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Comment Centurylink and customer service (Score 2) 67

Before they go buying up a titan like Level3, they need to be spending at least 1/4 of that cash in client support and relations. I've heard (and experienced) nothing but bad things about their client support. They have a serious disconnect between the call center level and field tech, making for awful ticket response and lousy on site times.

Comment Same Tune, New Stanza (Score 1) 70

Do these sound familiar? Google Quanta router security holes. You'll find the issues that the D-Link has are remarkably similar to what the Quanta firmware had.

I could safely guess is that Quanta foisted the firmware and designs off onto D-Link for a small tune so they could recover some of the cost.

BTW, the tech that found the D-Link issues, found the holes in the Quanta routers as well.

Comment Here's a method (Score 1) 279

But you need a switch with port replication or a system with two NIC's and configured to pass data through it. Set up wireshark on a system and set port replication or route traffic through it. Then set filters in wireshark to monitor your IoT devices by IP or MAC. If you see anything funny, yank its wire and set up a honeypot to tear the thing apart, packet by packet.

It sounds like a lot of work, but if you find nothing or something, then you know that it was well worth the labor.

Comment Three mistakes were made - (Score 1) 491

1. Best Buy. Enough said.
2. Lenovo Yoga's. A joke from the start, marketed towards the masses as "prosumer" systems. Can't do anything about the hardware or the OS; you are locked-in. Same deal with HP and their so - called LaserJet "Pro" series.
3. Trusting MS to do the right thing. Enough said there too.

Comment Cut'em off at the root. (Score 3, Insightful) 236

The FCC and FTC need to be going after the telecoms selling the phone numbers and trunks to them instead. I know CenturyLink is infamous for that, leasing numbers and trunks to them up in Portland with little or no regard for national security or respect for the law. Only then being an accessory to the crime by shielding their identity information from the law.

Yeah, the ILEC's and CLEC's need to be held accountable for that.

Comment We did, FDA did the doling out then. (Score 2) 147

One operation based out of Oklahoma City deployed as far south as Corpus Christi. They showed great promise, but oversold their bandwidth and territory, winding up existing from check to check. Then they declared bankruptcy at year 3 when the Dept of Agriculture welshed on their next check, and had to go into bankruptcy. The liquidator's auction for the CDMA licenses looked like sharks in a feeding frenzy; with the telecoms outbidding each other until the licenses wound up selling around 15X-25X their face value.

Comment Re: Ethics kick in on this one. (Score 1) 149

They were paid on this one as "consultants" and that comes under the auspices of the GAO and the bean-counters that reside there. Everyone in big government is held accountable, ranging from the d-bag EPA rep up in Alaska to the Oval Office desk-polisher. Keep your receipts and anything over a certain amount requires additional approval!

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