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Comment Re:This too was foreseen (Score 1) 902

I would agree if this was available to all people, however I would assume that this would be only available to people with the money for it. So, not only does the upper crust of society have the best resources at their disposal, but they are now capable of being genetically superior? Should only those in the bottom 99% be the only ones stricken with the horrible conditions that you mentioned?

Comment Potential Problems Here (Score 1) 459

The more stipulations that you place on sex offenders, the more incentive there is for the sex offender to simply not keep up with their registration. Individual states vary, but as far as I know, it is still up to the sex offender to provide their photo, their current address, place of employment, etc. Many simply move to another state and risk the arrest for not complying with offender registry laws. I don't think that anyone would ever stand up against more rules for sex offenders, and I think thats the point here; pick an easy target to make your enemy. But, I am unsure whether this bill would provide more or less public safety. Also, "sexual offenders" and "sexual predators" are two different things. The terms are not interchangeable.
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - One down, two to go.

lelitsch writes: The WSJ, Reuters and other news agencies report that CompUSA has been sold and is going to be liquidated. While this will give a short term boost to CircuitCity and Best Buy, I wonder if their combination or high prices, high pressure sales techniques (not to use a nastier word), unfriendly staff and lack of technical savvy might drive all of them out of business eventually. Are we headed for a WalMart and web world for tech toys?

Submission + - German government seeks ban on Scientology (

An anonymous reader writes: CNN reports that the German government is seeking to ban Scientology, considering it "threatening the peaceful democratic order" of the country and "in conflict with the principles of the nation's constitution" by "limiting or rescinding basic human rights". Is this move a step in the right direction or an infringement upon the freedom of religion?

Submission + - CompUSA to Close All Stores 1

An anonymous reader writes: Mexican telephone and retail magnate Carlos Slim, in a rare defeat, will exit the U.S. consumer electronics market, shutting the last 100 CompUSA Inc. stores after sinking about $2 billion into the business. Gordon Brothers Group, a Boston-based retail store liquidator, will oversee a piecemeal sale of the Dallas-based business, the company said in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed. Stores will remain open through year-end under the supervision of Gordon Brothers, which will also negotiate the sale of real estate and other assets. Two law firms were hired to represent creditors, CompUSA said.

Submission + - Study Finds Film Enjoyment Is Contagious 1

Hugh Pickens writes: "My wife I enjoy watching old movies on a big screen tv in our family room where we can close all the doors and shutter the windows to simulate the ambiance of a theater but there has always been something missing from the experience. Now a report from Science Daily says that scientists have proven that the presence of other people may enhance our movie-watching experiences by influencing one another and gradually synchronizing their emotional responses. This mutual mimicry also affects each participant's evaluation of the overall experience — the more in sync we are with the people around us, the more we like the movie. In a series of experiments, researchers had participants watch a video clip. Some of the participants watched alone, some with other people whose expressions could not be seen due to the presence of a partition, and some with other people whose expressions could be seen. The researchers found that people watching a film together appeared to evaluate the film within the same broad mood and another study found that synchrony of evaluations can be traced to glances at the other person during the film and adoption of the observed expressions. "By mimicking expressions, people catch each other's moods leading to a shared emotional experience. That feels good to people and they attribute that good feeling to the quality of the movie," said one researcher."

Submission + - The Pirate Bay sails to trial in january ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: After a year and a half after the raid on The Pirate Bay, an action that doubled the number of visitiors, the preliminary work is done and come january the five men behind the site will go to trial for "aiding copyright infringement".
According to the anti-piracy agency it is a relief for everyone involved, them and TPB, to finaly be able to have the case tried in court.
One of the guys behind TBP says that he think the charge is strange considering that they never had any illigeal copies on the site, only links to other peoples machines.

Story in swedish only this far.

