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Comment Re:At least it's free (Score 4, Interesting) 87

there's a limited amount of pain that a foreign entity or a US corp entity could do to me.

otoh, the US gov can do a LOT of damage to its own people.

I worry more about our own spying and malware delivery (btw, what would our founding fathers think about THAT?) than from sources outside the US.

the terrorists to worry the most about: our own government

and not the elected ones. its the ones that we don't elect that are above the law, those are what I would be the most concerned about.

they continue to be untouchable and you can't sue them or stop them.


Comment Re:German approach (Score 1) 152

germans ARE allowed to monitor.

csb time: I used to work at cisco in the US and a friend who worked at cisco in .de told me that they disclose to their german employees the kinds of wiretapping they do (mgmt) to their employees. mgmt can turn on the webcam and mic at any time, do screen captures, enable keylogging, lots of things. all cisco laptops from corp IT come baked-in with corp spyware. not to worry, ALL big corps do this, now, and they bake-in fake certs so that you authenticate with the corp firewall even when you get a 'lock icon' on your ssl browser.

the only diff is: the US managers are not allowed to say all this and the german mgrs have to disclose it. the only way I, a US employee, knew about this is that I was friends with someone who did get told this, who lives in .de.

they most certainly log and do bad things; just like the US does. but their people, at least, are TOLD about this.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 233

we need to make them really work, to the point of being overloaded.

imagine if 10,000 people showed up and were 'violent enough' (not that I even believe this crap) to get their phones stolen. yes, stolen, not 'seized'. and they put nothing but encrypted random bytes on it.

the so-called authorities would spend man-years trying to get nothing.

imagine if it was 100k or 1M people.

the ultimate DOS of the feds that no longer work for us, but seem to be a rogue arm of the government.

it would bring a big smile to my face to imagine them trying to decrypt pure randomness.

basically, we have to make it too expensive for them to keep doing this shit to the population.

problem is: the US has lost its ability to really rebel against its own illegal government. we don't really do much in the way of protesting, and the gov guys do all they can to scare us into NOT doing this. and most people are easily controlled by fear (understandably so). so this would not really happen in the current climate. we are not hungry enough to really rebel as a whole, yet. maybe it will get to that point, though. trend surely shows that direction.

Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 0, Flamebait) 513

no, it was the unions that broke the slave-labor work force of the early 1900's.

note: the repubs hate unions but they gave their favorite authoritarians a unions (cops have a union; an evil one, at that, that defends bad cops and denies citizens justice when one of the 99% thugs with badges shoots one of us, wrongly).

but back to the point, we are in this bad state of things because the R'd spent the last 50 or so years trying to kill unions. unions means organized labor. labor means its not part of the 'elite'. and R's really all are convinced they are now - or will be, later on - in the elites club.

Comment Re:Only $73,500? (Score 5, Insightful) 227

I'd start off with a $10M asking. I'd settle for about half of that.

first, punishment that is EXPENSIVE will tend to teach the authorities their lessons.

second, you may be unemployable for the rest of your life by this mistake; I'd need about 2-5million to be able to retire and live on.

not my mistake; I should not have to pay a dime for THEIR stupidity.

ip address does not equal a person. even more so when they don't even bother to check their work BEFORE A LIFE IS RUINED.

what would fix this: remove the safety net for public 'authority figures' and when they screw up, let their own insurance cover the costs. if they had to pay, directly, they'd surely think twice before going off half-assed on a witch hunt.

Comment Re:Die, fscking adverts, die! (Score 4, Insightful) 281

its amazing; they charge full price for win10 (now; the free ones were just a gimmick to get their 'adoption numbers' up and to hook people into this one-way trip) and yet, they also send ads to you and you can't really opt-out, either!

either you make the o/s free and then people MAY be ok with ads; or you charge your normal full price and you KEEP THAT SHIT OFF OUR SYSTEMS.

every few years, the 'evil one' becomes apple and then MS and then apple and now back to MS again.

glad I'm a linux user and admin. I have choices that many users refuse to allow themselves.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 300

I mean, what the fuck?

you understand all you need.

they are evil (almost biblical def of that word). they are liars, cheats, thieves and violate all of 'jesus' ideas' even though they like to think of themselves as the party of jesus.

jesus would have been 100% the opposite. big corps would be seen as evil by him, individuals are golden and he would ensure that everyone gets healthcare, no one has their life ruined SIMPLY due to money issues, etc etc. pretty much the exact opposite of the R mentality, which is "I got mine, fuck you!"

good little chuchgoers are brainwashed into thinking that they can't cross party lines; and they continue to lie to their 'flock' that voting R is good for the church and things along those lines.

once you get someone very young (ie, religion), you almost cant change them later in life. this is why many (myself included) feel that indoctrinating kids in religion is CHILD ABUSE. you install false ideas in their brains, have them build their world view based on fallacies and they are almost never going to be able to think straight in their later adult years.

this is the secret of the R party. stay bonded with big religion since its a nearly inseparable brainwashing and it suits their overall agenda. you can get people to vote against their best interests by invoking 'the party of god' either directly or using coded language.

Comment Re:it's all over, anyway (Score 2) 300

no, YOU fail to understand 'the internet'.

there is sll, ssh, other secure transports. you CAN have a secure channel and its not hard. I vpn into work when I need to and that's secure, too.

you have given up. that's sad. but stop speaking for the rest of us. many of us refuse to give up and this is a fight worth fighting.

if you are too wussified to fight, that's on you, brother. but the rest of us still have fight in us and we know this is a solvable problem.

all the issues are political. we have had network privacy in the tech area for years and years. its the spymasters and marketing pukes that want to roll it all back.

oh, and wussies like you.

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