leasing numbers and trunks to them up in Portland with little or no regard for national security or respect for the law. Only then being an accessory to the crime by shielding their identity information from the law.

Yeah, the ILEC's and CLEC's need to be held accountable for that.

Comment We did, FDA did the doling out then. (Score 2) 147

One operation based out of Oklahoma City deployed as far south as Corpus Christi. They showed great promise, but oversold their bandwidth and territory, winding up existing from check to check. Then they declared bankruptcy at year 3 when the Dept of Agriculture welshed on their next check, and had to go into bankruptcy. The liquidator's auction for the CDMA licenses looked like sharks in a feeding frenzy; with the telecoms outbidding each other until the licenses wound up selling around 15X-25X their face value.

Comment Re: Ethics kick in on this one. (Score 1) 149

They were paid on this one as "consultants" and that comes under the auspices of the GAO and the bean-counters that reside there. Everyone in big government is held accountable, ranging from the d-bag EPA rep up in Alaska to the Oval Office desk-polisher. Keep your receipts and anything over a certain amount requires additional approval!

Comment How About, No. (Score 1) 224

They have been wrapping themselves up in the title Utility whenever money comes up, being a sponge for taxpayer's cash whenever infrastructure comes up. And then they post their quarterly reports, screaming nothing but profit.

It's time for the telecoms to assume fiscal responsibility for their dealings just like how banks are being forced into.

Comment Smartcar's exec was not thorough in his dealings (Score 1) 139

He should have had AT&T sales reps in the conference room with him, working out a deal for "commercial" service, not their DSL crap. Sure, it would have cost more, but the speed and binding agreements for performance and up-time are on paper, signed by both parties. And AT&T has done duties to bury fiber for more than a few clients wanting the service and willing to pay the coin for it.

Smartcar tried to go cheap and got bitten on the a$$ for it.

Comment Project Pronto (Score 2) 253

Yeah, they were pumping like 25 million to place DSLAMS at every SLC, enabling everyone to connect and surf at the (then) astounding 1Mbps.

Sadly they realized their infrastructure was not up to snuff to handle the increased traffic.

Soo, they tried to wrangle permits and easements to get the new wiring or fiber laid. Sadly, the NIMBY's and politicals pretty much screwed things over for them so most of the money got sank into permits and (maybe) bribes just to get to 15% of the roll out goals.

Soo, the project got flipped to lightspeed, which was fiber to pole, then U-Verse.

Comment Multiple uses for the stuff (Score 3, Informative) 90

It's also used in LED's, plus military applications like active phased array radar systems. This breakthrough will make the LED market cost plummet, plus bring the modern radar systems cost down even lower to where other gov't agencies like NOAA and even upper crust civilian markets to own the radar for their own uses.

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