Linux Business

Submission + - An end to businesses fake consumer blogging ? (

backwardvisionary writes: EU will forbid what they call "unfair business practices" including fake blogging, or "flogging". We all know who the most active company is as far as writing undercover on blogs, posting its easily identifiable corporate rethorics, vainly attempting to promote or defend their s/w products under attack from angry unsatisfied consumers. Or competitors frustrated by its anti-competition practices. As a result or this regulation, all floggers now will have to identify themselves. So ho will it affect all the Linux enthousiasts who blog ? Will they also have to claim who they are when praising their beloved O.S. ? How should it look like in their signature ? How about this : "Yes, I'm a happy Linux user, but in no way receiving any benefits from any Linux related business except the one of enjoying daily a reliable, convenient, secure, cool, fun, open, feature-unlimited O.S. and s/w platform. For free."

Submission + - Robot goats save planet Earth from distruction (

HRHsoleil writes: "Each year New Yorkers throw out over 180 million of those blue, Greek "We are happy to serve you paper coffee cups. Now where would you rather throw yours out? In a big boxy trash compactor that looks suspiciously like a mailbox, or by feeding a robot goat? I think the folks in Tokyo are on to something. Screw those big plastic cows. Make them robotic and let them do something useful like clean up the planet."

Google As The Next Microsoft? 235

theodp writes "In this week's missive, Robert X. Cringely argues that Google is starting to look a bit like Microsoft. The search giant is learning too well from the master, says Cringely, noting that Google's launch of Goog-411 after taking a long look at investing in or acquiring under an NDA is straight out of an old Microsoft playbook. Cringely goes on to note that Google has a problem with algorithmic optimization gone mad (seconded by Newsweek), which is wreaking havoc on some AdWords customers who may find themselves out of business before they can get Google to do the right thing. Cringely concedes that Google's inability to follow through because of IT failings may not have been learned from Microsoft — it may just be an inevitable part of having an IT monopoly."
The Military

Submission + - Military, defensive technology, cloaking (

An anonymous reader writes: Science fiction is getting closer to science fact according to an article posted at NineMSN.

British researchers have unveiled new technology that renders army tanks invisible to observers in the battle field, a British newspaper reports.

At top secret trials last week the Ministry of Defence demonstrated how the clever use of cameras and projectors can beam images of the surrounding landscape onto a tank.


Submission + - Vista 64-Bit Review - x86 vs x64, Worth It? (

Cameron Butterfield writes: "Some of the rumors and myths going around about 64-bit are scary and are slowing the migration of many users to the 64-bit playground. Why do we all have 64-bit processors these days that aren't being put to use? In this review we will analyse Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition in terms of practicality and performance. We pitt 32-bit Vista against 64-bit Vista. See the surprising Conclusion."

Submission + - UK to imprison for inability to decrypt data

mrbluze writes: Ars technica has an article describing new laws which come into effect on 1st November in the UK. Up to 2 and 5 years imprisonment can be inflicted on any person who refuses or cannot provide keys or decrypt data as requested by police or military for criminal or anti-terror purposes, respectively. From the article:

The Home Office has steadfastly proclaimed that the law is aimed at catching terrorists, pedophiles, and hardened criminals — all parties which the UK government contends are rather adept at using encryption to cover up their activities.
It refers to a potential problem faced by international bankers who would be wary to bring their encryption keys into the UK. Some how I doubt that is the real problem with the law.
The Internet

Submission + - Social Networks Are More Popular Than Porn (

biohack writes: "An analysis of site-visit statistics offered by a TIME columnist points to a surprising reshaping of online landscape. The 18- to 24-year-olds today are apparently too busy chatting with friends to look at online skin.

Currently, for web users over the age of 25, Adult Entertainment still ranks high in popularity, coming in second, after search engines. Not so for 18- to 24-year-olds, for whom social networks rank first, followed by search engines, then web-based e-mail — with porn sites lagging behind in fourth. If you chart the rate of visits to social-networking sites against those to adult sites over the last two years, there appears to be a strong negative correlation (i.e., visits to social networks go up as visits to adult sites go down).

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