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Comment Facepalm (Score 1) 197

When I have read of a law like this for the first time, I checked, whether I have read of the correct country. But when I thought it over, I came to the conclusion, that I must be right - your country is run by a bunch of greedy oligarchs, not by elected representatives of the people.

In Germany, a rule like that will never make it through legislation because it is outright against the constitution.

Some regimes are calling themselves communist but are capitalist like China, some call themselves home of capitalism but seem to me quite the opposite - like US of A.

Comment Logitech Anywhere MX (Score 1) 431

For me it's the best device I ever had to work with.
It's a 5 Button mouse with 2 for the Thumb, and three on top.

The scrollwheel can easily be swithched from stepping mode to free wheeling which is very convenient when surfing the net or reading big documents. It also supports sideways scrolling. The middle button is behnd the wheel. I also have come across mice with scroll wheels also been used as middle button and found this setup almost unusable.
As I hold the mous loosely between thump and pinky, I have three fingers resting relaxed on top of mouse and use the middle finger for scrolling and pasting.

Early last year I had to work at a customers premise with a 2 Button mouse with tail ;) and got a severe RSI.

After changing to use my own - and of course some treatment and changing to my left hand for mouse usage - I'm now fine again.

BTW: There I have to work in a W7 environment :-((( - OTOH hand in my own organisation there is not even a single peace of crap from Seattle.

Comment Re:You're funny, Europe doesn't work that way (Score 1) 273

It depends, in many cafes and pubs in Germany they will not bother as long as you don't block a place in a crowded place without consuming some beverage or food.
In many places you will find free WiFi or payd hotspots from the Telekom or another provider in the vicinity.

Be aware, that there is the rule, that the cheaper a hotel is, the better is the chance to get free internet access.

A good way to connect is to get an O2 mobile account. You can get it with a one Month termination term and at least in all greater cities the access is more than ok (HDSPA+). (Use the phone as WiFi-Router).


Comment All secret services are dull dumb and silly (Score 1) 2

I'm a former german "Unteroffizier" from the signal corps, equivalent 1st Sergeant in the US Army. After having finished my service and entered the reserve status, I got a security assessment from the german MAD, something like US Army Intelligence.

Among other more or less silly questions, two oft them stuck out:

"Are you or have you been member of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands)?

      - well this party had been outlawed and didn't exist since when I was the age of 2 (1956)
"Have you been meber of the "Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland"?
      - well this was an organisation founded by german officers and german communist emigrants in the Soviet Union in 1943. It was dominated by the communist members, but by far not all members were communists, especially not the officers up to the most prominent "Generalfeldmarschall Paulus".
              What ridiculed the question, well this organisation was dissolved before even the "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" had been founded in 1949, remember I was born 1954.

I rightout served the questionnaire to the trashcan and have never got a request later.

BTW: this happened in 1992 AFAIR.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 292

The argument, to bear a gun because the constitution grants the right to do so is the fallacy. This is no logical reason.
If you had said, that you feel endangered and want to be able to protect yourself or you want to hunt game, that would be reasons.

To have received a right is no reason to execute it.

Comment What about EU (Score 2) 4

You may consider moving to the European Union, the patenting of software as such is prohibited here. It is only allowed as part of a technical application. The famous mention of doing something by means of a general purpose computer is not sufficiant to get a patent, it must be for instance the special GPS Equipment, the program used to drive it cannot be patented but only the entire technology of the gadget as long as it is novel and not obvious.

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