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Submission + - CompUSA to Close All Stores 1

An anonymous reader writes: Mexican telephone and retail magnate Carlos Slim, in a rare defeat, will exit the U.S. consumer electronics market, shutting the last 100 CompUSA Inc. stores after sinking about $2 billion into the business. Gordon Brothers Group, a Boston-based retail store liquidator, will oversee a piecemeal sale of the Dallas-based business, the company said in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed. Stores will remain open through year-end under the supervision of Gordon Brothers, which will also negotiate the sale of real estate and other assets. Two law firms were hired to represent creditors, CompUSA said.
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CompUSA to Close All Stores

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  • No doubt they are closing because I wasn't willing to sink about $30 for a USB cable, and I told everyone I knew not to as well.

    I do have some fond memories, though. There was a CompUSA within walking distance of my high school. My friends and I would sometimes camp in front of it, overnight, with sleeping bags, when they had limited sales. I remember buying a whole 32 megs of memory at one of those sales for only $80, because I was third in line! Okay, actually, I don't remember the exact numbers invol

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