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Comment Re:Thank your local trumper... (Score 1) 72

the tumpanzees will NEVER admit they made a mistake.

as long as they are STIGGINIT to the 'liburals' they are happy.

they could lose their health insurance, be jobless and still think that they 'won'.

we really should have an IQ test for voters. if you aren't at least average, you don't get a vote.

dumb voters are why we are in the shitty state of things. they are so easily manipulated (BUT, HER EMAILS!) and they are entirely the wrong people to decide the future of this country, as a whole.

I truly believe: we are 2 countries and we should split. let the rednecks form redneckia and the rest of us will continue to live in the US.

seriously - we are not one country and perhaps never have been. but its really tearing us apart. how much longer can we continue to fight left vs right, without getting a fucking thing done that helps us?

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 621

I'm in that situation. because the apt. complex I live in has 'vaulted ceilings' on the top floor, its VERY expensive to heat or cool those units.

you pick them for lower noise levels; but you end up paying a lot more in heat/ac.

and fwiw, my heat has been broken the last 3 weeks and while the bay area is not super cold, usually, with no heat for weeks and high ceilings, its COLD, man!

(and even with my high rent, building mgmt has taken their nice sweet time fixing it. they have my rent money; they could really not care less what condition I'm in. sigh..)

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 621

I live in mtn view, I rent (I have never owned; looks like it may be YEARS before I can even think of owning) and my rent is over $3300/mo for 2br/2ba

yes, its insane. I moved from a house in santa clara just a year ago; 3br/2ba, single fam home (no shared walls), full front and back yard, and yet the rent was $3k. $300 less for a HOUSE than for a stupid-assed apt!

its insane.

plus, employment is not stable. I can't count on constant income, else I would have had a house by now. when they let you go every year or so, you just cannot depend on your income! ;(

the 'disposable older employee' is my curse. they keep letting us go, no matter how good we are. we are 'expensive' and so we don't tend to stay years at places. THAT is the main problem.

Comment Re:Buy AMD & Support a Healthy CPU Marketplace (Score 1) 212

I don't love intel, the company. but their chipsets have always been better than amd.

sata on intel chips is as good as it gets for consumer boards. same with intel's gig-e chips.

their cpus are very low power, these days, too. i7 with 4 cores and 8 threads being 35w of power.

if amd can match these ideas, I'd gladly give them a chance again.

also, intel's hd video on-chip is now good enough to sofware decode just about any movie, even on an i3 or 'pentium' style chip. wonder if amd's video playback is that good, now?

Comment Re:i7 8 Core 16 Thread = $299 (Score 1) 212

intel is a cheap company. I used to work for them as a contractor. I saw it first-hand.

they sit on a ton of money but are stingy as hell.

typical american big corp. sigh ;(

maybe if they fired their 'diversity officer' (yes, that's a real job at intel) and hired based on skills and need rather than quota by race and gender (and h1b, of course) they'd be able to lower selling costs.

but of course, any lowering in real cost never makes it to the consumer sales price. the ceo's keep all the booty, again, as usual for US corps.

Comment Re:Micro Center! (Score 2) 212

things were great in the sf bay area - until MC moved away and never came back ;(

pretty sad. I prefer to NOT go to frys and MC was a good alternative.

I really miss MC. wish they'd consider coming back to the bay area. of all places, it makes sense for them to be here, even with 'high priced' real estate (their claimed reason why they sold their only bay area store to wally world..) ;(

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 3, Insightful) 1103

the dangerous ones in the US to worry about are a certain kind of gun owner.

they wear blue uniforms when they go to work each day.

you know what I'm talking about.

those gun owners are scary and can end your life. try to avoid them, even talking to them.

then, chances are, you'll generally be safe in the US.

Comment Re:How is FILMING "speech"? (Score 0) 176


in the US, you can LOSE YOUR LIFE if you go against a cop.

you can be right.

dead right.

they are not to be trusted. they do not represent most of us, they definitely have an 'us vs them' mentality, and, for a current pulse on the mentality of cops, check this out - its current:

still think cops are your friends? THINK AGAIN.

its war and they have no plans to de-escalate.

I fear cops. they can end you life and get away with it. while I like your idea of challenging them, its just - well - not good for your health, these days.


Comment we have slack at work, and I don't understand why (Score 4, Interesting) 66

I am from the era where 'net news' (nntp) was popular.

for a few years, I was at SGI and they were HUGE into nntp. in fact, one of the most memorable ones was '' and ba stood for 'bad attitude' (seriously). first day there, getting the HR orientation, they told us all about the usenet hier at work and how its GOOD to be aware of, and reading, you'd hear about complaints but also the reasons behind them. HR was ok with that! those were the cool days in silicon valley, when it was still fun to live and work here, and companies were still pretty fun to work for.

anyway, I never understood what's wrong with usenet for internal threaded and persistent chats? you WANT it to stay around so you can find out the reasons for why this or that design was done. its part of the company history. but slack, unless you pay, fades away. how stupid! and yet, when I asked for nntp at work instead of slack, no one seemed to even KNOW what nntp was and to this day, they have no plans to implement it.

'chat' programs seem the most useless things; fully redundant to the MANY other forms of e-communication that we ALREADY have.

when usenet mostly 'ended' and web forums took over, I was sad. seems we continue to throw out old, free, WORKING tools for newfangled OH SHINEY! bullshit.

I don't get it. I really don't.

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 1) 192

your caring for fellow man is SO TOUCHING....

current phrase that the kids, today use, to describe folks like you:


that's the phrase. as long as I get what I want, the hell with everyone else.

selfish prick, you are. and everyone else like you who trumped the US to that orange doofus.

Comment Re:The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score 1) 119

How fucking stupid do you think we are, anyway?

we have a failed TV reality personality running our country.

nuff said ;(

(to the world: I am sorry. I did not vote for this clown, he does not represent me or even the majority of my country and I'm sorry you and us all have to suffer thru this next 4 years. I'm really sorry, world. you and we both deserve better.)

Comment Re:Sounds like Cellebrite is an enemy of the peopl (Score 3) 103

people need to defend themselves.

there are hostiles out there that want to do us harm, either now or perhaps, later.

these hostiles are GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS.

no one speaks for us, the individual, anymore. both those bad guys want to do us harm and do not have our best interests at heart.

its time for a revolution. seriously, its over due.

and if those treasonous corps and govs get punished by mobs, I don't think I'll lose any sleep over that ;)

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 192

tech is a small world; make waves and you may not be working in your field again.

we have mostly killed unions and workers refuse to band together because... reasons. (shrug).

and so, there is no one to speak for the regular worker. not really, not anymore.

we need jobs to pay the bills. its pretty powerful to hold that over someone's head.

this is the unwritten rule. complain and you find yourself out of work and unable to GET work (in some extremes). now, if you are a white male and older than that magic number, you will try even HARDER to avoid being fired or making 'trouble' for managers at work.

until we get a proper balance of power, the worker will continue to be abused and have no real recourse. not in the US and CERTAINLY not in trump's US ;(

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