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Comment Re:UK import grade cryptography (Score 2) 92

and china and russia and probably all of the islamic countries, plus lets not forget Best Korea (grin).

there are a lot that feel its their right to snoop on other people's comms.

personally, I think this is a right that all people have, to comm in private and with NO one spying. period. full stop. ends never justifies this. I know I'm extreme on this but better this extreme than middle or moderate on the other way.

I used to travel to the UK regularly. I have not been in well over 15 years and have no plans to ever visit the UK again. sad, as it was a nice place, once (at least to a visitor). now, I'd avoid going there unless 100% necessary. and so far, no travel has ever come up to be 100% necessary.

Comment Re:Pay attention. (Score 1) 153

mod up.

the R's own all the bullshit that has happened under obama.

whatever O wanted, the R's denied. 'whatever it is you want, we don't want it and we will burn the country down to show how much we have O'

don't give us shit about the D's being at fault. they have not been truly in power in well over a decade.

at this point, with all 4 branches led by R-based idiots (the nsa/cia/fbi are the 4th branch. you didn't know that?) - we're going to see some major derpage coming our way and we won't have anyone to fight it. god dammit so much!

Comment Re:Ban Encryption (Score 0) 153

its already there, its called intel management engine and its one of the best kept secrets of the computer industry.

NSA very very likely has 100% access, probably a level higher than the corps that WANTED this ability.

I fear what 4 years of full republican asswipes will do to what few freedoms we have left. stupid flyovers - they fucked us good. I hope the 'stigginit' they did backfires and makes THEIR lives hell like it will for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 555

citation needed; why you think the US has to 'ask' the UN to change its view before the US will.

100 % pure bs.

the US has already decrim'd it in many states and outright made it legal in others. the UN does not matter anymore and in fact, it never really amounted to much in this world.

the US can and will do whatever it wants. but the prisons and profit centers that LIKE MJ being illegal - those are the barriers that stop it from being accepted and fully legal at the national level.

nothing to do with 'health'. we allow all kinds of bad things and don't stop them for 'health' reasons. that's 100% pure bs, too.

Comment Re:real open source (Score 2) 66

fuck nokia and also ericcson. both scandinavian companies and both, in the US, drug-test their employees.

both those companies are on my do-not-buy list. I disagree with what they consider important and so I will not give my money to them for any reason, if I can help it.

some people don't care, but when I find companies that follow ultra conservative ideals and force them on their employees, that really pisses me off and I have no desire to buy their products.

Comment Re:The Big Lie Exposed (Score 1) 184

and cisco and intel and juniper and and and ...

any company with its own building in the bay area is probably close to 90% h1b filled.

I was at cisco recently and english was rarely heard in the hallways. those that move here and live here usually speak english even if its their 2nd language. 'guest workers' could give a flying fuck and never even try to fit in to the local culture.

its not a good situation. as someone who was passed over for many jobs, for many years, I would love to see the h1b program fully disbanded. I know for a fact that most of the imports are NOT skilled programmers. unless 'skill' means 'can warm a seat'.

Comment Re:Uneven (Score 1) 184

trump is a republican (at least that's the party he belongs to) and those guys HATE workers and workers rights.

I expect nothing to change as long as rich guys who run things get all the say in this country. workers have not had a say in decades and with an ALL R set of 3 branches of government, nothing will improve for the working guy. nothing.

but the conservates had their 'stigginit' so there's that, I guess (deep sigh).

Comment Re:damaging those relations: probably not so bad.. (Score 1) 72

but trump and pence are now going to run the show.

all I've heard about those 2 clowns is that they are uber bootlickers and LOVE authority concepts. they won't stand up and stay that the US did wrong. they'll continue to go after him because republicans are the worst kind of bootlicker. they are not ashamed and, in fact, proud of the fact that they think 'authority' is an absolute power and should always be followed, no matter what.

trump is going to play 'he-man' and continue to beat his chest and act like a big guy just to keep his base believing in him.

pence is worse, even.

so, no hope for snowden in the next 4 years. sigh ;(

Comment Re:You assume there is no rule of law (Score 2) 72

he'd be nuts to trust any government other than the one that is hosting him right now, since the US wants him REALLY REALLY BADLY and they (the US) has shown it does not respect any kind of laws. its like a child: it wants and it just knows it wants, all else be damned.

if the US was trustworthy and law-abiding and RESPECTED the rule of law, that would be one thing. but everyone knows this is not the case.

no promise any country could make would be worth a thing. so much is at stake and his life is on the line.

bottom line: he will likely not leave russia EVER and I'm sure he fully realizes that no cozy-with-the-US country can ever be trusted until the US gives up its death wish for him.

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