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Comment The Sound is The Boss of The Show (Score 3) 370

Went to a viewing of Rogue One and they had the volume cranked to 11, it made me miserable as hell. I left the theater with ringing ears and a massive headache.

I could not tell where the action was at due to the muddy imaging of the sound.


I plan to watch Ghost In The Shell and take earplugs along.

Comment Business/Medical Concerns (Score 1) 120

What is vzw going to do about business account holders? The laws known as HIPPA and Sarbanes/Oxley will drop the hammer on vzw's toes for this one. I know of more than a few business accounts that will get terminated once this hits the bricks.

And so will a vzw rep for suggesting this in the first place.

We're talking million-dollar business accounts here folks...

Comment Go Fever? I hope not (Score 1) 317

For everyone's sake. Putting unmanned vehicles into orbit with test loads is one thing, but loading up an untested booster with people and then sending them on a field trip round the moon is another.

Remember Apollo 1. Remember Challenger. Remember Columbia. Go fever has a nasty butcher's bill that we pay every time this happens.

Comment Pretty close to the truth, but the timeline's off (Score 1) 85

The gambling rackets and the real estate biz was tied in so closely together that when LL banned gambling, it took down the other almost immediately. This had a chain reaction in a massive run on the SL virtual banks, forcing one of the four to immediately go under, nearly bringing SL as a whole to it's knees. The valuation on the Linden took nearly 75% off vs the Dollar. You were pretty much looking at a mirror event compared to the Panic of 1819, only the SL Panic was based on prohibition on gambling.

LL got their heads out of their collective asses and restored gambling to a certain point, so they would not crash out altogether.

They have yet to recover back to that level of prosperity, and that was over 10 years ago.

Comment Centurylink and customer service (Score 2) 67

Before they go buying up a titan like Level3, they need to be spending at least 1/4 of that cash in client support and relations. I've heard (and experienced) nothing but bad things about their client support. They have a serious disconnect between the call center level and field tech, making for awful ticket response and lousy on site times.

Comment Same Tune, New Stanza (Score 1) 70

Do these sound familiar? Google Quanta router security holes. You'll find the issues that the D-Link has are remarkably similar to what the Quanta firmware had.

I could safely guess is that Quanta foisted the firmware and designs off onto D-Link for a small tune so they could recover some of the cost.

BTW, the tech that found the D-Link issues, found the holes in the Quanta routers as well.

Comment Here's a method (Score 1) 279

But you need a switch with port replication or a system with two NIC's and configured to pass data through it. Set up wireshark on a system and set port replication or route traffic through it. Then set filters in wireshark to monitor your IoT devices by IP or MAC. If you see anything funny, yank its wire and set up a honeypot to tear the thing apart, packet by packet.

It sounds like a lot of work, but if you find nothing or something, then you know that it was well worth the labor.

Comment Three mistakes were made - (Score 1) 491

1. Best Buy. Enough said.
2. Lenovo Yoga's. A joke from the start, marketed towards the masses as "prosumer" systems. Can't do anything about the hardware or the OS; you are locked-in. Same deal with HP and their so - called LaserJet "Pro" series.
3. Trusting MS to do the right thing. Enough said there too.

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